Best Healer Champions in League of legends

Find out the best healer champions in League of Legends and discover the most powerful champions to heal your teammates and win every game now!
Best Healer Champions in League of legends

Heal... What would be of the teams in the summoner's rift without those champions who are characterized by helping their allies to regenerate life quickly during the battle? Now, we present to you the best healer champions League of Legends capable of turning any team fight around!



When we think of healers in League of Legends or Wild Rift, we can't help but think of Soraka. How many times has a game not been lost thanks to the usefulness that Soraka brings to a team fight?

best healers champions lol soraka

Soraka is the best League of Legends champion if you are looking to make any allied champion virtually immortal thanks to her low late game cooldowns and the ability to heal her allies for large amounts of health. Even her ultimate can avoid grievous wounds effects!

best healer champions lol

While Soraka isn't a champion at her best in the League of Legends meta, she is one of the highest healing champions in Summoner's Rift. 

Our recommendations, start the game by buying a Warmog's Armor and Shurelya's Battlesong to ensure you can heal and move quickly in a fight. If you like Soraka, you may take a look at the best skins Soraka LoL and start playing this amazing champion with the best skin!



The cute kitten takes over the summoner's rift and is positioned among the first places as the champions that grant the most healing within the game.

Although the type of gameplay does not suit the vast majority of players, those who take the time to master Yuumi are an incredible piece of support for their team.

This incredible champion is also capable of inflicting a large amount of magical damage to multiple enemy champions thanks to her powerful ultimate, which in combination with ultimates like Miss Fortune's, becomes a true killing machine.

best healer champions lol

Yuumi is a champion that is capable of giving large amounts of healing to her allies and, thanks to her low CD, she can do it frequently. Unfortunately, Yuumi consumes a lot of mana with her abilities, so use it correctly and get the best of her ability power!



Another of the champions that is characterized by its great utility,ability power damage and healing capacity in a team is Sona. This incredible champion is not at her best in the Support Tier list right now, because she forces all her allies to play near her to receive her heals, even so, her heals are spammable and she can heal her team very often.

best healers champions lol

On the other hand, if you want to play Sona and be a real problem for the enemies with your healing, you can always buy a Moonstone Renewer and make your allies practically immortal.

best healers champions lol sona

Sona's ultimate isn't perhaps the most useful or powerful in the game, but it does CC enemy champions and deal magic damage, making Sona an incredible champion in the hands of an expert.



The mighty siren has arrived at the summoner's rift and is ready to dish out healing, deal magic damage, and plenty engage with her ultimate. 

Nami is an incredible champion who, used with an ADC like Lucian, can easily win a match. Nami grants attack speed to her allies and to top it off, her abilities to heal her allies are very useful during a team fight.

best healers champions lol

Nami's Ebb and Flow (W) is a powerful healing ability that allows you to heal your allies and damage enemies as this ability bounces off multiple targets, it is not an easy to use healing ability to handle, but in expert hands you will have a champion that can damage enemies and heal allies just by using one skill.

best healers champions lol nami

Lastly, Nami doesn't consume large amounts of mana in the early game (compared to champions like Yuumi) so she's an amazing option to provide utility to your allies early in the game.



If you like League of Legends champions that can deal large amounts of physical damage to enemies and also be very useful to their team, then Senna is your ideal champion.

Senna is a support champion that works like an ADC, has one of the best late games in the game, and to top it off, her Q can heal allies.

best healers champions lol senna

The great thing about Senna is that her infinite scaling has a direct effect on her Q , empowering her to heal allies while dealing massive amounts of physical damage to enemies.

best healers champions lol senna

Did I mention that Senna has a global reach with her ultimate? Senna is without a doubt one of the best supports on the tier list right now and I guarantee you will find her a lot of fun as you help out your team and deal physical damage to enemies.

If you’re a main Senna, then you may take a look at the best skins Senna LoL to play this amazing champ looking as a final boss at the summoner’s rift!



Janna has become a very popular League of Legends champion in recent months and has even played in the top lane with Smite, but today we will not talk about it. And it is that the healing abilities of this champion, although they are not the most impressive in the game, are quite useful.

best healers champions lol janna

Janna's ultimate is perhaps one of the most useful healing abilities in the game, and on a fairly low cooldown in the late game, Janna is able to heal her entire team and knock any enemy champion out of an area around her.

best healers champions lol janna

Janna isn't an easy champion to use, but she certainly offers a ton of utility to her team with her ability to CC enemies, deal magic damage and shield allies. However, her heals aren't the best in the game, so she doesn't rank higher on this list.



Probably the only support tank League of Legends champion that can heal his allies thanks to his passive healing ability (we will not include Bard, since his build can vary depending on the player and the match up). 

Alistar is a champion who brings an incredible amount of CC to his team and can tank large amounts of damage from enemies.

best healers champions lol

Don't get your hopes up though, Allistar's healing abilities aren't great until mid game and late game. His passive ability will restore health to nearby allied players every so often, which is quite useful if you're not good at managing your mana when it comes to healing your allies.

Alistar is an excellent option for you if you are a fan of tanks in League of Legends, you will be able to protect any ally effectively and occasionally heal them thanks to your passive ability.

best healers champions lol alistar

All of the champions on this list stand out for their healing abilities, and while some are more powerful than others, you can choose the one that best suits your playstyle and improve until you become an amazing help on your team.

This has been our list of the best healer champions in LoL. If you liked it, you can also take a look at our guide on how to show ping in LoL or, on the other hand, you can take a look at our list of the best assassins champions in League of Legends. Remember to give your best in every match and see you at Summoner's Rift!

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