Best League of Legends Supports to Play With Jinx

Jinx is the ADC that has the potential to be a hyper carry, however, what she needs is an enchanter support and a single kill to do it.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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Best League of Legends Supports to Play With Jinx

Jinx is the Arcane superstar ADC, and one who relies on attack speed to deal damage to her enemies, though she takes some time to scale. So, the best support for Jinx League of Legends has to offer, needs to synergize well with her kit. Usually, they are enchanters that make a fed Jinx ADC, even better in the current meta.

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Lulu is a League of Legends champion Riot Games designed when they wanted to make life of every engage champion a living hell. With Lulu, Jinx has a really easy time staying alive in lane due to all of her shields, and perhaps that is why their synergy is the one with the highest win rate for Jinx.


Her Q ability deals damage and slows enemies, her W can either speed up allies and give them attack speed or turn enemies into small critters, acting as an Exhaust Summoner spell, with a low cooldown. This is without mentioning the enormous shield on her E ability, which procs her pbuttive and gives the one it’s applied to additional magic damage-dealing attacks, one their every auto-attack


And, the biggest thing of them all, is the mentioned pbuttive effect of her E ability, which makes Pix attack every time the ally it is tethered to auto attacks. And Jinx is a champion that stacks attack speed above all else.

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In the lane, there is no winning a trade when Nami is the enemy support. Her W, which is the first ability to level in her skill order, offers her healing just as it damages the enemy, while her E buffs the target champion’s auto-attacks, allowing Jinx and Nami to constantly poke their enemies, and heal the results of their return poke in one move.


Aside from all of this, Nami’s pbuttive ability makes the allies she used her abilities on get increased movement speed.


On Jinx, before she gets a kill, this is a godsend. With this, they actually have some kill potential in the bot lane, and can carry the game just as easily as the other lanes.

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Janna is the ultimate peeling support in League of Legends. though she offers no sustain in laning phase the way Nami does, in the late game she is invaluable.


Jinx’s largest problem is her lack of mobility. And, once the core Jinx build is complete, all enemy champions will focus her once she gets officially involved in team fights.


Janna, with her Q and ultimate ability, can stop all enemies from ever coming close to Jinx to harm her. All the while, Jinx can unleash hell on the enemy champions.

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Now we come to the two champions with whom Jinx can actually play an aggressive lane. the first is Braum, a unique LoL support champion, as he is of a Warden clbutt of champions.


His kit excels in defending his ADC, and not letting any skill shot to go past his giant shield, and can jump to save their ADC from a fair distance away.

The best part of this synergy, though, is the pbuttive Braum has. Once he has hit his Q ability on enemy champions, or hit one with an auto attack, Jinx can quickly stack three more attacks to stun the enemy, and even her Zap counts.


After that, she can use her Chompers to root the enemy further, thus chain CC their abilities, and force the enemy to either Flash away once they are free, or die on the spot.

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The other support champion Jinx can play aggressively with is Thresh. And while there are quite a few other champions that have a good engage, such as Blitz or Leona, their gameplay options are limited and straightforward. And this doesn’t work for Jinx, who doesn’t have a strong early game.


Thresh, on the other hand, is the support champion with the most possibility to adapt his playstyle. A good Thresh player will never throw a hook, knowing that the engage is dangerous for his Jinx.


But, where others would have nothing else to do, Thresh can still use his flay to force an engage to be a miss, or his W to help Jinx get a better position in team fights, and escape and survive being flanked by opponents. And now that he’s been buffed in patch 12.15, for the season 12 World Championship, thresh is a better pick than ever.

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This season is all about supports enchanting their ADCs into beasts. And Yuumi, the talking cat, is the best at doing so, as her intargetability allows her to be with Jinx in the most dangerous situations, and survive where a Soraka could never.


There are of course the opinions that Yuumi is a support that abandons their ADC at the first chance, but a good one will give Jinx healing and movement speed, to let her kite enemies.


The most important thing is though, that late-game stats can only go so far, with a cap of six items. With a Yuumi, though, Jinx’s stats become even more valuable. After all, Yuumi offers a percentage increase in adaptive damage to the ally she is tethered to.

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With healing at an all-time peak, League of Legends offers two healing-focused supports, Soraka and Yuumi. Of the two, Soraka is undoubtedly the better choice, for both her early-game presence and ultimate ability’s map control, even though she was released far earlier, alongside some of the oldest LoL champions.


Soraka offers more than just healing. Her Q has adequate damage to poke with, to join Jinx and her zap, while her E ability is a silence debuff, one that applies to every enemy champion in its large hitbox.


She shines upon reaching level 6, as Soraka can turn the tide of any skirmish with her ultimate ability alone, and get her other lanes or jungle ahead, all without leaving her ADC to fend for themselves, due to her ultimate ability’s range being a global one. So, should Jinx Get Excited after a kill, Soraka can keep up with her still, with her ultimate, or her pbuttive that gives her movement speed towards injured allies.

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