How to Level TFT Pass Fast and Get All Rewards

Discover all details about how to level up TFT pass in League of Legends easily. Unlock all your desired rewards and little legends by playing TFT games!
How to Level TFT Pass Fast and Get All Rewards

League of Legends Teamfight Tactics is an addictive strategy game created by RIOT Games in which your adaptation skills, gold management and strategy are the most important for a player, and if you are a frequent player of TFT, surely you have heard about of the TFT pass and now we will explain how to level up TFT pass League of Legends  easily, let's start!

What is the TFT pass?

If you like rewards for playing your favorite game, then explaining what a battle pass is will be pretty straightforward. 

The TFT pass is basically a pass created for each season of the game and they are earned by simply playing any matchmade game or game mode. 

In the case of TFT, you will have to play multiple TFT matches to, little by little, unlock the rewards of the pass.

how to level tft pass

The TFT battle pass is valid for the entire season and it is included in a game patch (normally its duration is announced by RIOT Games in case there are any changes). This means that for 90 days you can claim multiple rewards created in TFT, you just have to complete the different weekly missions as you play any TFT game.

how to level tft pass

The TFT pass is an incredible way to obtain hundreds of objects that will make your games more and more fun and, as if that were not enough, you can make your account have customizable elements that will make your games more entertaining. However, it takes time and effort to complete the timewalker missions, but here we will show you multiple ways to get your TFT pass easily.

How to level up TFT pass fast?

Level up your TFT player battle pass is a process that can take time but if you like rewards and customize your game much more, then we give you the ways you can level up your TFT pass fast:


Playing games and winning

The easiest way to level up your TFT pass is by playing as many games as possible. However, winning matches will give you much more experience than losing, so keep this in mind.


Complete weekly missions

Weekly, you will get new missions in TFT which you can complete and get large amounts of experience thanks to it. So try to complete all the quests you get to get as many rewards as you can!


Playing hyper roll games

Games in hyper roll mode provide much more experience and are also much faster to complete than normal games. So this is the best method to level up your TFT pass quickly and without too much effort.

Note: There are various rewards that cannot be claimed without purchasing the TFT Pass+, which has a greater number of options and rewards once purchased. However, it can be expensive for some players.

how to level tft pass

The key to quickly unlocking your player TFT pass rewards is to play as many games as you can per week. However, our recommendation is that you focus mostly on the weekly missions of the pass. In this way you will be able to obtain the rewards more easily.

If you like TFT by League of Legends, and are looking to become a better player, you can check out our guide on how to rank up in TFT easily and start mastering this amazing strategy game with our recommended TFT set today!

What does the TFT pass include?

The TFT pass is one of the most complete you can find among the games created by RIOT Games. Here is a list of things you can commonly find on the TFT pass:

  • 1 Exclusive epic little legend, rare little legends or legendary little legends.
  • 3-4 arena skins depending on the season (neon nights arena for example).
  • Little Legend eggs to claim your epic little legends.
  • Exclusive themed emotes you can show to your enemy.
  • Exclusive random emotes.
  • Booms (Usually included in the TFT Pass+)
  • Star Shards (Also included in the TFT Pass+)
  • Other extra features such as extra eggs, star shards, little legend, etc, are only included by getting the TFT Pass+.
how to level tft pass

Remember: To obtain the rewards (such as little legend, star shards, emotes, etc) granted by the TFT Pass you can only play multiple games and complete any weekly mission to double up the experience of your pass little by little.

If you’re interested in improving your strategies as a TFT player, you may take a look at our guide about hyper roll TFT strategy.

What is the TFT Pass+?

If you like the idea of ​​getting additional rewards like eggs, mini legends or new scenarios, then you should consider purchasing the TFT Pass+. Here you will find the additional premium rewards when purchasing the premium pass, otherwise, you will not be able to get the additional rewards of each season pass.

how to level tft pass

On the other hand, acquiring the TFT Pass+ allows you to obtain many advantages during your games. On the one hand, you will be able to receive a greater amount of experience in each of your games, which will help you obtain the rewards much more easily and you will be able to quickly customize your champion, the scenarios and get exclusive content only available for TFT.

how to level tft pass

The TFT Pass+ is one of the best options if you like to enjoy your favorite game with special features, new skins and exclusive little legends that will make you the king of Teamfight Tactics while dazzling your enemies with a powerful champion!

This has been our guide on how to level up your Teamfight Tactics pass. If you want, you can take a look at our guide on how to play TFT duos or on the other hand you can take a look at our guide on how many of each unit TFT to use the champion pool and TFT set in your favor and win more games. See you!

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