How To Connect Your League of Legends Account To Prime Gaming

Take advantage and earn rewards by connecting your account to this project made by Twitch and Amazon Prime.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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How To Connect Your League of Legends Account To Prime Gaming

There is no doubt that as time pbuttes, worldwide companies want to be part of an industry as big as the video games one. Amazon is one of these companies, and they decided to create this sort of partnership with Twitch, offering a new service that is now part of their Prime memberships, they call it Prime Gaming.

What Is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is a premium experience on Twitch that comes with Amazon Prime memberships. With this, you will receive monthly rewards for the games that are included in this platform. Just to mention some games that you will get rewards from this service are: Dead by Daylight, Assbuttin’s Creed, Valorant, Paladins, and of course, League of Legends.


In a nutshell, this is a subscription that will grant some extra stuff for players who want to have a more profound or more complete experience with a game.

Whether it is by having valuable bonuses in these games or by just getting to play some exclusive content only available with these subscriptions to Prime Gaming Accounts.

How to Connect Your Account to Prime Gaming

Riot Games decided that they will be part of the Amazon Prime Gaming and Twitch Prime project, so if you want to link your account to this service, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the Prime Gaming Website and log in with your credentials.
  2. Search for the game you want to redeem the loot from. You can either scroll down to see the available options or use the search bar.
  3. Click the game.
  4. Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. This will require you to log in with the Riot Games account you want to exchange your loot for.

As easy as it is, there are things to consider with this, and it is that you can only exchange the loot to one account of each game. Therefore, make sure you’re using the proper account when exchanging the content, just if you have more than one.

What Can You Earn in League of Legends From Prime Gaming and Twitch Prime Gaming?

Out of these services, you can loot rewards each month from the prime gaming capsules. The content that you may find in these are:

  • 650 RP.
  • A permanent aspect valued in 1350 Riot Points.
  • 200 Orange Essence. (If you don’t know how to spend this, check our guide on What Orange Essence Can Get You)
  • 5 Champion shards.
  • 2 Fragments of Eternals Series 1
  • 1 Exp booster that lasts 30 days.


Remember, you can only link one Riot Games account to a single Prime account, and because this prime loot is rather attractive, we encourage players with more than just one Riot Games to account to choose wisely the one they’ll link to the service because this is a good way to Obtain Champion Shards Fast. It also means that every month you’ll have the opportunity to earn one of The Best skins in LoL.

You can Also Get Rewards in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot made sure that all their games got covered by this partnership, meaning that you can also link a League of League: Wild Rift account. You just have to follow the same steps we explained above to do this. However, the monthly loot for this game isn’t as big as its PC version. Expect to receive monthly the following:

  • Random Skin Chest.
  • Random Emote Chest.
  • Random Recall Chest.
  • Random Bauble Chest


Having this premium subscription does bring a fair amount of benefits to the players, but it doesn’t mean that it is a must-have. You can also take this service as the only means to spend money on the game, thanks to the variety of prizes it holds, the monthly 650 RP alone can be a good way to save and eventually buy an Ultimate Skin from the store. On the contrary, we encourage you to get this if you really want it and if that’s not going to affect your wallet; after all, we’re talking about video games.

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