Best Thresh Skins | LoL

If you ever wanted to hit an amazing Madlife hook with Thresh, then it is time to do it with style with the best skins for Thresh in League of Legends
Best Thresh Skins | LoL

There are a lot of champions that can do amazing plays within League of Legends, but Thresh will still be the most iconic champion for doing the unthinkable

Everyone dreamed of mimicking a "Madlife" hook, which was named after the most feared Thresh player in the world. The tricky timing and positioning make hitting the Chain Warden's hook a sight to behold. 

If you want to copy the best Thresh players globally, then it is now your chance to do it in style with the best Thresh skins in LoL.


High Noon Thresh

If you ever wanted a Ghostrider-themed skin in League of Legends, you should probably check out High Noon Thresh. Released on August 30, 2018, as part of the Old West-themed High Noon cosmetics, this skin is a unique and daunting version of the infamous Chain Warden.

Looking at the splash art above, High Noon Thresh resembles the Marvel superhero. He has spiky armor, a fiery chain, cowboy boots, and a skull head engulfed in flames. High Noon Thresh is also seen sitting in the middle of the desert, indicating that he is indeed from the old west.

On the other hand, the cowboy sounds of his abilities fit this skin perfectly. You will hear rope sounds whenever High Noon Thresh casts Death Sentence.

Riot Games used brown colors for the particles to perfectly fit the old west theme. If you were to ask me, this skin feels really smooth because of the sound and animations, so if you want this kind of skin, I suggest picking it up for 1350 Riot Points in the skin shop today!

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Blood Moon Thresh

Part of the Blood Moon skin line, this Thresh is the one summoned by the cultists during the night of the Blood Moon. With a mix of cultural and sinister-themed looks, this skin is still one of the best skins for the Chain Warden to date.

If you look closely, you will notice that Blood Moon Thresh was probably based on a demon from Japanese folklore called the Oni. He wears a sinister-looking mask with huge horns. Not only that, but the Samurai armor and sharp claws solidify the whole Japanese demon look. To top it all off, the red aura coming from his body is an excellent touch to the model.

Released on January 8, 2015, Riot Games used red colors for Blood Moon Thresh's particles and animations of his abilities. At the same time, ghostly sounds are used for his skills.

There may not be drastic changes compared to his classic skin because the animations are slightly similar, but this skin is still a great buy considering the cheap price. The good news is that this skin is currently available in both League of Legends and Wild Rift for 975 Riot Points and 725 Wild Cores, respectively.

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Spirit Blossom Thresh

Have you ever wondered what Thresh would look like if he were a human? Released on July 22, 2020, Spirit Blossom Thresh will be the answer to your curiosity. This skin is different from the usual bright color that the Spirit Blossom skin line offers.

Spirit Blossom Thresh wears an ancient-looking outfit that was probably based on Japanese clothes called Yukata. Not to mention, it looks good on him, too. Riot Games also gave him sharp features, making him look like an animated antagonist. Nevertheless, the sharp claws, horns, and lantern are enough to retain the whole soul collector concept.

This new skin's abilities have enchanting sounds that will appeal to most players. Riot Games also used dark purple to go with the whole Spirit Blossom demon concept. I also love that Riot added flowery details to all of his abilities. For example, his The Box and Flay show petals whenever casted. Get this skin for 1820 Riot Points in the League shop today!

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Pulsefire Thresh

Released on November 21, 2019, this champion skin will prove everybody who thought that a soul collector could not be a robotic menace wrong. Riot Games chose to give Thresh a futuristic and mind-blowing concept by giving him a Pulsefire skin.

As mentioned previously, Pulsefire Thresh is a futuristic version of the Chain Warden, so expect a robotic model. I loved how Riot Games still gave this champion skin a cool outfit. The white jacket goes well with the concept. Additionally, his scythe and lantern are also from the future. The white holographic effects are just mesmerizing to look at.

Unlike his other skins, Pulsefire is the only cosmetic that has computer-based sounds. Riot Games also executed the concept really well by giving his abilities holographic details that will surely mesmerize players. On the other hand, Pulsefire Thresh primarily has blue and white colors for his skills. Combining these things makes it a great cosmetic for all the players who prefer a clean look. If you want to have this futuristic skin now, you can acquire it in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points and 990 Wild Cores in the Wild Rift store.

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That ends the best skins for Thresh in League of Legends. 

Actually, the Chain Warden is one of Riot's favorite champions for skin releases since he has a ton of skins available in the game like Championship Thresh, Unbound Thresh, and Dark Star Thresh. Still, I suggest picking the cosmetics above for the best look.

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