Everything you need to know about Crossplay on LoL and Wild Rift

Is league of legends cross platform? Discover everything about cross platform LoL news and what’s going to happen with this possibility now!

Updated on Aug 06, 2023
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Everything you need to know about Crossplay on LoL and Wild Rift

We have all wondered at some point if it is possible to play League of Legends Wild Rift together with a League of Legends PC player in what is known as a cross play platform, and imagine how much fun it would be to share with your friends from different platforms this wonderful game.

For this reason, we have proposed to solve all your doubts about Cross Platform LoL in this simple article so that you know all the plans of RIOT Game with both League of Legends Wild Rift (the mobile version of the game) and the PC version of the game. Let's start!

What is cross play?

A cross play platform is simply the ability to connect mobile device players with PC devices and video game consoles. Although it seems like a simple procedure to perform and that should be possible for any video game, many times players complain because the difference in platform generates "advantages and disadvantages" when playing cross-play. So is League of Legends a cross platform play game?

Does Wild Rift have cross play with LoL on PC?

Surely you have asked yourself and that is why you are here. Is there a possibility in Wild Rift to play with cross-play activated?

That is, can we play with friends who are playing League of Legends on PC from our mobile?

The answer is no, sadly LoL: Wild Rift does not have cross-play support in this regard and this why:


  • This, as they have revealed from Riot Games, is a plain and simple matter of competitive integrity.
  • Come on, cross-play with PC and mobile is not active so as not to create imbalances in the competitive experience of the games.
  • Obviously, PC players would have a clear advantage over mobile players.

In addition, League of Legends: Wild Rift has been designed from the beginning to adapt everything to mobile phones, therefore it is not a simple port and we could almost say that it is a "new game" and unique.

So it makes sense that LoL PC cross-play is not enabled. You can also take a look at our guide about how to increase FPS LoL so you can improve your game quality easily.

Is there cross-play between Android and iOS on Wild Rift?

We have already answered that League of Legends: Wild Rift does not have cross-play between mobile and the classic version of PC, but... what about between Android and iOS devices? Well here things change.


League of Legends: Wild Rift mobile game does have cross-platform play between Android and iOS. Both Android and iOS mobile users can enjoy their games together and see each other in the arena without any problem.

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Will there be cross-play with any console?

It is known that the intention of Riot Games with LoL: Wild Rift is also to expand its classic title to all console players, in addition to mobile.

However, at the moment the company has not yet made any statement on when the game will arrive on a console or various consoles.


When this happens, will there be cross-play between mobile and any console such as Xbox One, Xbox series or PlayStation? Some players are already asking and Riot has said in this regard that "the possibility of cross-platform play between mobile and consoles is being explored." 

This is both a yes and a no, so as always you have to wait and be patient for the League of Legends news about this topic for any xbox player or playstation player who wants to enjoy LoL in their console.

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See you at Summoner's Rift!

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