Best Lissandra Skins | LoL

Lissandra is the betrayer of Runeterra, her sisters, and all of her followers. Now she sits in the frozen Freljord, plotting new ways of keeping her secrets and shame safe.
Best Lissandra Skins | LoL

Seduced by the whispers of the Void, Lissandra made a deal for herself, and her sisters, to be granted immortality and even greater power, at a time of Freljord’s greatest height. The price was too much to bear, and now Lissandra buries her enemies, as well as her secrets, beneath corrupted True Ice.


Coven Lissandra

All witches must have covens they belong to. As the greatest and the oldest witch who ever lived, Coven Lissandra stands at the peak of her own. It certainly helps that she kills all of her enemies that may endanger her position. Not even Coven Morgana and LeBlanc are safe if they dig too deep.

The Coven Lissandra skin was released on November 27, 2018. As an Epic-rated skin, it is priced at 1350 RP. Coven Lissandra updates Lissandra’s base form with new particle effects, animations, and sounds.

Lissandra is an Ice Witch that dabbles in dreams, one that corrupts the True Ice of Freljord. Coven Lissandra, on the other hand, is a witch with a focus on dreams and omens, evidenced by her special particle effects including ravens, the ancient omens of doom.

Instead of the Void, Coven Lissandra waits for the Old Gods to make their return, and take control of the world once again. Her color scheme matches the Old God skin line, as well, with ivory whites and dark purples aplenty.

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Blade Queen Lissandra

Ruler of a once mighty city, Blade Queen Lissandra was seduced by the promises of a monstrous shadow, whispering of esoteric power and eternal life. For this, she betrayed her people and gave them to darkness, so that in the shadow's womb she would be reborn an ageless monster.

The Blade Queen Lissandra skin was released on 26 May 2014. With a price of 1350 RP, this skin updates Lissandra’s base in-game model, splash art, sounds, and animations.

Blade Queen Lissandra is, loosely, tied to the Eclipse universe, part of the extended League of Legends universe. However, the inspiration for the skin line, called The Omen of the Dark, is the videogame Dark Souls.

It can be seen in both the lore of the world, one of decay and apathy, as well as the design of the champions who hold these skins, such as the Blade Queen Lissandra, whose splash art resembles The Mouth of Sauron.

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Program Lissandra

While the Bloodstone Lissandra skin embodies the archetypal evil sorceress, and the Dark Cosmic Lissandra skin shows the depth of her corruption, it is the Program Lissandra skin that explains the core tenets of the champion’s design to us who grew up with pop culture.

Program Lissandra was released on April 06, 2016, transforming Lissandra into an android, for the price of 1350 RP.

Program Lissandra is the AI scare that the movies such as I, Robot, have warned us about. Just as the base skin, this champion is determined that her vision of the world is the only correct one, and it doesn’t matter who gets in the way, or the freedoms that must be trampled on the path to safety.

Instead of doing magic damage via Ice Shards and bringing the world to the Void so there is no more suffering, Program Lissandra does something more familiar and takes away all freedom, so no man can commit a crime ever again.

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Porcelain Lissandra

The Porcelain Lissandra skin is Lissandra’s newest skin. This skin arrived to League of Legends just a few days ago and is taking Lissandra mains by the storm, for better or worse.

Porcelain Lissandra is expected to be released to League of Legends live servers with patch 12.2, on January 21, 2022. It is currently priced at 1350 RP, and can only be used on the PBE server.

Lissandra joins the Porcelain skin line alongside Ezreal and Kindred, in this Chinese-inspired ancient witch skin. Ezreal has just unleashed something the world has fought for years to contain.

The skin is, a beautiful one, the in-game model and splash art included. The only thing taking away from the gravitas the skin brings is Lissandra’s ultimate ability which makes Lissandra look like a giant teapot. Some of her mains like that, though, so who are we to judge?

Lissandra is League of Legends’ only evil witch whose lore and look embody that completely. Not only does she only look out for herself while presenting herself as a saint, literally, but she looks the part of a powerful evil witch, as well.

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All of her skins take this into account, and rather than challenge it, the developers embrace it and design new skins based on her evil nature, as all of her skins prove.

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