All Ranked Borders in LoL

Curious on how to achieve the most awesome border in League of Legends? View this guide about every single border reward given by Riot Games

Updated on Nov 01, 2023
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All Ranked Borders in LoL

If you ever wanted to flex your skill in League of Legends, then getting a ranked border will be your best bet. The design may be confusing to new players, but this is a guide that will jumpstart your knowledge about these “ranked borders” in League of Legends

How Do You Get Ranked Borders?

If you do not know yet, Riot Games give out rewards every season depending on the rank that you achieve during the said period.

This includes skins, emotes, and of course, ranked borders. These are designs that look like ranked armors that show on your profile and during the loading screen showing the rank that you achieved last ranked season. Rewards like these motivate the community to increase their MMR and climb the ladder. And if you're looking to climb, but want to break out of your typical champion routine, our LoL champion randomizer and a random LoL build generator can offer some freshness into your grinding routine.

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The lowest rank in the game, Iron, has a border that looks exactly like the mineral Iron from the word itself.


According to League of Graphs, this tier currently has 5.9% of all players in League of Legends. Iron is one of the ranks added by Riot Games to distribute the ranks in LoL further.

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Second to the lowest rank, the bronze tier has a brownish color that resembles a real bronze alloy. The number of players in this elo is vast compared to Iron.


According to League of Graphs, there are currently 28% of ranked players in Bronze. Unlike Iron, the Bronze tier has been around the game ever since its release.

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The average rank of League of Legends, Silver, is the third-ranked tier that a player should climb to get to the next level. According to League of Graphs, Silver has a whopping 34% of the total ranked players in League of Legends in this current season.


The silver border is white and looks plain, appealing to most players. If you are unsatisfied with a ranked border as a sole reward, then you should climb the next rank to get an exclusive skin.

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Players in this rank can call themselves slightly above average in the game.

It is recommended to at least achieve gold rank when aiming for season rewards because any player who achieves the said rank or higher gets a victorious skin that is unique per season.


From the name itself, the ranked border for this tier is based on the chemical element, Gold, thus it has a gold color.

In terms of the player base, Gold is currently sitting on having 17% of the ranked player base, which is still a huge number.

So, get grinding to achieve that season skin reward!

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This is the rank where ranked games start having a higher quality compared to the lower ranks. Platinum players can call themselves as above average in League of Legends.


With only a small number of players amounting to 4.4% of the player base, it is indeed challenging to reach this level. Unlike the other borders, Platinum has a cyan color which is entirely different from the usual color of the chemical element.

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This is where the community starts referring to as “high elo.” The color of this tier’s ranked border is different from the usual look of the hardest element in the world.


With a purple hue, the Diamond ranked border is definitely one of the community favorites when it comes to season rewards. This is also the rank where it starts to have less than 1% of the player base. Diamond currently has a minuscule amount of 0.75% of the total ranked players in League.

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The first ranked tier that has no divisions, Master is definitely a challenging feat to achieve. Players in this division can earn more than 100 LP, an interesting mechanic that Riot Games implemented. The players who earn the most LP or meet a certain threshold are promoted to the next tier.

What’s shocking is that Master has more players compared to grandmaster, with a total of 0.053% of the player base.


If you are wondering, the border for this tier is purple-colored, which is a premium touch to the reward.

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Like Iron, this is another rank that has been added to distribute the ranks in League of Legends further. Only the best of the best reside in this rank, whether challenger players that have been demoted or players that are looking to achieve a challenger rank. As expected, only grandmaster only have a small number of players. According to League of Graphs, grandmaster has a total of 0.0085% of the ranked player base.


Unlike the Master rank, having a red color, the border for this tier is made to look more intimidating and scary, as opposed to the more premium look.

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The apex rank of League of Legends. Only the smartest and most talented players reside in this rank. Professional players are usually found in this tier. Grandmaster players are required to earn a certain amount of LP to reach the threshold and be promoted into the challenger rank.

To make things even harder, Riot Games also used a ladder system for this tier, meaning that Grandmaster players have to surpbutt the lowest ranking challenger in order to enter this rank.


Additionally, the Challenger ranked border is made to look the most premium of all, with a white, blue, and yellow accent, everyone will definitely drool over this style.

As expected, Challenger has the lowest amount of players with only a minuscule amount of 0.0021%.

Do Tiers Affect The Look Of The Borders?

Yes! Whether you are Gold II, Diamond II, Diamond II, Iron I, or Silver IV, ranked borders get more detailed whenever you climb the tiers. So, get out there and start climbing the ladder to achieve the best reward possible!

Do Teamfight Tactics Have Rewards Too?

Yes! Riot Games also rewards TFT players who did well during the season, which are similar to the usual rewards, including an exclusive skin, ranked border, and even icons!

That ends the guide for all the ranked borders in League of Legends. Start playing Summoner’s Rift ranked games today so that you can get exciting rewards, like a summoner icon, ranked crests, and the like. Remember that everyone has to finish their placement matches in order to earn rewards. Good luck on the rift summoner!

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