All About How Damage Works in Teamfight Tactics

Have you wondered how damage works in TFT League of Legends? Check out all our complete guide about damage in Teamfight Tactics and dominate the game.
All About How Damage Works in Teamfight Tactics

The damage in TFT, that indicator that little by little affects your life points until they reach 0, and you have completely lost the game. 

Damage has been a much-discussed topic by the Riot Games team when developing Teamfight Tactics, so today we'll answer the question about: how does damage work in TFT? In a complete and unique guide to master this game.

Why is Knowing The Damage Important?

As in any game, knowing the damage to your team and champion is a fundamental piece to devise a winning strategy that can make you achieve your goals in the game. 

Even though it may seem confusing at first, understanding how damage works in Teamfight Tactics is quite simple. For this, you only have to take into account the stage of the game in which you are and the tier of the champions that you have at your disposal. Therefore, it is important that, as the rounds progress, you have a clear strategy to follow to achieve victory.

how does damage work in tft league of legends

On the other hand, there are multiple ways to know the damage you can do in TFT, but we will present you with two very useful tables so that you can understand it and calculate your damage in Teamfight Tactics, this way your games can be more controlled and you can win a lot more if you manage to get a TFT set with the correct damage according to each stage of the game.
So keep reading to understand more about damage in TFT and how you can use it to your advantage to control the damage you take and the damage you deal to your enemies. You can also take a look at our guide on how many of each unit in TFT to find out how you can use the champion pool to your advantage.

All You Need To Know About Damage in Teamfight Tactics

In an initial Ask Me Anything (AMA) to the Master Tactics team, some of the recurring questions Riot Games responded to related to the damage and true damage dealt at the end of each round, and what ends up determining the winner of a match.

Confusion is normal at the beginning, especially in later rounds when the damage is much greater even if you have armor, and that is why the developers have decided to share a valuable table with which you can make your previous calculations of the possible damage done or received.

1 star12234
2 stars23456
3 stars45678

Note: 2 additional damage dealt per each surviving unit

As we can see in this table, the base player damage will always be 2 points, and to this, for each surviving unit, we must add an extra damage that is calculated by multiplying its power (that is, its cost) by the level at which we have the champion.

For example, if after a frantic battle we are only survived by a level 3 Darius (Tier 1), and a level 2 Miss Fortune (Tier 5), we would damage and attack the enemy with a total of 12 points. Of course, this table could change in the future to numerous patches that will surely arrive, which promise to bring new champions quite frequently.  

How to Easily Calculate Damage in TFT?

Now that you know how the damage and attack work in TFT, you may be interested in obtaining a simple way in which you can calculate it to take it into account during your player games. With that understood, remember that there are 2 things to keep in mind about damage:

  • The more rounds pass, the more damage enemy units will deal after combat finishes.
  • The higher TIER your units have, the more damage they will deal. That means one star units deal less damage that higher star level units.

That said, you can easily guide yourself with this TFT damage calculator from this table:

Base damage per unit


Additional damage per stage


Looking at the tables above, you will notice that during the early stages of the game, your units and any enemy unit will deal very little damage if they attack the enemy, but will only deal damage to any player based on the number of units left alive and their level. 

how does damage work in tft  league of legends

It is very important that you take this into account to develop an adequate strategy, you may want to have an incredible TFT set, but you must manage the damage, ability power, attack speed, attack damage, abilities and power for your champions you have in previous stages as well as possible, in order your little legend not receive more damage from multiple players.

Will The Damage Dealt Be Higher in Late Game?

Following the table and the examples above, you must be wondering if you will be able to deal a lot of damage attack towards the late game of your TFT match and the answer is simple, YES.

The longer the game, the more you will have to plan your strategy and correctly know the champions you are using in your TFT set and the TFT item you get (including their physical damage, healing, how their armor works, maximum health, magic resist, magic damage, attack speed, if they deal true damage, etc.) 

Towards the match advances, yours and more enemy units receive more bonus damage and higher TIER units are able to deal a lot of damage if they are not eliminated during combat. 

The 3 tier 3 damage unit champion can easily defeat you. Also, remember to stay tuned with every TFT patch to know the meta.

So, what can you do to ensure your victory in the late game? 

Simply, try to get strong champions and any good item (with good physical basic attacks damage, attack speed, ability power or true damage power) that allow you to receive very little damage from the player enemies and deal more damage to them. 

For this you can use multiple strategies and take a look at our guide on how to get level 3 fast in TFT. In the early game, you can try to prioritize one star units and one cost items, and other champions in your pool.

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