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Best Carousel Items In TFT

Itemization is one of the main mechanics in TFT that a player should learn when starting. Here are the best items in the TFT that you can get in the carousel!
Best Carousel Items In TFT

Itemization is one of the core mechanics in Teamfight Tactics. Thankfully, Riot Games made it simple so players can know the right way of doing it. There are a ton of items in TFT, and they usually undergo balance changes each patch. 

Here are the best carousel items in TFT so that you can know what you should get during the carousel.

The Basic of the Itemization Mechanic

There are tons of items in Teamfight Tactics, and they resemble/are copied from League of Legends. Items will decide whether a single unit can carry you to a win. 

Also, like League of Legends, there should be a certain pairing of item components to create a more powerful item. If you did not know yet, the main source of items in TFT is the carousel round; it is where all the tacticians teleport in a carousel and choose among the champions that hold items

The sequence will depend on the amount of health of the tactician. Items in Teamfight Tactics also drop during a monster round, which is random compared to where you can choose in the carousel round.

Thankfully, Riot Games made the itemization mechanic in TFT easy. You just equip items to the unit that you want by clicking it onto them. 

Of course, you need to think ahead to get the best combination of item components. Usually, items are categorized into attack speed, ability power/magic damage, attack damage, armor, and magic resist.

Best First Carousel Items in TFT


Chain Vest

Probably one of the best early game item components in TFT, Chain Vest provides huge armor for your front line. It can be also upgraded into a Sunfire Cape, which is the best early game item for your tank. There are many strong items that chain vests can also build into, such as Edge of Night, Locket of Iron Solari, and Shroud of Stillness.

Not only that, but since Chain Vest provides a great amount of armor, enemies that build strong attack damage champions during the early game.


B.F Sword

If focusing on the late game is your goal, then getting the B.F Sword is the best carousel item for you. B.F Sword increases the damage of a champion by a huge amount, making it the best item for AD carries or AD champions in general.

It can be also upgraded to Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, and Spear of Shojin, making it a great item for both AD and magic damage comps. However, since this is an extremely versatile carry item, it is usually contested during carousel rounds.


Recurve Bow

Probably the most used item in the history of every TFT set, most players look to get an early bow in hopes to get their carries the best item possible. What makes the Recurve Bow strong is that it can be upgraded into a Guinsoo's Rageblade, which can be argued as the best carry item.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is extremely versatile, it is a great item for an AD carry and a decent item for magic damage comps.

It has been a critical item for carries, especially those who rely on auto attacks, because it is strong in the early game, especially in the late game. Thus, making the recurve bow a must for almost every comp.


Tear of the Goddess

The main mana item in TFT, some might say that the Tear of the Goddess is not as strong as the other items in this list, but it can provide a huge value for both carries and front liners. Usually, Tear of the Goddess is upgraded to either a Spear of Shojin, Blue Buff, or Froze Heart.

This item is extremely strong for magic damage units, because of the insane mana it provides. Of course, chosen attack damage carries can also hold this item, but it is not as valuable compared to a magic damage champion.



Of course, the only item that has unique upgrades, the Spatula will always be a great choice in any carousel round. It can be upgraded to emblems granting a prismatic trait if a player acquires the correct number of units.

Spatula can also be upgraded to the strongest item in the game, Tactician's Crown, which awards a player an additional champion slot in their board.

Best TFT Items For Later Carousel Rounds


Guinsoo's Rageblade

As previously mentioned, Guinsoo's Rageblade is a great item for champions that rely on auto attacks. It is a great core item that increases attack speed over time.

It is flexible and will make your champion a problem during PVE rounds throughout the match. This item is fairly hard to complete because it is built with usually contested items, Recurve Bow and Needlessly Large Rod.


Warmog's Armor

One of the two main flexible items for tank or a front line champion, Warmog's Armor provides a colossal amount of health and regen. It is also essential for front liners as the game progresses to prevent them from being burst by a carry.

Warmog's Armor is built by combining two Giant's Belts. Since a Giant's Belt is not that contested during the early carousel rounds, it is easily one of the defensive items that are easy to complete



The only item that grants a champion immunity to crowd control, Quicksilver will always be great and versatile. Usually, it is given to carries, but it is also great for any front line champion because they are the ones that soak crowd control in the board.

Quicksilver is built by combining a Negatron Cloak and Sparring Gloves. If you do not want to deal with crowd control, then try to look for Quicksilver during a carousel stage.



One of the few items that counter heavy healing comps and super tanky matchups, Morellonomicon will clean the board because of its bonus ability power and bonus damage scaling for 10% of all the enemies hit by an ability.

Morellonomicon is somewhat hard to complete because it is built by combining a Giant's belt and a Needlessly Large Rod. Nevertheless, this item will make your carry deal more damage and reduce healing during a PVP round.

Can You Get Items During PVP Rounds?

Riot Games originally intended items to be received only during a monster or carousel round. However, as they introduce new mechanics, compositions, and augments in the game, it is now possible to get items during PVP rounds.

For example, the Mercenary trait in Set 6 will award you items when you get enough rewards in your treasure chest. Shimmerscale will give you a unique item every time you get the required amount of units for the composition. 

Needless to say, it is possible that Riot Games will introduce more ways to get items in TFT, but it is possible that the carousel is the best way to get the items that you want.

How Many Items Can A Champion Hold?

Even though you can get unlimited items in Teamfight Tactics, the maximum amount of items that a unit can hold is three. The game will automatically upgrade an item if you equip two uncompleted items in a champion.

That concludes the list of the best items in the carousel in TFT. There are more items out there, including Rabadon's Deathcap, Rapid Firecannon, and ZZ'rot Portal

Itemization is really situational, and you can't possibly make the same items every time you play the game. Of course, you have to master the composition you are to know the correct items for your champions.

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