The 5 Best Support Champions For Samira in LoL

The best support champions to pair with the aggressive short-ranged champion Samira in League of Legends are Leona, Thresh, Galio, Alistar, and Rakan.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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The 5 Best Support Champions For Samira in LoL

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Leona is a both mid and late game champion, and is a popular pick in the ADC role. Samira often needs a hyper aggressive champion, and even if your ADC teammate picks Samira, Leona will carry.

She has a ton of CC abilities and can tank a ridiculous amount of damage. She is perfect for a hyper aggressive Bot Lane champion like Samira because she makes it easy to engage onto the enemy team.

What is more, Leona is an easy champion that new LoL players can pick up if they're unsure which support champions to pick in any matchup; she is simply a most straightforward support champion to protect Samira we can think of.


Samira benefits nicely from Leona's kit. She is able to immobilize multiple enemies at once using both her Zenith Blade and Solar Flare abilities, which is perfect to enable Samira's aggressive playstyle.

The stun duration on her abilities gives Samira enough time to stack her daredevil impulse and eventually wreak havoc in the middle of the enemy team.

Leona's job is to soak up as much damage as possible and distract the enemy team while layering down a ton of CC while Samira deals damage safely.

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Thresh is a bit of an advanced pick if you're looking to optimize utility in the laning phase and mid to late game. He has as many crowd control abilities as Leona but Thresh allows for more safety in case the fighting goes awry.

Keep in mind that Thresh is one of the hardest LoL champions to play in the game so it's a good idea to practice how to use his kit before trying to play him in ranked games.


The best part about playing Thresh is that he manages the enemies that try to engage Samira.

His dark passage ability gives Samira a powerful shield that keeps Samira alive and an excellent escape tool when the fight doesn't work out. Thresh's ultimate compliments Samira because it prevents enemies from walking out of her ultimate ability, making her more efficient when trying to secure the middle ground.

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Galio isn't a traditional support champion, but he can work really well with Samira. Even though support is the easiest role in LoL, the experience can get hindered by playing this champion.

In the mid game, Galio's ultimate ability will play a crucial role in Samira's playstyle because it gives her more survivability when diving enemies and forcing enemies to either run away from her or get knocked up into the air.


Playing Galio as a support can be extremely hard because it’s hard to do anything during the laning stages other than helping your ADC secure kills.

Galio barely has any abilities that can protect his allies in the early game which is why he's not a common pick in the bot lane. However, he becomes a different monster when it comes to the late game where he can freely roam the map.

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Alistar is basically one of the best tank champions in LoL that has unmatched characteristics. His main existence is to tank as much damage as possible and make sure that he can engage onto the entire enemy lineup.

Alistar's passive promotes you to play aggressively and gives him a means to give openings to his teammates during team fights. All in all, he is a tanky support champion that Riot Games loves to buff from time to time.


The best part about Alistar is that he has a relatively elementary combo that relies on being able to properly follow up one skill with another.

It's rare for season Alistar players to cast incorrectly when using their combos so you should be fine when learning how to play this champion. Samira benefits nicely from Alistar's kit since she has a lot of freedom to land her finishing blows while they're distracted by the tank.

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Rakan is the final name on our list and he's perfect despite not being a full-on tank champion. Despite having a bit of a tanky nature, he has lower defenses as compared to the other names on our list. 

Regardless, his ability to weave in and out of a fight to distract the enemy makes space for his AD Carry to make game-breaking plays. He provides passive healing and active shielding in lane so that it's hard to harass him without the threat of a counter-engage.


Out of all the supporting cast of League of Legends, Rakan is the highest threat.

He is able to turn a fight around and use his multiple engaging abilities to lock enemies in place so that he Samira can start stacking up her abilities.

Once you get locked down by a Rakan, it's basically a death sentence because it's hard to dodge everything that comes after the initial engage.

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