League of Legends Bronze Rank Explained

Originally the worst rank in LoL, even now it’s not that far from the mark. After all, there are extenuating circumstances.

Updated on Sep 07, 2023
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League of Legends Bronze Rank Explained

Bronze is the second-worst rank in League of Legends, and it will put you in matches with some of the lower-ranked opponents who just started learning the basics. Stationed between the Iron and Silver ranks, here’s everything to know about Bronze in League of Legends!

Is Bronze Rank Good in League of Legends?

There is a short and a long answer to this question, and both of those are negative. Bronze rank is the second-worst rank you can get in League of Legends. Only absolute and complete beginners, those people that have played League of Legends for just a few days, or those that do so intentionally, remain in the rank below Bronze.


Players who are in this tier might have grasped some fundamentals but still have a long way to go, especially in positioning and team fights. Oftentimes, players don't understand what is required from them in these situations or how to behave.


League of Legend players who are in this category don’t know how to close games. They might unnecessarily waste time doing irrelevant things, especially after winning team fights. For example, they might not pursue goals while the map is wide open.

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How Long Does it Take to Get to Bronze Rank in LoL?

Depending on when you started playing the game, the progression might be slower or quicker, though if you approach the game seriously in any way, and are ready to learn the basics such as warding, then you have nothing to fear.


A person who wants to reach this category will need to play around 100 hours, to learn what is needed. Of course, this might vary on numerous factors. For example, it may depend on how dedicated you are, and if you’re learning the right things, such as focusing on a single lane.

Ways to Improve From Bronze Rank in LoL

Saying that League of Legends Bronze players have gaps in their knowledge and skill in the game is an understatement. Still, it’s a positive thing, as that means learning the basics will get you out of Bronze.


Watching high elo streamers at this point is not useful unless they are providing educational content specifically, as their gameplay is so far removed from Bronze, that it’s basically useless. Instead, watch out for the following:

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Learn Proper Matchups

Learn what your favorite champions do good and what they do badly into, and play accordingly. Play aggressively against good matchups, and defensively against bad ones.

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Master Vision Control

Learn how to control vision and map awareness. These can have a major impact on your game, especially if you’re a mid-lane. This is especially important if you decide to specialize in the support role.

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Focus on a Single Role

Learn only one role, as trying to learn all at once will stretch you too much, and leave you mediocre at everything.

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