Best Dr. Mundo Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Looking for a strong top laner that can regen tons of health? Master Dr. Mundo by reading this comprehensive guide that teaches build, runes, and more!
Best Dr. Mundo Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Riot Games has released funny looking champions and Dr. Mundo is one of them. However, do not let his looks fool you because he is one of the strongest bruisers in the game. Main Dr. Mundo and destroy your enemies by reading 

Best Dr.Mundo Build

Dr. Mundo has always been one of the strongest bruisers in League of Legends. He is capable of tanking everything thrown at him when fed longer than any other tank because of his enormous health regeneration. Also, his crowd control makes matters worse for the enemy team. This is a Mundo top lane focused guide. If you are looking to master the Madman of Zaun, here is a complete guide for him!

dr.mundo league of legends build

Best Dr. Mundo Runes

Even Riot Games recommend newbies to play Dr. Mundo because he is straightforward but rewarding. Here are the best Dr. Mundo runes to get even more value from his kit.

Best Rune PathResolve
Best KeystoneGrasp of the Undying
Best Slot 1 (Rune)Demolish
Magical Footwear
Best Slot 2 (Rune)Second Wind
Approach Velocity
Best Slot 3 (Rune)Overgrowth

The Madman of Zaun relies heavily on health because he uses it to use his abilities. Grasp of the undying increases Mundo's maximum health thus making it easier for Mundo players to get more tanky.The next runes are great for Mundo because it strengthens his specialty, health regeneration.

Best Dr. Mundo Rune Shards

Unlike other bruiser top laners, Dr. Mundo benefits well with one offensive rune shard and two defensive shards. It is recommended to get the 10% bonus attack speed because it scales well with his blunt force trauma. On the other hand, the defensive runes are great for tanky champions in general.

+10% Attack Speed
+8 Armor
+8 Magic Resist

Best Dr. Mundo Summoner Spells

Like all other top lane champions, the best out of all summoner spells for Dr. Mundo is the teleport. Teleport will make it easier for Dr. Mundo to respond in all map skirmishes, especially the important team fights, such as dragon and baron fights.


On the other hand, flash should also be an indispensable summoner spell because it is flexible and can get you out of unfavorable situations and perform outplays. Some players run ghost as their secondary spell, but flash is better in all situations, so might as well go with it.

Best Dr. Mundo Ability Order

Each ability of Dr. Mundo is not that hard to use, you just have to hit skillshots with his first ability. Still, he is an easy champion overall and Mundo spells are uncomplicated but rewarding at the same time.

dr.mundo abilities order league of legends

Prioritize infected bonesaw first because it will be your main damage dealing tool. Second, level up maximum dosage in order to extend skirmishes and heal yourself during fights. Follow the complete skill order above to destroy your enemies!

Best Dr. Mundo Items

Since the Madman of Zaun is a bruiser, the best build Dr. Mundo has is just the usual tank items. He is focused on getting in the frontlines and dealing crowd control with his infected bonesaw. Here are the best items for Dr. Mundo in all stages of the game.

Best Starter Dr. Mundo Items

Doran’s Shield
Health Potion
Ruby Crystal

Bruisers usually start with Doran's shield because of the defensive attributes that it gives. Dr. Mundo is no different because he greatly benefits from the bonus of Doran's shield. These items give Mundo sustain and tankiness he needs for the early game.

Best Mid Game Dr. Mundo Items

These items will prevent Dr. Mundo from losing health during the mid game. This is an easy phase for Dr. Mundo because he does not need to focus heavily on itemization. Tank items are also cheap and flexible, so you should not worry that much into choosing the right items for him.

Bami’s Cinder
Mercury’s Treads
Refillable Potion
Null Magic Mantle

Nevertheless, the best item during this phase is sunfire aegis because it gives him a balance of DPS and tankiness. Next, focus on finishing mercury tread's and spirit visage.

Best Late Game Dr. Mundo Items

This should be the time where you have the most health to win the team fight for your teammates. After completing your mid game items, make sure to complete thornmail next and have bonus health, armor, and magic resist from all the items you have completed.

Randuin’s Omen
Gargoyle’s Stoneplate
Warmog’s Armor
Force of Nature

The next items that you should build will give the defensive attributes that you need for the late game. These items also provide you regeneration even though you have a ton of missing health, giving you survivability and sustain during skirmishes.

Best Champions To Pair With Dr. Mundo

These champions compliment Mundo's abilities really well. These three champions have the highest win rate when paired with Dr. Mundo. For instance, Nocturne can chase down enemies and focus on the back lines when Mundo is on the front line.


Strongest Champions Against Dr. Mundo

These Mundo matchups are the worst for him because they are very mobile and can kite him to death. It will be very hard to win against these champions but you can probably outscale them and win team fights in the late game, if you ever reach that point.


Weakest Champions Against Dr. Mundo

Moving on to the weakest champions against Dr. Mundo, these three will lose against Mundo most of the time because they are slow and can be harassed by Mundo during the laning phase. Also, Mundo can just spam and poke these champions to death.