Best Corki Skins | LoL

Corki is one of the champions that changed a lot throughout League of Legends history, but his skins were always some of the best in the game. Here you can check our list of the best Corki skins!

best corki skins lol
best corki skins lol

The Daring Bombardier was released on September 19, 2009. In his early days, he was one of the best bot lane picks. He is now considered a Mid Laner with lots of poke and ranged bursts! He has a fantastic collection of skins that you can choose from, but here are some of our favorites!

Corgi Corki

Corgi Corki is one of the funniest-looking skins in the game. It features Corki as a dog trainer and a yordle with a weird understanding of aerodynamics! The skin got a completely new model, animations, and sound inspired by April Fools.

The fact that The Daring Bombardier is flying a Corgi Dog is so hilarious and satisfying to watch! Corgi Dog also barks as they fly together, which is an amazing detail! The skin has a vivid and youthful color theme, and it is striking to look at. Recall animation of Corki throwing a bone to his beloved companion is just heartwarming.

It also has a few chromas that you can choose from if you are not into these colors. This epic skin was released on March 27, 2019, and it can be bought for 1350 RP. Price is a little bit higher, but for everyone that likes dogs, this is a great price!

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Fnatic Corki

Fnatic Corki skin is not really the best looking or the flashiest one, but it is here because of the history behind it!

The skin was released on September 24, 2014, honoring LaMiaZeaLot’s performance at the first World Championship ever held! The skin highlights Corki as a copter pilot, wearing Fnatic’s hat and has no new animations or sounds.

This skin is probably one with the least amount of changes on this list, but it is the fact that it has so much history behind it and a low price of 750 RP that makes it a viable choice, especially for us Fnatic fans!

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Urfrider Corki

Urfider Corki was released on April 03, 2011, with a price of 975 RP, and it is one of the silliest skins in the game.

The fact that Corki is flying a sea lion that has a spatula in the left hand, a Gatling gun on its head, and green sharks on shoulders representing bombs is just hilarious! The skin has an entirely new model and animations.

His sea lion also grunts whenever Corki fires a critical strike or a Missile Barrage! So the irony and silliness of the Daring Bombardier’s sea lion swimming through the air are just awesome. Riot Games really surpassed themselves with this one!

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Hot Rod Corki

Hot Rod Corki was released on July 27, 2010, with a price of just 520 RP, which makes it the least expensive skin on this list.

The skin features Corki as a pilot in love with hot rods. It has a red and orange color theme with flames painted all over his vehicle, which is bullet-proof and has a four-cylinder engine. The model got some changes, and Corki himself looks a lot younger with this skin. His copter also got texture changes making him look like a real race addict.

The skin doesn’t have any new animations or sounds but makes it up with incredible colors and the idea behind it. All of that makes this skin one of the best Corki skins considering that you can buy it for only 520 RP.

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Arcade Corki

Arcade Corki is one of the best-looking skins in League of Legends. This epic skin has new animations, model, sound, and every particle. It highlights Corki in Arcade concept with a blue theme with a lot of details.

An interesting recall animation and the fact that Corki is doing barrel rolls whenever he shoots his ultimate ability is what makes this skin appear so smooth and appealing to the eye.

There are also eight chromas for this Epic skin that all bring something else to his character, with obsidian one being our first choice! Riot Games released this skin on August 24, 2016, with a price of 1350 RP, and it can be bought in-store at all times!

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Dragon Wing Corki

Riot Games most likely took inspiration from the Chinese Dragon festival when they were designing this incredible skin. The skin features Corki in a copter designed to resemble a dragon. It has a lot of changes to his model, sounds, and animations.

But the best thing about Dragon Wing Corki is that it has different kinds of fireworks as animations and sounds for his abilities. The skin has one Golden chroma, and it was released on February 08, 2013. It can be bought in-store for 975 RP at any time.

So considering the fireworks and the holiday vibe this skin has, it might be a perfect New Year’s gift for some of our League of Legends friends. 

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The Daring Bombardier has a few more interesting skins that you might enjoy. UFO, Red Baron, and Ice Toboggan Corki are less popular ones, while Astronaut Corki is the most recent one and is yet to gain some popularity. However, that concludes our list of best Corki skins in League of Legends. If you are, however, thinking about switching to Top lane, you might want to check out our list of the best Darius skins, and if you are looking for a good skin for any other champions that you enjoy playing, take a look at our page that covers best skins for every champion in the moba game!