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Best Malphite Skins | LoL

Malphite’s name originates from the ancient Ixtal words for “bad stone”. The Shard of the Monolith is only bad news to the Void, however.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Malphite Skins | LoL

With the fall of Icathia, the Shuriman empire faced its most powerful threat yet, the Void. To combat this, the Monolith was created, and from the destruction of this flying fortress, Malphite was born. 

He now stands against the Void and has been sighted both on Runeterra and the Rift with all manner of shapes and skins, best of which found their way to our list.

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Mecha Malphite

A shard of an enormous fortress waging an epic war against giant beings from beyond. Are we describing the default Malhpite lore, or the movie Pacific Rim? With the Mecha Maltpihte skin, we are doing both. 

With its splash art and skin lore, Mecha Malphite is inspired by the Pacific Rim franchise, and it suits him. He is a mean Kaiju-killing machine, and the epitome of a bulky, armor-stacking top laner.

WIth this skin, his granite shield is replaced with steel.

Mecha Malphite was released on July 23, 2014. The skin is priced at 1350 RP, and besides a host of updates to his animations and particle effects, the biggest one is the voice filter. After all, this Malphite skin is part of the mecha League of Legends universe. This Malphite skin can also be found in Wild Rift. There, Mecha Malphite is priced at 990 Wildcores.

Mecha Malphite also offers a collection of eight different chromas to choose from, for additional purchase. The in-game model, admittedly, resembles a Decepticon from the Transformers franchise, more than a Jaeger.


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Ironside Malphite

There are two types of mercenaries. Those who are not worth the ale they seem to be constantly drinking, and an armored golem made from the hull of a legendary ship. Choose wisely! Ironside Malphite is another Maplhite skin that can be found in Wild Rift, and the second on our list he shares with Aatrox, as the Mecha Aatrox skin exists as well.

Released on October 07, 2015, Ironside Malphite is priced at 975 RP. With this skin making Malphite a golem, it heavily updates his animations, to fit that lore, and his in-game model is a work of art.

Malphite is a noble soul, but for some reason, Riot have made him into a mercenary not once, but twice, as his only flesh and blood skin, Odyssey Malphite shares that profession. But a large unstoppable tank is the domain of Trundle, so Ironside Malphite is still the better mercenary skin overall. Besides, build him full ap with this skin and watch him do as much damage as a broadside barrage of a steamboat would.


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Old God Malphite

Malphite is, by his lore alone, an old being. His Old God skin, on the other hand, makes him ancient and elevates him to stand with the likes of Volibear and Old God Warwick. 

Defeated by the previous order of Eclipse, he has returned for vengeance in a world that has forgotten his very existence.

Old God Malphite was released on August 12, 2021, and is his newest skin. With a price of 1350 RP, this skin updates Malphite’s particle effects, animations, and sounds. With Old God Malphite, players are offered an option of nine different chromas to purchase.

His splash art and in-game model speak of the brutal and uncaring side of nature. With this skin equipped, enemies will learn to fear the magical damage of the original top lane tank.


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Glacial Malphite

Glacial Malphite is another one of his skins available for purchase in Wild Rift. It is also the oldest of his non-Legacy skins, all of which earned that rating due to their age, rather than their quality, except for FPX Malphite, which is further down on our list.

Glacial Malphite was released in 2012, on July 11. Even with its old age, the skin is priced at 1350 RP, showing the quality of its design. Aside from that, this is Malphite most used skin in-game. as it finds itself at home with a lot of player sensibilities, and his ice theme makes the slow on his q more satisfactory.

Glacial Malphite, as the name states, portrays Malphite as a living glacier. Though there is no lore surrounding this Malphite skin, it is safe to say it originates from Freljord, the land of ice. His splash art shows him performing his Ground Slam ability, and his animations and particle effects to all abilities are updated to follow this skin’s ice theme.


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FPX Malphite

The FPX Malphite skin is one that is more likely to cause damage to your heartstrings, than the magical damage the champion is known to do. Of all of Malphite’s Legacy-rated skis, this is the only one to earn that place for its design and importance, rather than age.

FPX Malphite was released on April 30, 2020, and is priced at 1350 RP. As a Legacy-rated skin, to buy it, players must wait for the opening of the Legacy Vault

The skin was created honoring Doinb’s winning performance during the League of Legends’ 2019 World Championship.

Doinb did not choose one of his favorite champions to have his success be immortalized with, however, rather choosing Malphite to receive the skin, as this is his wife’s favorite champion, thus making Malphite one with FunPlus Phoenix’s Worlds skin line

That is not to say that this is the only reason this champion made it on our list. With new and amazing animations, sound effects, and particle effects, it more than earns its place here.


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Dark Star Malphite

The remnants of a once lush and enormous exo-planet, the Dark Star consumed and reformed the broken cluster of planetary debris into a twisted consciousness, ever pulling others into its orbit, and unleashing oblivion upon all who cross its path. Its name is Dark Star Malphite. Fitting, for the “bad stone”.

Dark Star Malphite was released on March 26, 2020. Priced at 1350 RP, this is an Epic-rated skin. However, Dark Star Malphite is Malphite’s only skin with a Prestige edition, which can only be bought with Prestige points.

While Mecha Malphite fights Kaijus, and Old God Malphite rages against the world, Dark Star Malphite devours stars and constellations. If the League of Legends universe ever had anything close to DC’s Galactus, that would be Dark Star Malphite. With his updated particle effects, his ultimate ability Unstoppable Force now, seemingly, has a gravity of a black hole.


Malphite is one of the first 40 champions in League of Legends. With such an advanced age, twelve years and counting, he has amassed an impressive collection of twelve skins, including the Dark Star Malphite Prestige Edition.

Some of his skins have noticeably lagged behind the newly designed ones, while some continue to hold out, such as his Glacial Malphite skin.

His skins take on a multitude of forms and shapes, but one thing is for certain, Malphite is the first pure top lane tank, and there is no other way of portraying him than as an unstoppable force of nature.

Surpassing him in the number of available skins, and sharing his age is Lux, the epitome of the first mid-lane mage before that was even a thing. To ease your choices of which of her numerous skins to purchase, check out our list of best Lux skins.

If mages aren’t your thing, you can always find other lol champions and their best skins by going back to our main page.

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