Best Teemo Skins | LoL

Want to become annoying and prank every single one of your enemies? Do it with different looks with the best skins for Teemo in League of Legends. 
Best Teemo Skins | LoL

Every one of us has raged because of an annoying Teemo player, do not deny it. In fact, this little yordle scout has created numerous problems and people started calling him a little demon. 

Even though he is probably the most obnoxious champion in League, Teemo is still pretty fun to play. If your current aim is to have fun (or troll games), then here is a list of the best Teemo skins in LoL so that you can do it with different styles since there are tons of choices available in the game. 


Omega Squad Teemo

Some skins in League of Legends have interesting backstories that improve the overall feel of the skin. Released on April 8, 2015, as part of the military-themed yordle cosmetics, Omega Squad Teemo is ready to hunt every enemy down swiftly and quietly.

He once lived by a code but has long forgotten what it actually is. Maybe it is the entire mission of the Omega squad? Nobody will ever know.

If you look at the splash art above, you will notice that this version of Teemo is entirely different from his other skins. He wears a futuristic suit and helmet, which probably helps him hunt down enemies. 

You can see him being camouflaged in the woods, too, which is an essential thing about being a scout like him. Omega Squad Teemo’s outfit is mainly green, and his weapons are probably of high military-grade.

Since Omega Squad Teemo’s weapons are high-tech, expect laser sounds whenever he shoots his gun. I

also love how Riot Games designed the animation for his blinding dart, where Teemo throws a knife at his enemies. And like his concept, his Noxus Trap is a military-grade explosive that will definitely damage and cripple all of his enemies. 

To top it all off, Riot added a robotic voice filter for this awesome skin. Get this military-themed yordle skin for 1350 Riot Points in the League shop and 1325 Wild Cores in the Wild Rift store!

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Spirit Blossom Teemo

Part of the Spirit Blossom cosmetic line, along with Spirit Blossom Thresh and Yasuo, this skin features a relaxing and vibrant look of the infamous yordle in League of Legends

No one would have thought a demonic scout would become a child and embodiment of the forest.

Still, according to lore, Spirit Blossom Teemo plays pranks regularly on the mortals that he sees, so it is understandable if one rages because of him.

As mentioned previously, Spirit Blossom Teemo has a relaxing look, and you would instantly feel that once you see the picture above. 

Spirit Blossom Teemo gets better once you stare at it, the wooden flute and hat, golden bracelet, and traditional clothes are really pleasing to the eyes. The forest child outfit on top of his brown fur is a great combination for Teemo. But do not let his bubbly look fool you, because he is still a prankster that he is known for.

All of his abilities have a flowery look and sound. On the other hand, the animations are slightly similar to his classic skin, with just several recolors and particle changes. 

The purple, light blue, and pink colors are amazing for his concept. But it is great that Riot changed the animation for his Toxic Shot where a dark cloud appears on top of the enemy’s head whenever they get damaged.

Released on July 22, 2020, Spirit Blossom Teemo offers a spiritual look to the swift scout. You can get this skin for 1350 Riot Points in the League skin shop. Unfortunately, it is unavailable in Wild Rift, unlike his other skins.

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Firecracker Teemo

If Spirit Blossom was a traditional version of League’s very own swift scout, then this new skin is more of a cultural-themed version of him. 

Everyone expects fireworks every lunar year, but Firecracker Teemo’s version of explosives is unique and unconventional. He is ready to make his iconic steamed dumplings for this lunar year. Hint: they are really explosive so watch out for them!

Released on January 26, 2022 (Year of the Tiger), Firecracker Teemo is based on the whole concept of the fierce animal. 

His red tangzhuang, huge gold coin on his forehead, green gem, dark pants, and Chinese flute, scream a traditional Chinese look. This may be a completely different version of Teemo but he is still seen playing pranks on everyone. If you look at the photo above, Teemo is playfully placing his explosive dumplings on someone's bamboo steaming basket.

In terms of in-game changes, Firecracker Teemo has sounds, particles, and animations based on fireworks, which suits the whole lunar year concept. If you are wondering, the color of his abilities is mostly yellow. Seeing his Noxus Trap, I would say that Firecracker Teemo’s is the best out of all the skins. The dumpling explosive is unique and eye-catching, so hats off to Riot for the execution. Currently, this skin is available for 990 Wild Cores in the Wild Rift shop and 1350 Riot Points in the League of Legends store.

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Little Devil Teemo

Released on October 19, 2016, there is no better skin to showcase Teemo’s true nature

League’s very own swift scout has been subject to memes throughout the years, and it is a good thing that Riot Games supported its community by releasing a skin called Little Devil Teemo. 

And the funny thing is, he is actually the king of hell and having a good time sitting on his huge throne.

Unlike his other cosmetics, Little Devil Teemo does not have a relaxing or traditional outfit since he only has his demonic features and looks to showcase his true nature. 

He has all the things that a demon has, huge horns, red skin/fur, and a sharp tail. Little Devil Teemo even has a crown on top of his head, indicating that he is indeed the ruler of hell.

Everything about this skin, the particles, animations, sounds, and colors, is straightforward evil.

Little Devil Teemo uses his demonic trident as his weapon and shoots fire with it to damage enemies. His Noxus Trap resembles Ghastly from Pokemon. It is an orb with an evil face, ready to seek doom around Runeterra.

Additionally, this skin has a scary recall, and I would say that it is the most terrifying out of all the League skins. Unfortunately, Little Devil Teemo is only available during Halloween or when the Legacy Vault reopens.

If you want to use Teemo in his true nature then pick this skin up in the League shop once it is available for 1350 Riot Points or Wild Rift store for 990 Wild Cores!

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Teemo actually has a ton of League of Legends skins, including Astronaut Teemo, Super Teemo, and Panda Teemo, to name a few, but the cosmetics above are the best skins for your money. If you want to switch it up and become a support player, try checking out the best skins for Thresh to get you started. However, if mastering all the champions is your endgame, then do it in style with the best skins for each champion in League of Legends.

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