Best mouse sens in League of Legends

Having the skills for a game such as League of Legends is crucial, but do you have the best gear and settings? Find out here

Updated on Sep 07, 2023
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Best mouse sens in League of Legends

Playing League of Legends with the most suited mouse settings, is something that many players don't bother to take in consideration when it comes to a game where you won't be using the typical “WASD” set of keys to move your champion.

In League of Legends you will be clicking a lot because that's how you move your champion and how you will also aim abilities.

It's something common to see people playing League of Legends without changing their mouse settings, but if you want to take your games to the next level, keep on reading.

Best sens the Pros are using in League of Legends

League of Legends professional players use different mouse sensitivity settings, the values they play with have a somewhat defined range, lower DPI or higher DPI will vary according to the player’s preference, when adopting any of these settings be mindful that the camera move speed will be different one from another, let’s take a look at their League of Legends settings.


Nisqy50 In-Game
Faker80 In-Game (Mouse Acceleration: On)
50 In-Game (Mouse Acceleration: On)
25 In-Game (Mouse Acceleration: On)
15 In-Game

Why should you change your sens?

If you want to take League of Legends more seriously, you might feel it’s time to invest in a gaming mouse which offers you DPI settings to control your mouse speed.

Currently, the DPI values that are recommended among League of Legends players is between 1000 and 3000, each League of Legends player should find the number they feel the most comfortable with among that range, but of course, this is not mandatory for everyone.

What are the best mouse settings?

The best League of Legends mouse settings are those that allow you to improve your muscle memory and which give you complete control over your mouse.

Because it all should boil down to a more comfortable gaming experience, all of these mouse settings should prevent you from having wrist strain or any other injury while having more control. Also, some benefits of finding the best mouse settings for you are higher speeds in your response time, less or more arm movements, depending on your preference.

Use Software Mouse (Vertical sync must be off)
Mouse Speed
Camera move speed
Camera move speed (Keyboard)
Move camera on revive
Enabled smooth camera
Mouse buttondrag scroll
Camera lock mode
Fixed offset
Auto attack
Use movement prediction
Attack move on cursor
Treat ‘Target champion only’ as a toggle

Your response time, or reaction time should also improve once you reach that desired setting, because of what we mentioned earlier, having a somewhat high knowledge of the best settings for your mouse might give you the upper hand in team fights, allowing you to point faster and perhaps enhance your pointer precision. You can play around with these in game settings when you play League.

The best mouse DPI settings pros are using

1200 DPI setting
1800 DPI setting
1600 DPI setting
800 DPI setting
16000 DPI setting

Why is the DPI so important?

First, let's answer the question: what does DPI stands for? DPI stands for “Dots Per Inch” this defines how many pixels your pointer will go through in one inch, and this is one of the most common mouse movement settings present in gaming mice.

The DPI settings aren't hard to find in most gaming mice since it is present in the mouse settings software. DPI settings are also related to the mouse sensitivity and the mouse speed, therefore these settings are totally up to the personal preference of the League players for the best optimized settings in their gaming mouse.


Because the mouse DPI controls the mouse sensitivity, the best way to find your desired mouse DPI is to try out different mouse settings, however, you could also have as a reference pro players and their personal preference regarding the mouse movement setting they use as well as their exact mouse DPI.

What you get by playing with high DPI settings

  • Fast mouse movement thanks to high DPI
  • Use only your wrist to move the mouse
  • High DPI allows quicker mouse clicks thanks to the high sensitivity
  • More chances of a wrist injury due to the high DPI

What you get by playing with low DPI settings

  • Low DPI allows for more precision in mouse clicks
  • Low DPI is ideal for new players, rather than a slightly higher DPI sensitivity settings
  • You need enough mouse pad space for proper mouse movement
  • Low DPI forces you use your forearm because of the low sensitivity

Windows mouse acceleration and why should you turn it off

Windows mouse acceleration is a feature in the Windows OS that can mess with the settings of your mouse.

You want to turn Windows mouse acceleration off because it will have an impact on the way your mouse behaves, setting up your DPI on your gaming mouse won't be of good use if you are having mouse acceleration turned on, or if you have modified the Windows mouse sensitivity. There are other mouse settings besides mouse acceleration that we recommend turning off by following these steps.


  1. Click on start and go to windows settings.
  2. On the Windows search bar type “Mouse settings”.
  3. Click on “Additional mouse settings”, then on “Pointer options”.
  4. Uncheck the box that says “Enhance pointer precision”.
  5. Click “Apply” then “Ok”.

Despite everything that has been explained here, know that you shouldn't copy the exact DPI settings a League player uses. Your best choice will be to always try what works for you. 

Maybe you will play better enabling the “Enhance pointer precision” from windows settings or mouse acceleration, or maybe you even need to play with a lower sensitivity. 

All in all, the “Best mouse sens League of Legends” research relies on trying different mouse settings that give you more control, and which make you feel comfortable.

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