Best League of Legends Supports to Play With Twitch

Twitch is the type of champion who is both annoying, and is capable of backing up his annoying nature with damage. All he needs is an adequate support.
Best League of Legends Supports to Play With Twitch

Twitch is one of the League of Legends champions whose lore is non-existent and is all but forgotten by Riot Games. However, he is always in the meta, and with the right support champions can carry games easily. He can be feast or famine, though, so the choice of support is extremely important. So make your pick of these champions, as to which is the best support for Twitch League of Legends has to offer.



Braum is a unique League of Legends support champion, with his kit placing him in a class of wardens. His job is to defend his ADC, and with Twitch, who is as squishy as they get, that is all that matters.

His kit excels in defending his ADC, and not letting any skill shot go past his giant shield, and can jump to save their ADC from a fair distance away. The best part of this synergy, though, is the passive Braum has.

League of Legends - Braum Splash Art

Once he has hit his Q ability on enemy champions or hit one with an auto attack, Twitch can quickly stack three more basic attacks to stun the enemy. In addition, Braum allows the Plague Rat to hit a good flank and use his ult on multiple champions.

This is usually impossible to do, with any other support, but when there is Braum to protect Twitch, and stop all enemy champions from erasing him quickly, with his abilities, it becomes a reality.



Lulu is a League of Legends champion Riot Games designed when they wanted to make life of every engage champion a living hell. With Lulu, Twitch has a really easy time staying alive in bot lane due to all of her shields, and perhaps that is why their synergy is the one with the highest win rate for both champions.

Her Q ability deals damage and slows enemies, her W can either speed up allies and give them attack speed or turn enemies into small critters, acting as an Exhaust Summoner spell, with a low cooldown.

This is without mentioning the enormous shield on her E ability, which procs her passive and gives the one it’s applied to additional magic damage-dealing attacks, one their every auto-attack.

League of Legends - Lulu Splash Art

And, the biggest thing of them all, is the mentioned passive effect of her E ability, which makes Pix attack every time the ally it is tethered to auto attacks. And Twitch is a champion that stacks attack speed above all else, with his ultimate ability capable of deleting the entire enemy team.

With Lulu, he doesn't have to hide though, and can do his job by blasting through the enemy front line.



In the lane, there is no winning a trade when Nami is the enemy support. Her W, which is the first ability to level in her skill order, offers her healing just as it damages the enemy, while her E buffs the target champion’s auto-attacks, allowing Twitch and Nami to constantly poke their enemies, and heal the results of their return poke in one move.

League of Legends - Nami Splash Art

Aside from all of this, Nami’s passive ability makes the allies she used her abilities on get increased movement speed, which makes it easy for Twitch to move to a good spot while he is invisible.

With Twitch stacking poison damage with his auto attacks and fearing for his life whenever he shows up, a champion that can empower him, heal him, and peel enemies is a godsend, to make him strong before he gets to mid-game.



If you want to play safe with Twitch, and just farm your lane, then you need someone that will make the enemy bot lane dance around and not give them time to focus on you.

With his range and early game damage, there is no one better for the job than Xerath. Add to that the fact that his E is a ranged stun, unlike the other mages who only have a root, and you have an extremely safe and annoying lane that the enemy can't allow to scale, nor can they kill you.

League of Legends - Xerath Splash Art

The goal of the Twitch and Xerath lane is to make the laning phase as miserable as possible for the opposing team and deny them as much farm as possible by poking them out of lane, and taking free plates before mid-game.



Did you know that, when Yuumi latches onto an invisible champion she also becomes invisible? Well, now you do, and can use that to your advantage when playing Twitch.

The main reason Twitch has to duo bot lane with Yuumi is not her healing or the fact that she takes two battle Summoner's Spells early. Instead, it's ambushing enemies as a duo, and deleting them even during the early game as Yuumi offers a percentage increase in adaptive damage to the ally she is tethered to.

League of Legends - Yuumi Splash Art

In addition, with Zoomies giving Twitch movement speed, he can easily roam and get to mid-game with a lot of kills under his belt. And a good Twitch player will always make good use of surprising opponents.

Be warned though that this is a cheese strategy and, to play FoTM champions such as these, will get you a lot of hate, with the only other even matchup of hate playing Vayne top.



Janna is the ultimate peeling support in League of Legends. though she offers no sustain in laning phase the way Nami does, in the late game she is invaluable.

Twitch has a lot of problems when being played, but the largest one is his lack of survivability. So, Janna is there to make sure no enemies can get to Twitch at all. Luckily for Twitch players, Janna is a popular pick in both low and high elo games and doesn't take the highest degree of mastery to be played well.

League of Legends - Janna Splash Art

Her Q and R are great ways to push away enemies whose sole job is to kill Twitch when he appears. All Twitch needs to have is high knowledge on how to itemize effectively for maximum damage as Janna offers him no empowerment the way Yuumi and even Nami do.



With healing at an all-time peak, League of Legends offers two healing-focused supports, Soraka and Yuumi. Of the two, Soraka is undoubtedly the better choice generally, for both her early-game presence and ultimate ability’s map control, even though she was released far earlier, alongside some of the oldest LoL champions.

Soraka offers more than just healing. Her Q has adequate damage to poke with, while her E ability is a silence debuff, one that can catch all enemies in its large hitbox.

League of Legends - Soraka Splash Art

She shines upon reaching level 6, as Soraka can turn the tide of any skirmish with her ultimate ability alone, and get her other lanes or jungle ahead, all without leaving her ADC to fend for themselves, due to her ultimate ability’s range being a global one.

As Twitch needs some items to scale, and his supports can't leave him alone to roam, Soraka can do both things at the same time. Help her team, and protect her ADC.



Much like the rest of the enchanters on this list, Seraphine has all the abilities needed to buff Twitch and turn him from a rat to a beast. And, during a team fight she can do even more.

Twitch's basic attacks, when ulting, are regarded in the game as projectiles. This means that he can hit multiple enemies at once with on basic attack when using his R ability.

League of Legends - Seraphine

Seraphine, on the other hand, has an Ultimate that can gather the entire opposing team and make them charmed, easily. All she has to do is stand behind Twitch, while he is invisible, and use him to extend her ult to hit as many enemies as possible, perhaps even an entire team.

Then, all Twitch has to do is surprise them and deal as much damage as possible to the unsuspecting enemies.



Out of all engage support champions that can be played with Twitch, personally, we think Rell is the best one to synergize with him. It's all dependent on how squishy Twitch is.

Engage champions don't usually do well with Twitch, as they leave him alone to get killed by the enemy assassins. However, Rell plays both defensively and offensively with Twitch at the same time, due to her ability to stun all enemies between her and Twitch.

League of Legends - Rell Splash Art

This means that, when she engages on an enemy, should anyone try to bypass her, she can still stun them to stop them from focusing Twitch down with burst damage.

In addition, her ultimate does a similar thing to Seraphine and can create a perfect opportunity for Twitch to unload on the enemy team, as she gathers enemies ina  circle around her and applies a slow to anyone trying to escape.

Whether your focus is to gain the highest rank in the game or to master your skills when playing Twitch ADC, these are the support champions to help you on your way.

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