Highest rank and MMR in League of Legends

In virtually every game with a ranking system, there is always that one particular rank/division dedicated to the best of the best. This time, we’ll discuss what the top of the ranked ladder looks like in League of Legends. So, what are the characteristics of Summoners Rift's premier veterans?

What is the highest rank in League of Legends?

The highest rank in League of Legends is called Challenger, and only 0.01% of all players manage to reach it. This rank is tough to get and even harder to maintain! Everyone wants to get there, so without playing every day, you will simply fall off your ranking position. Challenger players devote hundreds of hours each month to playing ranked games, practice, and testing the metagame. League of Legends is a significant part of these players’ everyday lives. Many of them are part of eSports teams and have already achieved something in the local competitive scene. 

What is the difference between Challenger and Grandmaster players?

The difference between Challenger and Grandmaster players is minimal. Both ranks represent the highest level gameplay and often play each other in tournaments. If you are a Grandmaster player and want to get into Challenger, you need to spend more time playing Ranked. However, your grind won’t be so easy as you will be up against people who play League of Legends full-time and take every match very seriously.

What is the highest MMR record in League of Legends? 

We cannot provide a precise number of the highest MMR record in League of Legends, as it's not public, and no player knows what MMR they have. We can only assume that the players with the highest MMR on the server are the ones we see at the top of the leaderboards. As you may know, there are some websites, such as whatismymmr.com, that calculate the value of the MMR you have based on your all-time performance. However, on each of these sites, the value will be slightly different; none of them are accurate, as no one knows the exact rules for calculating MMR in League of Legends.

Top MMR players in League of Legends

We checked the MMR values for the current Top 1 player of each server using the aforementioned whatismymmr.com. Before we give you these numbers, it’s worth mentioning that the average players’ MMR in League of Legends is around 2000.

As you can see, the more players on the server, the more MMR you will need to get that sweet #1. We think that with each season, the score needed to reach Challenger and the top of the rankings will be much higher, as MMR virtually does not reset. That said, it's no surprise that the top of the ladder now is made up of League of Legends veterans who have been playing the game continuously for about 10 years or so.

How to increase LoL MMR

The only way to increase MMR in League of Legends is... winning games. Yes, you just have to catch that win streak and go along with it. Remember, though, that MMR doesn't reset, so if you've lost many games before, your path to Challenger will be much longer. How high your MMR will affect the number of LPs you receive at the end of each match. For more information on how the League of Legends ranking system works, please refer to our article about it.

Getting to the top of the first places of League of Legends’ leaderboards requires hard work and dedication. That 0.01% didn't just play the game; they dedicated a significant portion of their lives to it. Keep that in mind when you apply to become a Challenger, and if you do decide to make the journey, we're keeping our fingers crossed for you!