The Cheapest Skins in LoL

There are multiple currencies found in League of Legends. Each of those will buy you a certain type of skin, for an appropriate price.

cheapest lol skins
cheapest lol skins

Purchasing skins in League of Legends is a simple affair. However, not each currency is capable of buying everything in the game. Here we bring you the cheapest League of Legends skins, to get your money’s worth. Every little thing counts, as even blue essence can get you skin chromas twice a year.

Aristocrat Vayne | 520 RP

When things go bump in the night, it's Vayne who bumps back! A badass monster hunter, that brooks no compromise, she is here to solve all of Runeterra’s problems. Her Aristocrat Vayne skin just gives her more funds to do so. For all intents and purposes, she goes from the original Van Helsing inspiration to DC’s Batman.

The Aristocrat Vayne skin was added to Vayne’s skin collection on May 10, 2011. As it was released alongside the champion itself, it’s classified as a release skin.

With a price of 520 Riot Points, it may not be the cheapest skin in the game, but it comes very close. Every other skin with a lesser Riot Points price would, by today’s standards be considered more of a chroma than a skin. As such, the Aristocrat Vayne is the cheapest League of Legends skin Riot Points can buy, while being worth the money spent.

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Gun Godess Misss Fortune | 2775 RP

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune embodies every badass female anime protagonist, set in a sci-fi future. A gunslinging warrior clad in an ever-changing exo-suit, this is Miss Fortune’s most popular skin among those who main her. The fan service which is, admittedly, present in all of her skins also helps matters immensely.

You may be wondering why an Ultimate League of Legends champion skin is featured on the list of cheapest skins. However, this skin, released on March 22, 2018, is the cheapest Ultimate skin,  with a price of 2775 Riot Points.

As the skin is basically four skins in one, the price is more than worth it. Especially when you can say that you own an Ultimate skin, for a lower price than usual, with the Elementalist Lux and Spirit Guard Udyr skins costing 3250 RP.

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Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition | 100 PP

The Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition skin was released on May 15, 2019. Part of the Battle Academia skin line, based on the popular anime Boku No Hero Academia, Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition skin portrays Lux as a fresh-faced freshman, full of magic potential. A standard anime protagonist really, in the form of a League of Legends champion.

Prestige Points in League of Legends are a tricky thing to acquire. There are two basic ways. The first is outright purchasing them along with masterwork chests, while the other is by buying various Prestige Point bundles, or battle passes. Buying the Prestige skin from Lux’s collection will cost you 100 Prestige Points.

The reason we put this skin on the list of League of Legends cheapest skins list is due to the fact that this is the most common League of Legends Prestige skin. As such, due to its low rarity, its real-world value is lesser than, for example, the Prestige Edition Leona skin. With rumours of a new way to attain Prestige skins coming this year, that will not require cash to purchase, it makes this skin worth even less.

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Phantom Karthus | 460 RP

The Phantom Karthus skin was released on January 13, 2010. This is the only League of Legends skin priced at 460 RP. However, even with such a low price, Phantom Karthus has been placed in the Legacy vault, and cannot be purchased.

However, theoretically, this is the cheapest League of Legends champion skin, that can be bought for Riot Points. If the skin were still in circulation, then it would also be the cheapest one to upgrade with orange essence after acquiring a skin shard, as the skins worth 520 RP take 220 Orange Essence to upgrade. And acquiring skins with Orange Essence is the closest way of gaining a free League of Legends skin.

The skin’s in-game model and splash art remind you of the Witch King from the Lord of the Rings. For those that are avid watchers of modern anime, the in-game model also bears a slight resemblance to the main character from the Overlord anime, when in his full regalia.

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Boom Boom Blitzcrank Sale | 208 RP

Currently, the cheapest champion skin in League of Legends is the Boom Boom Blitzcrank skin. Though this will not last long, the point is more on the sale itself than the skin in question.

The Boom Boom Blitzcrank skin was released on August 29, 2010, and added to his skin collection, with a price of 520 RP. However, with this week's skin sale, Boom Boom Blitcrank is priced at a mere 208 RP.

At the week’s end, however, with the skin sale reset, that place will be taken up by another League of Legends champion skin. The weekly sale in League of Legends is something that is in rotation every week, with five champions and fifteen skins having their price reduced up to 60 percent. It’s a perfect opportunity to snag yourselves some expensive skins for a lower price or make use of the leftover amount of RP in your account that is not enough to buy anything with.

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Managing your money, whether it’s the real-world one or the virtual is always a good idea. Especially so when the two intertwine, as is the case with Riot Points. Finding the best deal for your money’s worth is also applicable in the virtual world just as it is in the real one.

For that reason, we found you the cheapest League of Legends skins, with some quality to them, or the least valuable ones from the most expensive and prestigious categories.

If you have deep pockets, on the other hand, or are interested in a particular League of Legends champion, we encourage you to continue your search via our other articles about all lol skins.