The Easiest Role in League of Legends

Discover the easiest role in LoL to start playing this wonderful game. See all League of Legends roles you can play and find out the easiest!

Updated on Jul 26, 2023
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The Easiest Role in League of Legends

Mid lane? toplane? Jungler? Ever since League of Legends came out to the public and became one of the most famous online games in the world, its players have constantly asked themselves: What is the easiest role in lol? 

That role that is perfect for those new to the game or that is worth mastering to dominate all the games in the summoner's rift, well here we will tell you!

Which is the easiest role in League of Legends?

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The support role is the easiest in the game and it consists of supporting your team with damage, taking damage or with healing and buffs to allies' abilities.

On the other hand, the support has an object that is very relevant to know the location of any enemy champion or the enemy jungler and which, at a certain point in the game and meeting certain conditions, allows you to place multiple control guardians throughout the map.


If we must define the role of support in League of Legends, it would be: Provide vision to allies, deny vision to the enemy and support in the team fight with all your tools and skills.

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Top Lane

Probably called by many players as the "1vs1" mode of League of Legends, it is the lane farthest from the main objectives (Dragons) and is close to Baron Nashor and Rift Herald. It is usually a lane in which two fighters constantly face each other while leveling up their skills. This is the second easiest role in the game, you don’t have to be worried all the time about your team and macro game.


This Line has lost its impact in the early game due to the nerf to teleport as a summoner spell. Note: If you consider playing as a top laner, maybe you can try Dr Mundo, he is an easy champion who can easily destroy enemy towers!

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AD Carry

The role of the AD Carry comes to the fore as the game progresses and we get to the late game, where the AD Carry can deal mbuttive amounts of damage thanks to its constant critical damage focused items. If we must define the role of ADC it would be with the phrase: farm in the bot lane until your damage is incredible!


AD Carry is not the easiest role mechanically, and it should rotate into the dragon zone to support the Jungler in taking this objective. After the mid game, the ADC must position himself correctly to help his team.

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Mid Lane

It is probably one of the most played lanes currently in League of Legends and one of the busiest and most difficult roles in the game.

The job of a mid laner is to keep an eye on the map, place control wards near the main objectives, and perform collaborative rotations with the jungler to the bot lane and top lane depending on the objectives to be fought for by both teams.


The mid laner, along with the Jungler, can greatly define the course of the game.

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The jungler is the most difficult role in the game and it is in charge of multiple activities throughout the game (especially before the 20th minute of the game).

His duty is to secure neutral targets within the summoner's rift thanks to his summoner spell (Smite) which deals true damage to epic monsters. On the other hand, he must also help in all lanes (whenever possible) to help his allies and get the necessary advantage to win the game.


Depending on the type of jungler and the composition of the enemy team, you will generally prefer to gank certain lanes and secure certain objectives with higher priority. As a tip: Master Yi is a good champion to start dominating the jungle in case you want to try this role!

The support role is one of the easiest in the game, but that doesn't detract from its importance. For the allied team, it is crucial to have good support since it allows you to start team fights correctly, support allies and grant vision in the summoner's rift. It is an easy role to start playing and be the best League of Legends player you can or if you are a player who loves to help his team in all phases of the game.

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