List of Good and Funny Names in League of Legends

Discover the best ways to choose good names LoL and start dominating the summoner’s rift with a name that every player will remember. See our tips!

Updated on Aug 06, 2023
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List of Good and Funny Names in League of Legends

We have all gone through that moment, we must create our account in League of Legends or we have years with our account and we must choose an incredible name but, how to choose a good name in League of Legends. 

Don't worry, we will give you an incredible guide to choose good names LoL and Wild Rift so that you stand out in summoner's rift and be easily recognized by thousands of players.

Choosing a good name in LoL is important, it will be your nickname that will accompany you for hundreds and thousands of games and you want your name to show your strength or, at least, to bring out your creativity, while destroying the rival nexus, without more preamble, the best tips for choosing your summoner name in LoL.

Creative and funny League of Legends good names list

If you still can't find the inspiration to create your own summoner name in League of Legends, then this list of cool names can be very helpful to find your perfect name or, if it is the case, funny team names:

  • Buccina
  • JaccooLethe
  • Lethehappy11
  • Arithmogram
  • Veridical
  • Chabouk
  • IncitTenon
  • Tenonmonc
  • Washball
  • Overcross
  • Winebibber
  • Catamaran
  • Apothegm
  • Arthroscope
  • Muleteer
  • DredanMorgue
  • Morguebles206
  • Arciform
  • Lapidarian
  • OfanToady
  • Toadynoobz
  • Laquearia
  • Cetology
  • Guttatim
  • Narcohypnia
  • Chanter
  • Metallurgy
  • XcreatCreant
  • Creantmh1231
  • Exallotriote
  • Secretaire
  • Balanoid
  • Spodogenous
  • Coffret
  • Pallescent
  • Dispurvey
  • Leister
  • Inlagation
  • Palabra
  • NugentCete
  • Ceteynick1
  • Halcyonine
  • Jugulate
  • Jactitation
  • Nychthemeral
  • Phoenicopter
  • Ambren3Kirpan
  • Kirpan1dan
  • Fornent
  • ZimaDalton
  • Daltonqoop2
  • RambouiRelict
  • Relictcer11
  • Underbreath
  • Aphotic
  • Virgation
  • Cypress
  • Jaxlicopter
  • Braum Pitt
  • Master Gi
  • Ward The Bush
  • SupportCarry202
  • Elisebeth444

How to choose a good LoL name?

As a new player, choosing a name, team names or group name to represent yourself can seem like a daunting task at first and even more so if you are looking to have a professional profile. 

But don't worry, here we'll give you a couple of quick strategies to get a good lol name, and if that's not enough, we'll give you an exclusive list of lol names that you can use!

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Look for inspiration in your childhood like DoubleLift

It's good to have a good story behind your nickname, and sometimes it's good if it means something to you. That is why delving into childhood memories can be an inspiration and could be a good starting point to find names. For example, TeamLiquid’s player Doublelift chose his summoner name because this is a basic magic trick and, in his childhood, he was a lover of magic.

Think back to your childhood, perhaps a particular musical group, hobby or place meant a lot to you and could be the best source of inspiration for choosing your summoner name.

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Find inspiration in your favorite games like Mene

Maybe there is a character, a name that you always played with or maybe a very specific weapon that helped you win every battle. Thomas Cailleux from Fnatic, choose his summoner name (Mene), thanks to the name of one of the most powerful weapons in World of Warcraft (Menethil), however, over time he shortened his name to just "Mene" because many people called it that way.

Think about your favorite games, maybe you are a lover of Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Zelda and even Mario Bros. All your favorite games can be the perfect source of inspiration to choose a perfect name for Summoner's Rift!

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Short and simple just like TLO

If it's too long and contains numbers and different symbols, it may not fit into the summoner namespace during gameplay, which means players won't be able to see it correctly and even understand it in any game mode. Sometimes having 3 letter names can be the best way. One option is to create a phrase and then shorten it on the first letter of each word, for example TheLittleOne can be shortened to TLO.

The incredible thing about this option is that you can easily combine it after having found a summoner name with the previous methods, in this way you can guarantee that your name is visible to the rest of the players and that they remember it.

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Ask your friends for help like SmX

And who better to ask about their gamertag name than your own friends? Plus, they know you better than anyone (even if they annoy you sometimes) and you want a name that best reflects your personality. As a professional player, asking your friends is not a bad idea and you can create a funny name using an aspect of your personality. For example, SmX, who was a member of Fnatic, got his League of Legends name this way.

Don't be afraid to ask your friends and family about possible names for your League of Legends name account, especially if you will be using it to get to the professional level, as it can be an interesting story to tell when you are famous.

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Use a LoL name generator

Another option that can help you get a good LoL name for your account is to use the famous LoL name generator. These tools will give you multiple League of Legends name options based on the words you choose and much more, allowing you to get a wide variety of names in a matter of seconds.


While these programs can't replace human creativity, you can certainly use them to get ideas for your summoner name and rampage through summoner's rift with a name that all players will remember.

If you're ready to take that name, go to the store in the LoL Client and choose the Account button . From there, you can choose the Summoner Name change option.

You now have everything you need to choose the perfect summoner name for your LoL account. On the other hand, you can take a look at our guide on how to get free chests in LoL and start taking advantage of all the opportunities to get fabulous skins for free in the game. You can also learn a little more about LoL and check it out to find out if League of Legends is a cross platform game. See you at Summoner's Rift!

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