All Porcelain Skins | LoL 

The Porcelain skin line showcases Riot Games’ Lunar New Year event by incorporating designs inspired by Chinese culture. Here are all the porcelain skins.
All Porcelain Skins | LoL 

Protectors, Zodiac Relics, Ezreal, Lissandra, SkinsLeague of Legends’ Porcelain skins was released as part of the Lunar Revel event, celebrating the Lunar New Year. 

As such, the cosmetic lineup is designed by Riot Games to incorporate Chinese culture and mythology, specifically the Chinese Zodiac. Let’s appreciate the beauty surrounding all porcelain skins LoL.

The Porcelain universe is set in the modern world, similar to the one we live in today. However, magical power and ancient spirits are hidden inside artifacts called Zodiac Relics that are kept safe by the Porcelain Protectors. These immortal guardians are tasked with keeping these items safe as their powers grow unstable during the Lunar Revel.

Now that we’ve established the origin of the Porcelain protectors and how they relate to the League of Legends universe, let’s take a look at all of the porcelain skins made available by Riot Games:


Porcelain Protector Ezreal

Porcelain Protector Ezreal, unlike the other protectors, is an ordinary citizen who likes to research ancient relics for the universe. However, one day he stumbled upon a relic that unleashed an evil sorceress, only escaping death after Porcelain Lux and the Ancient Tiger Relic, whom he now controls, suddenly stepped in to rescue him.

Ezreal wearing the traditional porcelain white and blue costume.

Now, Ezreal must work together with the other Porcelain Protectors to save the world from the evil that he accidentally unleashed. He has a long way to go before becoming a full-fledged member who can battle against the ancient spirits. Still, he is dedicated to his duty as the newest member of the porcelain protectors. A good trivia about this skin is that it features Jay Chou’s song, Blue and White Porcelain.


Porcelain Lux

Porcelain Lux is the current leader of the Protectors and is the wielder of the Ancient Rabbit. Relic. She is known to have a sunny personality despite not seeming to have it all together. Now, her role is being tested when a young archeologist from the modern world accidentally awakened an ancient evil.

Lux reaching out to the power of the porcelain.

Porcelain Lux has her prestige edition skin, giving the champion her second prestige skin. Porcelain Lux Prestige Edition looks gorgeous even though the change in design is minor. It was available during the Lunar Revel event, but it might return in a future Riot Games event.


Porcelain Amumu

Porcelain Amumu is like the team's mascot, his youth preserved thanks to the gift of the Ancient Rat Relic. In the past, he was a lonely child, but Porcelain Lux and Porcelain Kindred offered companionship that he found warmth in. An innocent soul that has existed for centuries now protects the world that doesn’t know he exists.

Amumu as a porcelain teacup drawing the ancient powers.

Amumu has an extremely cute design in this cosmetic that breaks away from his other skins that only focus on the fact that he’s sad. It’s a very refreshing take on the Amumu that we’ve always loved and gives him a backstory that warms the heart of many fans.


Porcelain Kindred

Porcelain Kindred was once a skilled huntress accompanied by her loyal hound. Their souls were so bonded that they eventually became one under the blessing of the Ancient Dog Relic. They serve as mentors and protectors of the ancient arts, training people like Amumu and Lux into inheriting their mission.

The Sheen as a porcelain huntress and the hound as her partner.

Out of all the porcelain skins, this is the one that looks epic. The Sheep is depicted as a human in this universe accompanied by The Wolf. It’s a refreshing take on the character that gives their partnership a new meaning without betraying the entire concept of the Kindred Spirits.


Porcelain Lissandra

Porcelain Lissandra was an ancient sorceress blessed by the Ancient Serpent Relic but was unsatisfied with the power of only one. She plotted to take all of the Ancient Zodiac Relics for herself, but the ancient Porcelain Protectors managed to stop her and sealed her forever. However, she was recently released by Ezreal and is now looking to continue her plan of taking all the relics once again.

Lissandra displaying powerful magics.

She has always been depicted as a powerful sorceress in all of the skins that she’s included in. Even in her Coven skin, she manages to look like a calm and collected sorceress that has the power to destroy the world if she wishes to do so.

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