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Best Vex Skins | LoL

Love the most gloomy champion in League of Legends, Vex? Stop by this list of her best skins that are currently available in the game to increase your win rate with style! 
Best Vex Skins | LoL

I have always loved the design of the Yordle champions. They are unique and lovely. Riot Games also does a great job designing models and concepts for these champions. 

If you are going to ask me, the latest Yordle in League of Legends, Vex, is one of the best-designed champions in the game. She is a loner, emo, and fearsome magician, a concept that Riot never attempted before. 

Knowing that she is one of the newest champions, Riot Games has only released a few Vex skins in League. Consider yourself lucky if you are currently shopping for her skins because this is a list of the best Vex skins in LoL

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Original Vex

One of the Yordles in League of Legends and an essential champion of Viego's Ruination story. I could say that this Vex was the best design to fit those events in the League of Legends lore. And honestly, I feel like the original Vex has the best splash art and model in the game, if not the best.

As you can see in the photo above, there are a lot of details in the original Vex splash art. You can tell that this champion is a loner right away. It seems like her only friends are the shadows behind her. You can see what I mean if you carefully look at the entities behind her. 

Vex has a cool long jacket to the point that it covers her hands. She also has curly hair and bunny-like ears. The colors of the original vex are a blend of purple and dark green, so I suggest staying with the original skin if you prefer these hues.

Since this is the original skin, do not expect changes. However, Vex's skills are still beautiful enough to consider playing with the classic skin. 

The colors of her abilities are similar to the colors of the model, which are purple and dark green. Her skills resonate as dark magic in terms of sounds, which is a nice touch to the champion.

The original skin is free and was released on September 23, 2021.


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Dawnbringer Vex

This skin is an opposite take to Vex's gloomy and emo nature. As part of the Chaos and Order skin line, it seems like Dawnbringer Vex is tasked to bring good into the world. 

And apparently, Dawnbringer Vex is one of the gods in the Chaos and Order story. Even though this skin received a lot of hate before its release, it is a really great skin with a unique concept.

The colors of this skin are really pleasing to look at, which is evident in the photo above. Riot Games mixed multiple colors, but fortunately, it turned out really cool. 

The white and gold colors of the outfit are clean and indicate that Dawnbringer Vex is indeed royalty. I would say that this skin has the most unique concept out of the Chaos and Order skin line because of its duality. 

Dawnbringer Vex does not fall off in terms of in-game changes either

The sounds of her abilities are enchanting. On the other hand, the colors of the animations and artworks of her skills change from white to orange, which is an awesome feature of the skin.

There are also chromas for this skin if you ever got bored using the original colors. Like the classic skin, Dawnbringer Vex was released on September 23, 2021 and is currently available in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points.


That ends the list of the best skins for League's most gloomy champion. 

You can now cast her skills, like Shadow Surge and Looming Darkness, with different colors. If you often use mage champions in League of Legends, you're in luck because we also have this Vel'koz skins list to add to your collection

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