How Many of Each Unit In TFT League of Legends

Find out how many of each unit League of Legends in TFT and start dominating this game and get higher ELO. All about the champions pool here!

How Many of Each Unit In TFT League of Legends
How Many of Each Unit In TFT League of Legends

When you start playing Teamfight Tactics League of Legends by RIOT Games, it is common that you have tons of questions about this game mode. Among the most important questions is probably this: TFT how many of each unit league of legends? Don't worry, here we will give you the answer to your question. But first, let's talk a bit about the cost of champions, which greatly influences their chance of spawning. Let's start!

How Much Cost Each Unit in TFT?

In a Teamfight Tactics match, players place characters they buy from the store or get from the carousel on the battlefield separated by hexes. These champions move around the stage, attacking each other and using their abilities automatically. The key is knowing how to manage those hexagon squares, the gaps between characters, team composition, identify which ones to place in front and which ones behind... And for this, you have to know the skills and statistics of each of the more than 50 characters.

tft how many of each unit league of legends

Each Master Tactics champion has eight base stats:

  • Health: How much damage can it take before dying.
  • Range: How far away they must be to be able to attack a farthest enemy in combat.
  • Attack Damage: How much damage your attacks deal (Can apply critical strike damage or true damage).
  • Attack Speed: How often they attack in combat.
  • Ability Power: How strong your abilities and magic damage are in combat.
  • Armor: Reduces the damage dealt by attacks (Do not add magic resistance).
  • Magic Resist: Reduces the damage dealt by abilities (useful against champs with bonus magic damage).
  • Mana: Determines how often they can cast their abilities (a lower mana stat equals a lower cost of the ability, allowing it to be cast more often).

Here we show you a list of the cost of the most common champions in TFT League of Legends. Keep this in mind, the cost of the units influences their probability of appearing during the game, as well as it will also depend on your champion level. Finally, do not forget that you must elaborate your strategy and rethink your game set or team comp as the game progresses.

Champion Cost Origin Class
Brand 1 Debonair Arcanologist
Caitlyn 1 Agent Sniper
Camille 1 Mechanical Aspirant
Darius 1 Gangster Bodyguard
Ezreal 1 Junkyard Innovative
Illaoi 1 Mercenary Mercenary
Jarvan IV 1 Hextech Attacker
Kassadin 1 Mutant Erudite
Nocturne 1 Hextech Assassin
Poppy 1 Yordle Bodyguard
Singed 1 Techno Chemical Innovative
Twitch 1 Techno Chemical Assassin
Ziggs 1 Junkyard and Yordle Arcanologist
Ashe 2 Mafioso Sniper
Blitzcrank 2 Junkyard Bodyguard
Corki 2 Yordle Double shot
Lulu 2 Yordle Sorcerer
Quinn 2 Mercenary Aspirant
Rek'Sai 2 Mutant Fighter and Attacker
Sejuani 2 Hextech and Agent Fighter
Swain 2 Hextech Arcanologist
Syndra 2 Gallant Erudite
Talon 2 Gallant Assassin
Warwick 2 Techno Chemical Aspirant
Zilean 2 Mechanical Innovative
Zyra 2 Mafioso Erudite
Ekko 3 Junkyard Assassin and Innovator
Cho'Gath 3 Mutant Colossus and Fighter
Gangplank 3 Mercenary Double shot
Gnar 3 Celebrity and Yordle Attacker
Leona 3 Gallant Bodyguard
Lucian 3 Hextech Double shot
Malzahar 3 Mutant Arcanologist
Miss Fortune 3 Mercenary Sniper
Morgana 3 Mafioso Sorcerer
Senna 3 Celebrity Erudite
Tryndamere 3 Techno Chemical Aspirant
Vex 3 Yordle Arcanologist
Zac 3 Techno Chemical Fighter
Ahri 4 Mafioso Arcanologist
Alistar 4 Hextech Colossus
Braum 4 Mafioso Bodyguard
Draven 4 Gallant Aspirant
Irelia 4 Junkyard Attacker
Jhin 4 Mechanical Sniper
Kha’Zix 4 Mutant Assassin
Orianna 4 Mechanical Sorcerer
Renata Glasc 4 Techno Chemical Erudite
Seraphine 4 Celebrity Innovative
Sivir 4 Hextech Attacker
Vi 4 Agent and Rival Fighter
Galio 5 Celebrity Colossus and Bodyguard
Jayce 5 Agent Transformable and Innovative
Jinx 5 Rival and Junkyard Double shot
Kai'Sa 5 Mutant Aspirant
Silco 5 Mastermind Erudite
Tahm Kench 5 Mercenary and Glutton Fighter
Veigar 5 Yordle-Lord -
Viktor 5 Techno Chemical Arcanologist
Zeri 5 Gallant Sniper

How Many of Each Unit in TFT? (Champions Pool)

Now you know how much any champion costs in TFT, it’s time to talk about the TFT champion pool. As a Teamfight Tactics match progresses, players can purchase champions from a store that refreshes after each phase. The difficulty is that the characters that appear in the store are totally random, which in many cases requires completely changing the strategy on your early game  and TFT set we had in mind.

tft how many of each unit league of legends

Luckily, it's not completely random. Not all champions have the same chance of spawning in the champion pool as others. Also, as you level up, these odds change.

When we are at level one or two, we are only going to see champions like Garen, Warwick, Nidalee... In short, characters of range, cost or tier 1 (or white color). The best characters, that is, the rank 5 (or orange) characters, only appear in the store once you reach level six, although there is very little chance of them appearing.

In other words, while the odds of a particular champion appearing in the store are completely random, rank is not. The percentage chance of a character from a tier appearing varies when leveling up and affects your TFT set. So, in the game, it works like this:

Level One cost Two Cost Three Cost Four Cost Five Cost
Level 1 100% - - - -
Level 2 100% - - - -
Level 3 75% 25% - - -
Level 4 55% 30% 15% - -
Level 5 45% 33% 20% 2% -
Level 6 25% 40% 30% 5% -
Level 7 19% 30% 35% 15% 1%
Level 8 16% 20% 35% 25% 4%
Level 9 9% 15% 30% 30% 16%
Level 10 5% 10% 20% 40% 25%
Level 11 1% 2% 12% 50% 35%

Within the imaginary bingo ball in the champion pool and TFT champion drop rate from which the characters are drawn throughout a game there are 39 units of each rank 1 champion, 26 units of each rank 2 champion, 21 units of each rank 3 champion, 13 units of each rank 4 champion and 10 units of each rank 5 champion. For that reason, draw chances may vary.

tft how many of each unit league of legends

Thus, paying attention to the champions that have appeared in the carousel phases and in the TFT set or composition of the rivals' team, you can get an idea of ​​how difficult it is to get, for example, a Yasuo if half of your opponents have one.

Tips to use the Champions Pool in your Favor

Now that you know the percentage of appearance of the champions according to your level and their cost, you can develop various strategies to conquer all your games using magic damage or physical damage. Therefore, we have developed a series of tips that you can use as a TFT player to achieve your goals. Many things in this table can be taken into account in your strategies:

Remember the drops chance

If you want to get a Tier 3 Garen, Twisted Fate, Tahm Kench  or Vayne to deal a huge amount of damage, or another fully upgraded Tier 1 champion, remember that the odds of getting Commons drops from level 5. For example, at level 8, you'll have a 20 % chance that one of them will appear in a slot in your shop. If you need one in particular, it can cost you a lot of money, so do not hesitate to leave unbought champions in the store.

tft how many of each unit league of legends

Get level 5 as soon as possible

In the same way, levels 5-6 are the right ones to finish upgrading a common token to the maximum star level. Precisely at these levels is where many decisions have to be made and staying in them refreshing the store instead of leveling up is one of the possible strategies. You may also take a look at our guide about how to get level 3 fast in TFT.

tft how many of each unit

Don’t force a specific composition

Forcing yourself to follow a specific Teamfight Tactics set from the first moment is a very bad decision. There are champions that will not appear until a certain level due to their rarity. If you're looking to fill out a magic damage wizard lineup, you'll need to know that you're unlikely to see Aurelion Sol until level 6 or 7. You may also take a look at our guide about the worst champions in TFT.

tft how many of each unit league of legends

Take notes of your enemies champions

You should know that the total amount of a champion is limited and they are shared among all players. Speaking of specific cases, if you see that your enemy player is one Yasuo away from upgrading his to level three, feel free to pick him even if you don't do anything with him. Not everyone can have a Vayne or Tahm Kench at level 3, as there are only 39 (due to its rarity) and you need 9 to get it up to there.

tft how many of each unit league of legends

This has been our teamfight tactics guide on how many each unit in TFT, if you want you can take a look at our guide on how to level up TFT pass , or on the other hand you can take a look at our guide on the best TFT hotkeys for dominating your enemy player in each game. See you at Summoner's Rift!