Best Rumble Skins | LoL

Rumble is an iconic League of Legends character and he has some of the most innovative skins in the game. We've narrowed down the best Rumble skins in LoL for you.
Best Rumble Skins | LoL

Rumble is a feisty Yordle who has built himself a colossal mech suit to deal magic damage safely. Since joining the League of Legends Champion roster, Rumble has become known for his ability to wreak havoc on the enemy team. There are many reasons to get some new Rumble skins and look fantastic while destroying the other team.


Super Galaxy Rumble

Super Galaxy Rumble was released in 2014 and gave the small feisty Yordle a Super Mech suit to pilot. The skin was suggested by fans on the official League of Legends forums and was inspired by the Simon & Kamina characters from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime.

The Super Galaxy Rumble skin also comes with changes to Rumble, including a new spacesuit and a fancy new visor. His mech has been transformed into a futuristic machine with a brighter color scheme. 

Rumble now pilots an orange and white super mech with a drill in one hand and a flamethrower for the other. Super Galaxy Rumble comes with some new animations and new sound effects.

Super Galaxy Rumble is a Legendary skin, so it's pretty expensive. The new Rumble skin costs 1820 RP to purchase from the store. This means it's one of the most expensive skins in the game for him.

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Badlands Baron Rumble

Releasing in 2018, Badlands Baron Rumble is clearly inspired by the Mad Max universe. It depicts Rumble as a driver and his mech as some kind of crazy car. This is part of the Road Warrior skin line and lore in the League of Legends universe. It's one of the junkyard creations that Rumble made using scrap.

The loveable feisty Yordle has a little spiked mouth mask on his face and some driving goggles pushed onto his forehead.

Badlands Baron Rumble has turned his giant mech into something that looks more like a car when looking down at it with the camera. As usual, one arm is a flamethrower, and the other is a drill. 

This Rumble also comes with a new firey recall animation, new sound effects to make him more metal and some new visual effects.

Badlands Baron Rumble is an Epic tier skin, so it's not cheap. This new Rumble skin is available to purchase from the in-game store for 1350 RP.

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Rumble In The Jungle

As far as skin names go, Rumble In The Jungle is a great one. Released in 2011, the skin shows Rumble in a topical theme like he's decided to go on vacation with his summer holiday mech. 

This is part of the summer-themed skin line, which gets regular new additions still.

Rumble In The Jungle is an entire summer revamp of Rumble and his colossal mech suit. His standard mech suit has been swapped for a topical one with a wooden body with bamboo legs and a bamboo mech hand. 

He also has pineapple rockets strapped to his back, and he has a coconut club for the other hand. 

Rumble himself looks ready for the beach with a stereotypical vacation style Hawaiian t-shirt and a unique haircut. As a bonus, it also has some special pineapple particles when using The Equalizer.

Rumble In The Jungle is a classic and innovative skin. It's still popular today for its graphical changes. This is a Regular tier skin in League of Legends, which costs 975 RP.

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Rumble doesn't have a lot of skin options in League of Legends, but he does have some of the most interesting ones in the game. 

Selecting the right one to buy when you have limited RP is complicated, and there's a lot to consider. If you aren't sure which one is the best Rumble skin yet, take a look at our list of the best Ryze skins as well. 

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