Best Lux Skins | LoL

Born in an environment that stands against everything she is, Lux finds her inner light to guide her way forward in the world of Runeterra.
Best Lux Skins | LoL

Luxanna Crownguard, or Lux as she prefers, was born in Demacia, a kingdom established during the Rune Wars, as a safe haven from magic. Unfortunately, Lux is a natural mage, and a curious sort at that. 

To live up to her full potential she wanders the world, experiencing all of its cultures and changing along the way. Her skins reflect those changes, and we bring you the most notable ones.


Elementalist Lux

With the Elementalist Lux skin, she starts every match in her Light form. As she gains Elemental Power from hitting enemy champions with a spell, she will reach a power level that will let her transform. Using the radial option over Lux’s portrait you can select an elemental form to transform into!

Elementalist Lux was released on November 28, 2016. This is her most expensive skin, and the most expensive skin in the game, with a price of a staggering 3250 RP. For that amount of money, you gain expansive updates to her animations, sounds, and particle effects, with each of her ten forms having distinct looks. With all these options, the skin’s Ultimate rating is well deserved.

Elementalist Lux is, arguably, the best-designed skin in League of Legends, and definitely the best Lux skin. Not only is the core of the skin well thought out, but the execution is superb as well. Though the price is high, with Elementalist Lux you get ten skins in one. To say nothing of the lore the skin brings along, one where Lux is not born into hatred of what she is, but can explore herself in any way she wishes, something dearly needed in today’s world.

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Cosmic Lux

Even on Rueterra, Lux is a mage whose powerful magic is one of a kind. It took years of training to be able of merely supressing the power, not to mention control it. It makes sense then, that she is the champion with a Cosmic skin, one that rules over the stars.

Two opposing Lux skins were released on March 26, 2020. These are the Cosmic Lux skin, and the Dark Cosmic lux skin. They represent the eventualities of Lux’s choice in the fight against the Dark Star. While the skins differ in their every aspect, with the in-game model and sounds being most prominent, they are still both priced at 1820 RP.

Cosmic Lux updates Lux’s base champion skin with new animations, sounds, and particle effects. Lux is now a Celestial entity, tasked with holding back the entropy of the universe.

Cosmic Lux is the better skin of the two, in our opinion. Lux’s basic design revolves around hope and good prevailing over evil, and succumbing to whispers of evil, and turning into Dark Cosmic Lux is just what the universe needs.

The Dark Cosmic Lux model, admittedly, looks better in-game than Cosmic Lux, but evil is always tempting, isn’t it?

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Star Guardian Lux

Cheerful, courageous, a natural-born mage, and wielding a staff. If there was ever a champion for whom the Star guardian skin should be made, it was Lux. She is the epitome of a Japanese magical girl, in every sense of the word. No wonder then, that this skin is also present in Wild Rift.

Star Guardian Lux was released on May 17, 2015, and, compared to the previous two skins, is moderately priced at 1350 RP. As all Star Guardian skins, Star Guardian Lux is an Epic-rated skin and is followed with regular updates that all Epic skins receive.

The Star Guardian Lux skin is part of a larger Star Guardian skin line, with champions such as Ahri and Miss Fortune being part of it. This skin line is mostly focused on female League of Legends champions, with Rakan and Ezreal being added to the mix. A classic light-hearted fantasy, Star Guardian Lux is as close as it gets to Saturday morning cartoons.

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Battle Academia Lux

As Lux, a beloved League of Legends champion has amassed quite a collection of skins, it was inevitable that some of those would be based on a more grounded fantasy genre, compare to skins such as Cosmic Lux and Dark Cosmic Lux. Battle Academia is one of those skins.

The Battle Academia Lux skin was released on May 15, 2019. Part of the Battle Academia skin line, based on the popular anime Boku No Hero Academia, Battle Academia Lux portrays Lux as a fresh-faced freshman, full of magic potential. A standard anime protagonist really. One that can be found in Wild Rift as well.

When speaking of more realistic and grounded Lux skins, we have Steel Legion Lux, Spellthief Lux, and Sorceress Lux. Yet, Battle Academia trumps them all.

Not only is it the one with the best updates among the mentioned skins, with a bell ringing to signify the start of a new school year for example, and the highest price of 1350 RP, but it is the only Lux skin with a Prestige Edition. All of these add up to make Battle Academia Lux one of her best skins.

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Pajama Guardian Lux

With Lux’s design of a cheery female champion, one that focuses on magic, it is a given that Riot would market her as such, and give her a Pajama Guardian skin. Pajama Guardian Lux, with its splash art and in-game model, makes her innocence stand out even more.

Pajama Guardian Lux was released on November 21, 2018, and is priced at 1350 RP. It brings a host of updates, focused on bringing her in-game model to life. It succeeds in this phenomenally, as just seeing Pajama Guardian Lux on the Rift makes you feel cozy.

There aren’t many officially confirmed romances in League of Legends, but Pajama Guardian Lux hints at her romance with Ezreal

As they are both members of the Star Guardian team, which Pajama Guardian is a variant of, their bond seems to go beyond mere comrades-in-arms, making this skin even more special, not only to Lux but League of Legends as a whole. Besides, destroying enemies while dressed in a onesie establishes dominance on the Rift.

Lux is a mage hailing from a prominent mage-hunting family of Demacia, a kingdom whose basic tenets are based on fighting against magic.

This does not stop Lux, though, and she lives her life embracing who she is, and using it to help those around her, all the while learning more about the world, and trying to destroy the anti-mage stigma.

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Commando Lux, Imperial Lux, and Dark Cosmic Lux are also some well-designed skins; it is a perversion of what Lux’s design stands for. Still, those were our absolute favorite skins for this specific champion!

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