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Best Ivern Skins | LoL

Ivern is one of the most unique champions in League of Legends, so here we made a list of the best Ivern skins in the game.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Ivern Skins | LoL

Ivern, the Green Father was released October 04, 2016, together with his first skin, Candy King Ivern. This champion is a Jungler that has to be played in a totally different way than other champions in order to be successful with him. 

Riot Games released this relatively new champion in hopes of changing and shaking up the Jungle role a little bit. The Green Father or Ivern Bramblefoot is an excellent support Jungler with the ability to be all over the map and clear camps and move extremely quickly. 

He is also in love with nature and he would never hurt any plant or a tree, even though many think that he is an evil character. Ivern is a fairly new champion so there are not many skins for him, but we still made this list to help you out! That said, let’s see what are the best Ivern skins in the game.

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Candy King Ivern

As we mentioned before, Candy King Ivern is the first skin ever released for this champion and it sure looks amazing, which is expected for the first skin for a fairly recent character.

It features the Green Father in a Candy theme where he holds an ice cream in his hand and his head is made of some kind of cookies. There are a variety of flashy colors and a lot of details that can make you interested in this skin. 

This is an Epic skin, which means there are a lot of new animations, sounds, and effects.

One of those animations is his recall animation where a bunch of cookies appears around Ivern and he does not hesitate to eat them all so he can go to the base as soon as possible.

His companion Daisy is now running around in the form of a giant cupcake and has a cool animation whenever she stacks her passive on the enemies. So this sweet skin was released on October 04, 2016, and it can be bought for 1350 RP at any moment!


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Dunkmaster Ivern

Dunkmaster Ivern was released on April 04, 2019, together with one of the best Jarvan skins, Hextech Jarvan IV. It features the Green Father as a basketball player that was once on the radar of all international scouts!

We have to say that this is one of the skins that Riot Games probably put the most of the time into, and for a good reason. Every detail on this skin is made to perfectly fit his role as a basketball star

Sound and animation on every ability have either basketball appearing, referee whistling, or the crowd cheering for our nature lover! Even Daisy, his partner, is represented as a player and is wearing full equipment. 

The recall animation of Ivern dunking like he is in the NBA while going to the base is just another detail that makes this skin incredible.

So if all of that is not enough for you, or maybe you don’t like his orange hair color and green kit, there are a lot of chromas that you can choose from! The price is also not very high considering how good this skin is, and you can get it for 1350 RP!


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Old God Ivern

Old God Ivern, or Elderwood Ivern as they have called it in League of Legends PBE while testing this skin, was released on December 10, 2020, and it has a price of 1350 RP.

This is one of the most sophisticated skins in the game that just looks amazing! This skin has some animations that can scare you a little bit! One of them is his recall animation where Ivern is ripping out a grave while he is recalling.

And the sounds of almost every animation make you feel like you are in a horror movie. This skin also offers a decent amount of chromas that you can choose from if you don’t like its color theme of blue, purple, and white.


So dear Ivern mains, this concludes our list of the best Ivern skins in League of Legends. And if you want to be even more annoying and steal every scuttle or a buff with some other champions, check your list of the most annoying champions in the game.

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