Best Couples in League of Legends

When we talk about franchises of AAA games like League of Legends, we can expect them to have rich and complex lores with even more deep and complex characters.
Best Couples in League of Legends

For fans, League of Legends is much more than just a game, all thanks to the attention to detail and how Riot Games has added more and more interesting stories and champions to Runaterra. 

Each of these characters has their unique stories to tell, and many of them have intertwined, resulting in friendships, rivalries, and even love. Several champions are already in a relationship, like Xayah and Rakan, or perhaps some others who don’t have it so easy like the so-called romance between Garen and Katarina. 

But no matter who they are, as long as it’s official or players have a strong opinion about it, we’ll go over the Best Couples in League of Legends.


Rakan and Xayah

Rakan and Xayahn are the two love birds of League of Legends, these champions came to the Summoner’s Rift on the same day, back in 2017, they have always been together in every skin concept that Riot makes them part of. 

They’re pretty much that perfect couple you’d see on social media during Valentine’s Day sharing their true love to the world.

This couple has many interesting things to offer, Rakan is a nice support with great potential as a tank and Xayah is a deadly ADC, their abilities were designed to work well together, as well as their animations, which, when they’re next to the other in the rift, are performed in conjunction.

The couple has also made an appearance in the Star Guardian skin universe where they look absolutely good. We have covered also the best skins for Rakan here and the best ones for Xayah here, so feel free to check their unique aspects.


Lucian and Senna

These tragic lovers haven’t always been together, Lucian and Senna have had quite tough moments fighting the Black Mist. 

These Light Sentinels fought hard against the myriad evils from the Black Mist, and it was when Senna died that her soul got trapped in Tresh’s lantern, whose best skins you can also check here.

There wasn’t much to know about Senna and her more personal official lore because she came to be a playable character in League of Legends in 2019, despite Lucian being available since 2013.

Unlike Rakan and Xayah it’s evident that they weren’t released on the same day, or even year, still Riot Games has made sure that they appear in the same skin universes, like High Noon. 

In case you’re curious, you can find Lucian’s best skins here, while Senna’s are listed here.


Tryndamere and Ashe

In the lore, the archer from the Freljord, Ashe, and the barbarian King, Tryndamere, are in a political marriage to unite the Freljord.

These two look good in the splash art above, despite their marriage being just a political move between both, and real feelings may not be involved, they sure seem to be there for each other.

Ashe and Tryndamere could work well together in the rift if you use her ultimate in the right moment for him to finish off enemies. 

Tryndamere as well as other characters that are played in the jungle has an interesting kit of abilities, still, if you want to check another jungler champions feel free to go over our list of best junglers in LoL here.


Twisted Fate and Evelyn

This is the moment where you can feel the tension in the air. For some reason, Twisted Fate thought that it would be a great idea to date Evelyn, and I wouldn’t judge him if it wasn’t for the fact that she is a succubus.

According to Riot, Twisted Fate and Evelyn went on a date, and, as we can see in the splash art from their skin above, they seem to know their way around the dancefloor, although we can see they both took their precautions when dancing with each other. 

These skins are named Tango Twisted Fate and Tango Evelyn.

Evelyn and Twisted fate are both champions that deal a lot of magic damage, they both have great potential to gank the enemy teams, as well as provide nice assistance in team fights. 

Twisted Fate is a character that is quite versatile, playing him can be a bit tricky at first, that’s why we recommend you to jump in the rift with an easier champion, therefore, after this one, you can read next our guide with the Best Mid Laners for Beginners here.


Leona and Diana

One of the most famous ships in League of Legends is the one of Leona and Diana. They complement each other quite well and the concept of Leona being a warrior Solari, while Diana belonging to the Lunari, adds all the drama that is necessary to create a nice love story.

Their story was known thanks to the short story called Rise With Me by Dana Luery. The story is narrated through a series of letters that describe what the relationship was like when the two of them were young.

Sadly their romance eventually would come to an end, but still, it’s nice to see that they once were two simple girls who were in love with each other and that to feel what they felt for one another and being together wouldn’t matter their religions.

As you can see, there are several romantic relationships in League of Legends, some aren’t completely real, while some of them simply may not be corresponded.

Perhaps it will be a matter of time before they turn into reality another popular ship between champions, but for now, all we have to do is just wait. It’s also a nice and remarkable fact that Riot has dared to take a step into making the world of League of Legends as inclusive as possible, something that many fans around the world will appreciate.

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