What are the Chest Drop Rates for Loot in League of Legends

Sick and tired of working yourself to the bone to get that Hextech Chest, and get nothing in return? Check out this article!
What are the Chest Drop Rates for Loot in League of Legends

Are you trying to get some champion skins for free, or some other League of Legends content that Blue Essence can't buy, from either Hextech Chests or Masterwork Chests, and are wondering what kind of loot you can find in them, and how often? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

What do LoL Hextech Chests contain?

League of Legends Hextech Chests can be won for free by earning an S-rank in one of your League of Legends games, for the first time on one champion. This will, if you’ve not used up all of your free Hextech Chests, unlock one of them, allowing you to use a Hextech Key and take the loot which can be found inside.

League of Legends - Hextech Chest

Speaking of the loot itself, Hextech Chests in League of Legends contain various rewards, with their drop rate depending on their cost in Riot Points. Here are all the drop rates for the hextech chests:

Skin Shard50%
Champion Shard25%
Emote Permanent10%
Ward Skin Shard11.5%
Summoner Icon Permanent3.5%
Bonus Chest10%

As Hextech Chests cost 125 RP, they only drop shards for champions worth 4800 Blue Essence or more, which are usually the better ones to play.

What do LoL Masterwork Chests contain?

Masterwork Chests are purchasable from the in-game store for 165RP, 225 RP for a chest and key, or 2250 RP for a bundle of 11 chests and keys.

League of Legends - Masterwork Chests

Unlike the Hextech Chests, Masterwork Chests cannot be earned by playing the game, and can only be bought.

Due to that, Masterwork chests have a 72% drop rate of skin shards. They don’t slack off on any of the other loot either, which can sometimes even be the rarest skins, that are not for sale.  Here are all the drop rates for the Masterwork chests:

Skin Shard70%
525 Orange Essence10%
Emote Permanent10%
Ward Skin Shard10%
Bonus Chest10%

If you’re buying these chests in a bundle, the best way to use Masterwork Chests in League of Legends is to use them in bulk. Due to the bad luck protection, the Drop Rate of the loot found inside rises the more chests you open. There is an upper limit though.

Why am I Not Earning any Chests in LoL?

Aside from using up all of your chest slots for the week, and having already earned a Hextech Chest on one champion, being punished in League of Legends can also lead to not being able to earn chests.

League of Legends - Chest Availability

This will not last indefinitely however, and based on your conduct in future games, the ability to earn Hextech Chests may be returned to you by Riot Games:

  • Severity of punishment. You won't earn loot for the duration of your punishment, be it a temporary suspension or a chat restriction.
  • Signs of reform. Once your punishment has ended, you'll continue to be restricted from earning loot until you're recognized to have made significant progress in amending your past behavior. There isn't a specific timeframe for this, as it all depends on your behavior.

So, there you have it. Whether it’s having something to spend your Orange Essence on, finding the hottest skins in the game, Hextech and Masterwork Chests are the most money-efficient way to do so. That is, of course, if you don’t have something specific in mind. Then, it’s better to just buy it with Riot Points outright.

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