How Much Does it Cost to Buy All Skins in League of Legends

One of the ways to flex in League of Legends is to show off the your collection of skins. However, to round that collection out, takes quite a bit of money.
How Much Does it Cost to Buy All Skins in League of Legends

Skins are the only way Riot Games have monetized League of Legends. And though they are not pay to win, owning them brings you a certain amount of prestige. So, just how much does it cost to buy all skins League of Legends has to offer?

How Many Skins are in LoL?

There are numerous answers to the question of how many skins this game has, depending on what you take into account. As it stands, there are 1375 total skins in League of Legends.

All of these, of course, have their own types and thus the price of the skin varies significantly:

Skin TypePrice
Chroma Skins290 RP
Classic Skins390 - 520 RP
Budget Skins750 RP
Standard Skins975 RP
Epic Skins1350 RP
Legendary Skins1820 RP
Mythic Skins100 Mythic Essence or 100 Prestige Points
Ultimate Skins3250 or 2775 RP

As we can see, rare skins fetch a high price on the market, while the older ones are dirt cheap. However, sometimes one of the best skins is not an ultimate skin or even an epic skin, but an old one found among the Classic Skins.

How Much RP Does It Cost to Buy All LoL Skins?

As we can see from the table, not all the skins found in League of Legends can be purchased with money. Though, even that can be done in a roundabout way.

To buy all champion skins in League of Legends, you would need 651,195 RP or $3,556Of course, seeing that a new and awesome skin can pop out any day, that number only keeps growing larger.

League of Legends - Riot Points

What Happens When You Own All LoL Skins?

If you've managed to purchase skins at such a rate that you've exhausted the League of Legends supply of skins, then you should really check how much money you've spent on League of Legends.

After that, you can revel in the fact that your shop will change, as you cannot get discounts on skins you already own, while your chests will give you Mythic skin Shards one after another, as those are the only ones you cannot buy with RP.

League of Legends - Shop with all skins bought

Of course, aside from the discontinued skins or the ones placed in a Legacy Vault, but getting those requires you to get a different account, one which already owns them.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy All the Champions in LoL?

There are, currently, 160 champions in League of Legends, all categorized into price ranks according to how recent their release has been, similarly to the best champion skinsTo buy all champions in League of Legends costs around 700$ if you're buying them with RP. It certainly beats the cost of most skins.

However, unlike a champion skin, League of Legends champions themselves can be bought with Blue Essence. So, we recommend you save your money for the best champion skins instead of buying the champion themselves.

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