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Most Gold Efficient Items in League of Legends

It's not enought o just kill an enemy to gain advantage over them. The key lies in spending your gold wisely, on the best items possible.
Most Gold Efficient Items in League of Legends

Imagine you've killed your lane opponent, and are now back in base with a gold lead. How will you make the most of it? By buying the best gold-efficient items LoL has to offer of course!

What are the Most Gold Efficient Items in League of Legends?

In this list, we will not include item efficiencies based on certain effects that indirectly increase it (e.g. Ornn's passive ability which increases the gold value of the item, Runes that give a free item e.g. Perfect Timing). We will also not include items that are played on other maps except for Summoner's Rift. In this way, we can have a standardized and balanced outlook on items where it truly matters the most, which is Ranked Games.


Shard of True Ice - Spellthief's Edge | Gold Efficiency: 410%

Shard of True Ice

The best item for enchanters. No other arguments. It gives tons of stats for only 400 gold (initial cost). You can see its initial item Spellthief's Edge only costs 400, but Riot Games values the quest form at 800, but upon computation, it gives a whopping 410% Gold Efficiency.

Spellthief's Edge

But why not compute for the base item itself? Since the item is scaling and it gives away free stats over time for very low gold values, we compute the cost efficiency using the final stats given against the initial cost.

For enchanters, this is the most gold-efficient item to go. Especially seeing as it gives you more gold generation, which is vital for a support.


Imperial Mandate | Gold Efficiency: 143%

Imperial Mandate

Another support gold efficient item. Perfect for those players with an aggressive playstyle. Supports get mostly gold-efficient items since they do not have a lot of gold to play with, they do not farm and take kills (unless you're Pyke) - each purchase must be impactful on every state of the game. 


Goredrinker | Gold Efficiency: 130%


Ah yes. The God Tier item of almost every bruiser that can take it. Despite the nerfs on healing, It already has a 130% gold efficiency despite not yet including the omnivamp and its active effect. At only 2500 cost, it gives out 55 Attack Damage and 300 Health with 20 percent Ability Haste. No wonder Riven and Aatrox love this item. Though the top laners reliant on basic attacks usually avoid it in favor of Divine Sunderer.


Crown of the Shattered Queen | Gold Efficiency: 127.44%

Crown of the Shattered Queen

If you like playing it safe but still have tons of stats, this is the perfect AP item to go. Aside from its passive, 600 mana points will give you a lot of room to spam skills but still protect you from assassins like Zed or Talon. Although unpopular in the low elo, this item is highly valued in high-level plays and even in competitive sports.


Everfrost | Gold Efficiency: 127.44%


Same gold efficiency, different item effects. More popular in low elo and highest purchased item in Season 11, Everfrost has an active that roots and slows nearby enemies on a specific target area.

It all boils down to a matter of choice. Is your champion lacking crowd control to lock in skills? Do you need more abilities to perma-CC the enemy carry? Do you need to initiate and engage on the enemy team? If yes, Everfrost is your choice. If not, the former.


Hullbreaker | Gold Efficiency: 116%


This item is way too busted for bruisers and split pushers. In base stats alone, it gives 116% Gold Efficiency. What's more, if we include its passive which gives Armor and MR if no allies are around, buffs the cannon minion, and gives additional damage to towers. This item is so rewarding, even at just 116% gold efficiency, if we add the passive - efficiency can go up to 200%. This is a necessity for every split pusher.


Shurelya's Battlesong | Gold Efficiency: 97.44%

Shurelya's Battlesong

Same cost as Imperial Mandate, but with lower efficiency. Mainly because Riot balances out its active for engages and disengages which is very powerful in team fights due to giving the entire team bonus movement speed. It's also a perfect item for enchanters.

All in all Gold Efficiency does not necessarily dictate which items are OP and which are not. It is just a theoretical way on how to assess what you will purchase based on the given game.

There are many factors that affect the game like macro, skill level, champion draft, and meta. Use this simple information as an advantage, dominate your lane, stomp on the enemy team just based on simple itemization, and climb your way up to Challenger.

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