The Cheapest Champions in League of Legends

Find out what the cheapest champions in League of Legends are and start collecting them fast. See our complete list and buy your champ with Blue Essence!

The Cheapest Champions in League of Legends
The Cheapest Champions in League of Legends

If you are a League of Legends fan or a new player of this fabulous game, and you want to expand your champions pool without spending too much blue essence and get good options for summoner's rift, then here we will give you the best list of the cheapest champions in League of Legends. Let's start!

Annie (450 BE)

The little darling of RIOT Games has reached the summoner's rift with her fearsome bear Tibbers, but don't be fooled, despite the fact that this champion is one of the cheapest in the game, the truth is that you can win many games if you master this champion properly.

Cheapest champions league of legends

Annie is a champion designed especially for those players who want to be mid laners and are new to the lane, Annie is a safe pick and can easily turn a teamfight around thanks to her powerful ultimate. A character to consider in the mid lane in League of Legends.

Ashe (450 BE)

Ashe is probably one of the most comfortable League of Legends champions for those players who are exploring the ADC position and want to learn the incredible art of kitting. It is very likely that Ashe was offered to you as a new champion in your first week of play, and her versatility, powerful ultimate and damage can be a perfect ADC in your arsenal of champions. You may also check our guide about the best skins Ashe LoL if you want to play this character!

Cheapest champions league of legends

Other champions cost a little more but they are not as useful as Ashe, however, all the champions in this wonderful list are really cheap and can be used in game on various lanes. On the other hand, new champions may be really expensive in the game (costing more than 6000 blue essence), so this is not the way to go if you're running out of blue essence.

Dr. Mundo (450 BE)

If you don't want to spend a lot of blue essence and want to be one of the best tanks for your team in the game, then you should get Dr. Mundo. This is one of the best characters if you love healing while attacking your enemies and you want to escalate with healing. Dr. Mundo is one of the easiest champions in League of Legends too, so do not hesitate in using it if you're a beginner and are looking for the greatest champs to have fun at the summoner's rift!

Cheapest champions league of legends

Dr. Mundo is a safe pick to defeat your opponents, your passive becomes Mundo an amazing tank which is impossible to apply CC, however, be careful, your early game can be a little weak. So wait until getting high level by farming before destroying your enemy in a one vs one match in the top lane.

Master Yi (450 BE)

If you're a League of Legends player looking for a League champion that you can use in the jungle, then Master Yi is pretty much a must for you. Master Yi has received multiple reworks in recent patches by RIOT Games, and is definitely a jungler to watch out for right now.

Cheapest champions league of legends

Playing these champs in the jungle is a wonderful option for new League of Legends players, but be warned, Master Yi has a couple of mechanics worth learning to get the most out of his W healing and auto attacks. Lastly, let's remember that the brand new champions are more difficult to purchase and have a higher price than the rest of the champions.

Soraka (450 BE)

If you like the support role in League of Legends, then Soraka is one of the cheapest champs in LoL and one of the most useful in the late game. This adorable champion is a very useful support if you are interested in this role and want to learn how to use supports that help the ADC deal a lot of damage and stay alive during battle.

Cheapest champions league of legends

Soraka is a fairly cheap champion in League of Legends and thus is an excellent choice if you can't afford more expensive champions in terms of blue essence. However, getting used to his abilities and correct positioning in team fights can be a challenge for novice players.
Finally, and since we know that there are still more cheap champions in League of Legends, we have created this simple table where you can see more champions that you can buy with little blue essence, go ahead and take a look:

Champion Cost (Blue Essence)
Amumu 450
Annie 450
Garen 450
Nunu & Willump 450
Poppy 450
Ryze 450
Singed 450
Sivir 450
Warwick 450

Lastly, you can take a look at our guide about how to get free champs in League of Legends if you are looking to collect as many of them as possible in your in game account, or you may also take a look at our guide about the best late game champions in LoL. See you at the summoner’s rift!