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How To Level Up Tactician TFT

Tacticians, also known as Little Legends, give life to your board in Teamfight Tactics. Here is a complete guide that teaches how to level them to look cooler!
How To Level Up Tactician TFT

Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Riot Games' take on the Auto Chess version of League of Legends, has different items that you can buy to beautify your gameplay. This includes arenas, booms, and tacticians, also known as little legends. 

These little legends are actually one of the upgradeable items in Teamfight Tactics. If you are wondering how to up the beauty of your little legend, read this guide that gives all the details.

What Are Tacticians In Teamfight Tactics

You probably have seen and heard the term "tactician" in Teamfight Tactics. 

Well, it is to be expected since TFT is a tactical game that requires wits and strategy to win matches. However, the term "tactician" is also associated with an item in the game since it is also used to refer to the characters that you play in TFT, better known as little legends.

These little legends are obtained through little legends eggs, which are purchased in the shop or acquired in the battle pass. As you might have guessed, these eggs hatch cute little legends that have numerous rarity and variants. 

If you are now wondering how to level up your little legend, then read on because it is actually an easy process to remember!

How To Level Up Tacticians in TFT

Now that you have hatched your favorite rare little legends in their little legends eggs, you probably want to upgrade them to have the best looks and effects that the cute little ones can offer.

  1. First, check if you have enough star shards for upgrades. These are a currency used to upgrade your favorite little legends into the next tier. In short, you need to use or enter star shards for upgrades. You will see it once you go to a Teamfight Tactics lobby and view the tactician's menu.
  2. Choose the level that you want to upgrade your little legend to. You will also see your remaining star shards under the name and levels of your little legend.
  3. Click the icon with the number of star shards, and your little legend will now be upgraded!
  4. Remember, there are three tiers of little legends, 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star, which are all upgraded using the rare star shards.

What Are The Best Little Legends To Level Up

Of course, the rarest little legends are the best ones to upgrade, namely mythic and legendary little legends, because they are the hardest to obtain compared to any tactician in Teamfight Tactics. 

They are usually hatched in legendary eggs, but eggs in every TFT set have the chance to drop a legendary little legend.

Here are some legendary little legends that are the best for upgrades:

  • Project Abyssia: 300 star shards per upgrade
  • URF Dowsie: 300 star shards per upgrade
  • Chaos and Order Pengu: 150 star shards per upgrade
  • Sugarcone Furyhorn: 150 star shards per upgrade
  • Arcade Lightcharger: 150 star shards per upgrade
  • Cosmic Squink: 150 star shards per upgrade

There are still many little legends out there, but it will all fall down to your preference whether you want to upgrade a tactician. A rare little legend does not mean it will suit every player, so upgrade and spend all your star shards on your favorite little legend or the one that you use the most!

Is There A Different Way To Level Up A Little Legend?

Yes. Thankfully, Riot Games integrated another mechanic to level up little legends in TFT> However, it is a hard method, so many opt to use their star shards to upgrade a higher tier of their little legend. 

As mentioned previously, tacticians come from legend eggs, and once you get multiple copies of a single little legend, they get upgraded without having to use star shards.

You can get tons of purely cosmetic things by purchasing the Teamfight Tactics battle pass such as new little legends eggs, and heroic hatchlings. You will also get battle pass XP on every game mode that you play, making the grind more forgiving.

Still, there are a lot of little legends out there, so getting multiple copies of the same little legend has a really small chance, but it is still a possibility, so you might be able to save star shards by getting lucky with a little legend egg! 

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