Best Tahm Kench Skins | LoL

Become the scariest (but the most stylish) support player out there with the best skins for the notorious river king, Tahm Kench, in League of Legends. 
Best Tahm Kench Skins | LoL

Some League champions have really weird concepts that Riot thought of out of the blue. Tahm Kench, The River King, is one of those champions. He eats everything that he sees as long as it satisfies his appetite. It is time to check out the best Tahm Kench build on the internet and increase your win rate with style because here are the best Tahm Kench skins in League of Legends. 


Master Chef Tahm Kench

It is a known fact that the River King, Tahm Kench, has a bottomless appetite. Riot Games did a fantastic job thinking about an excellent concept for a skin by making Tahm Kench a great cook.

Unlike his other cosmetics, Master Chef Tahm Kench has a slightly similar model when compared to his original skin. The only difference is that Riot Games gave him a usual chef outfit, with the kitchen hat, clothes, and cutlery. Not only that, but Tahm Kench is now orange, too. It may not be obvious why Riot chose that color for the River King, but it really suits the concept, so no complaints there.

Like the model, Master Chef Tahm Kench's in-game animations, particles, and sounds closely resemble the original skin. However, there are some slight changes that a lot of Tahm Kench mains will be looking forward to. For example, his tongue-lash has the same animation and particles as the original, but it is now orange to fit the concept of the skin. Not only that, but the artwork for the stacks of his Acquired Taste is now a lobster instead of the original fish, which makes it fun to damage and devour enemy champions. Nevertheless, considering the cheap price point of 975 Riot Points, this skin boasts excellent changes that make the price worth it for Tahm Kench players.

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Coin Emperor Tahm Kench

Since the Lunar Year is happening during this week around the globe, this skin is the most suitable for your upcoming games. This version of Tahm Kench has a detailed and cultural Asian look.

Released on January 28, 2019, I love how Riot Games integrated the whole "emperor" look to Tahm Kench because it nailed how a ruler should look during ancient China. He has the usual long premium robe, lengthy mustache, and elongated hairpin. Coin Emperor Tahm Kench also looks like he was based on Asian culture because of the resemblance in his face.

All of Coin Emperor Tahm Kench's abilities are now yellow-colored. On top of that, Coin Emperor Tahm Kench generates coin-inspired sounds whenever he casts skills, too. For instance, whenever he has grey health, his Thick Skin ability will firstly give off a coin sound in addition to the gong sounds.

At the same time, his Acquired Taste is a boar that cries whenever Tahm Kench finishes the stacks that appear whenever damaging enemy champions. Buy this emperor themed skin in the League shop today for 1350 Riot Points!

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Arcana Tahm Kench

Part of the Arcana skin line with Arcana Xerath, Arcana Lucian, and Arcana Camille, this Tahm Kench skin is hell bent into using his powers to help his subjects that have grown across as a stray.

Arcana Tahm Kench has probably the most detailed model out of all his skins. The sharp teeth, black skin, gold platings, and dark horn make the infamous River King scary enough to entice everyone into buying this skin. Combining all the details makes Arcana Tahm Kench the best model out of all his skins.

Riot's usage of dark colors in his particles and animations definitely makes it one of the scariest-looking skins in League of Legends. The red-orange colors fit Tahm Kench as the river king, making it an excellent choice for support mains. Some of his abilities also generate fiery details, like Thick Skin and Abyssal Dive. Not only that, but a small artwork of Arcana Tahm Kench's face also appears whenever he damages champions and stacks his Acquired Taste.

Arcana Tahm Kench, released on May 13, 2021, is the newest cosmetic for the infamous River King. If you are wondering, you can also get it in the League shop today for a fair price of 1350 Riot Points.

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It is time to find the best Tahm Kench runes and deny magic damage, ability power, and attack speed with the best Tahm Kench skins listed above, do not wait and buy all of them because the cosmetics are still available in the League store!

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