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League of Legends is filled with stories of dreams and aspirations. Lillia shepherds and protects all of Runeterra’s dreams, and ushers them in the right direction.

best lillia skins lol
best lillia skins lol

Lillia, The Bashful Bloom, was born from a dream of the Dreaming Tree, a descendant of the mythical God-Willow. Due to the war between Ionina and Noxus, she sees that humans are not as noble as their dreams make them out to be, and yet there is an undercurrent of that potential, buried beneath greed and corruption. Her job is to make it and herself blossom into something greater.

Spirit Blossom Lillia

A shy fawn spirit, Lillia once served as the guardian of a sacred Ionian forest, until her grove was destroyed and cast into flame. Consumed by loss, she now slumbers in the spirit realm, reliving the destruction in an unending nightmare, unaware of the timid hope still waiting to bloom. Spirit Blossom Lillia is more than worth the 1350 RP price tag, with new animations, sounds, and additional quotes and interactions.

The Spirit Blossom Lillia skin was released on July 22, 2020, as the first Lillia skin. Due to the lore of the champion and the release date of the skin, Spirit Blossom Lillia is the first champion whose skin sparked an event.

The Spirit Blossom skin line is a series of alternate universe skins in League of Legends. A fictional universe from the Runeterra Prime stories told during the Ionian Spirit Blossom festivals, as well as a possible afterlife in the Ionian myths. In this lore, Lillia has not had her epiphany of a way to save the dreams and the Dreaming Tree on time, rather, she slumbers in the spirit world, waiting for the borders between worlds to thin out, so she can cross over and offer salvation to war-torn Runeterra. A pristine white, ethereal savior, modeled after Japanese folklore, is just what the corrupted League of Legends needs.

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Nightbringer Lillia

Nightbringer and Lillia is not something that can be connected, at least at first glance. But, just as base Lillia guards dreams, Nightbringer Lillia nourishes nightmares and revels in night terrors. Instead of using her dream dust for good, she uses it to inflict magic damage to mortals’ psyche, instead.

The Nightbringer Lillia skin was released on September 13, 2021, with a price tag of 1350 RP. Like the other champions with Nightbringer skins, such as Kayn or Lee Sin, Lillia is updated with new animations, sounds, and particle effects, all with a demonic theme.

Nightbringer Lillia is a skin that, instead of embodying the champion’s nature and putting an even bigger spotlight on her innocence, creates a contrasting personality of an evil being, that torments mortals with their worst nightmares. If Lillia ever gets a Prestige skin, we advocate that this be the one. As the whole skin line is modeled after the worst traits of Greek gods, Lillia is the League of Legends equivalent of Melinoë, the Greek Goddess of Nightmares.

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Lillia is one of the newest League of Legends champions. though she still follows the theme of a cute girl, to make selling the champion and skins easier, at least she is a non-humanoid champion. As a newer champion, she has not had the time to accumulate a lot of skins but is still the starting point for one of League of Legens’ events, and part of two skin lines with a lot of Prestige skins, such as the Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo skin, as well as the infamous eye-candy skin, Spirit Blossom Thresh.

Both the champion and its skins brought change to League of Legends, with their gameplay and events respectfully, and are an integral part of the game at this point.

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