6 Best Support Champions for Aphelios in League of Legends

The best support champions for Aphelios in League of Legends are Leona, Nautilus, Braum, Lulu, Nami, and Janna, each offering unique synergies and advantages.

Updated on Nov 13, 2023
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6 Best Support Champions for Aphelios in League of Legends

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Leona is that one tank that pairs effectively with nearly any marksman. Her synergy with Aphelios thrives on aggression, leveraging Leona's multiple crowd control abilities, which enables Aphelios to maximize damage with his current and off-hand weapons.

Aphelios' weapon changes allow for strategic use of abilities and basic attacks, adapting to various situations. Despite a less-than-stellar win rate, Leona's contribution remains significantly valuable.

Leona Splash Art LoL

For this duo to excel, it's vital that Leona builds tanky, ensuring she can engage, deal damage, and create opportunities for Aphelios to attack. This build allows her to retreat timely, avoiding critical damage.

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Nautilus pairs well with Aphelios, sharing a similar playstyle to Leona. A key strength for Nautilus in the early game is his pbuttive ability, which stuns enemies on the first basic attack.

This pbuttive is particularly potent in the early game, allowing Nautilus to chain the stun with his "Q" ability. This sets up Aphelios for effective auto-attacks. In the mid-game, this becomes even more dangerous, as Aphelios can unleash his full ability kit on stunned targets.


During the laning phase, Aphelios should focus on avoiding direct engagements with enemy champions. Instead, wait for Nautilus to initiate. Pre-game coordination is crucial; discussing strategy during the champion select phase ensures synchronized attacks against the opposing ADC or support.

Playing Nautilus doesn't require extensive knowledge of the champion, but understanding the right moment to engage is essential to avoid unnecessary deaths. While his win rate may not be the highest, he excels in his engagement and initiation role.

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Braum is an excellent tank and a strong pairing with Aphelios. Unlike tanks who engage first, Braum excels in supporting Aphelios during engagements.

Braum's pbuttive enables easy stunning of enemy champions marked by his support. These marks can be stacked with Aphelios' basic attacks, allowing Aphelios to deal increased damage upon stunning them. Riot Games has also equipped Braum with a mighty shield, providing superb protection for Aphelios.


With Braum's shield, Aphelios gains a solid frontline, enhancing his ability to unleash his kit against enemies for greater damage output. The synergy is straightforward: wait for Braum to create opportunities to strike enemies while he offers protection. Although Braum may have a lower win rate in the current meta, in skilled hands, he can be a pivotal part of team fights.

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Lulu's abilities align well with Aphelios, offering damage enhancement and buffs. Importantly, she can slow down enemies, and her ultimate can stun when cast on either herself or Aphelios. Despite a low current win rate, Lulu's abilities are well-suited to boost Aphelios' mid and late-game damage.


Additionally, Lulu can increase attack speed and protect Aphelios, requiring players to strategically consider Aphelios' off-hand weapon for effective attack planning. While this duo may not lead directly to the highest ranks, mastering their synergy can notably improve win rates against team fight adversaries.

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Nami stands out as a benchmark of exceptional support in League of Legends. Riot Games has endowed her with a comprehensive ability set. Her skills have distinct impacts on enemies and provide universal effects on allies through her pbuttive during gameplay.


In early game scenarios, Nami offers Aphelios various benefits, significantly aiding in securing first blood or winning the initial trade.

Nami’s ease of play is a strong reason for her selection; like, she's surely one of the easiest champions to play in LoL. As she lacks the high HP characteristic of tanks, it's important for Nami to stay behind Aphelios, focusing on supporting him rather than front-lining.

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Janna may seem less impactful in the early game, especially in aggressive playstyles. Her strength lies in timing and precision with ability use. While her damage output isn't the highest, Janna excels in providing complementary poke and damage, which becomes more significant in the late game.


Janna's true value is in her utility skills. Her "Q" ability can disrupt enemy positioning by lifting targets into the air. She also offers vital support to Aphelios through shielding and her ultimate's healing abilities. Despite common opinions suggesting she's not particularly strong, the key with Janna is in understanding and cleverly utilizing her abilities, along with appropriate spells or runes. 

So yeah, if you wanted to play Janna just because she belongs to the hottest characters in League of Legends, that's not going to be enough; other than the fact that she has some of the prettiest female skins in the game, she is also one of the hardest champions to play.

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