Best Neeko Skins | LoL

The last remnant of an ancient vastayan tribe, inquisitive Neeko, with all her sho’ma, wanders the world, seeking to renew her tribe, and return life to her tribe’s dead homeland.
Best Neeko Skins | LoL

After disaster struck Neeko’s isolated homeland, she is forced to explore the mainlands of Runeterra and bring put her unique worldview to the test. With a champion whose lore is a novel take on a classic story, and the only, officially confirmed LGBTQ champion in League of Legends, we believe she deserves her own list of her best skins.


Star Guardian Neeko

Taking inspiration from the classic anime trope of magical girls, Star Guardian skins are rarely so well-done, as they are with Star Guardian Neeko. The skin was released on September 12, 2019. As a newer skin, and one priced at 1350 RP, Star Guardian updates Neeko with new animations, particle effects, and sounds.

Aside from the base Star Guardian skin, Riot also offers the option of acquiring the Prestige version, as well. This version of the skin, however, cannot be purchased with RP, but with 100 Prestige points.

The skin does not change Neeko’s lore in any significant way, with all of the main themes being present. 

As a member of Ahri’s original Star Guardian team, Neeko flees their destruction, only to return on the eve of a grand battle and empower the new Star Guardian, vowing to never run again, which is her base lore in a nutshell, but with a new look, and what else can you ask for in a skin, really.

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Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko

Is there a Shan Hai Scrolls skin whose artwork does not inspire awe and does not bring new life to a champion? In the case of Neeko, Shan Hai Scrolls moves Neeko even further into the realm of spirits, and away from the mortal world, be that world painted or otherwise.

The skin was released on January 28, 2021, and aside from the usual updates to the animation, sounds, and particle effects, special attention must be given to the splash art.

Being made in the style of ancient Chinese paintings, Neeko is depicted as a benevolent divinity and the counterpart to Jhin’s madness. The in-game model is a work of art in its own right, and the skin is well worth its 1350 RP price.

With the Han Hai Scrolls Nekko skin, her innocence comes to the fore, and the belief that she can redeem Jhin before he bursts out of the scrolls their world is set in and unleashes hell upon Runterra. 

In a way, this skin is a way for Neeko to stop a catastrophe before it happens, rather than try and fix its aftermath.

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Winter Wonder Neeko

As a chameleon-type of vastaya, Neeko’s primary characteristic is adaptability. Her base skin and design put her homeland in a tropical area, and her choices of clothes reflect this. 

However, Winter Wonder Neeko, shows her inhuman nature, as her style of clothing does not change with the changing of the temperature, rather it is her skin that adapts.

Winter Wonder Neeko is a skin that was released on December 5, 2018, and is priced at 1350 RP. Even though this skin was released alongside the champion release itself, it still gives Neeko an update to her entire design, including her animations, sounds, and particle effects. For those of you adapting to the meta, or following the high elo streamers, and playing tank Neeko support, this is the skin for you.

Winter Wonder Neeko, however, introduces Neeko not as a vastaya, but as a winter spirit. With two of Neeko’s three skins connecting Neeko to the spirit world and divinity, rather than the usual Runeterra, perhaps there is a clue there where her journeys will lead her, or what her original design was.

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