The Best Ways To Get Free Champions in League of Legends

Discover the best methods you can use to get free champions in League of Legends without spending money. Start getting all the champions you want!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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The Best Ways To Get Free Champions in League of Legends

When playing league of legends one of the most important things is unlocking champions to have more options to use at the summoner's rift. However, not everyone can buy all League of Legends champions created by Riot Games, fortunately, there are some ways you can get free champions in League of Legends. Let's see them all!

Is it possible to get free champions in LoL?

Despite what you may think, League of Legends is a free game and, although the player can spend real money, when it comes to obtaining champions you can do it completely free.

Also, if you'd like to spend money to get free champions in LoL you can do it by buying Riot Points (RP). But maybe that's not the best option for you because you can use RP to get LoL skins.

If you've played LoL for some time, then you may know how valuable RP is, don't worry, we will mention all the ways you can use to get any champion for free.


Riot Games has developed multiple methods that players can use to obtain champions for free and enjoy their favorite game. However, not all methods are simple, so we have prepared a complete guide for you to achieve this goal without complications.

All Methods to Get Free Champions in League of Legends

Getting new champions in league of legends is really an easy process, and RIOT Games has developed some ways to achieve this goal easily. Remember, there are more than 150 champions in League of Legends, all of them have different abilities, passive abilities, damage, roles, etc.

So, try to choose the best ones for you, and you can collect all of them in some time.

On the other hand, when managing a League of Legends account, consider getting champions from different roles in order to dominate as many roles as possible. That will be a good way to prevent any bad champ selection if you are assigned into a role you're not comfortable or main. Let's see all the ways you can use to get free champs in LoL:


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Take advantage of the Week's Free champion rotation

If you're wondering what the week's rotation is, then there is a simple answer. Every week, Riot Games will unlock champions randomly in League of Legends for new players. These champions can also be used by any older player and you will be able to choose them in the champ selection process at the summoner's rift.


On the other hand, you can also use the free champion rotation for ARAM matches. This will allow you to test as many champions as you can before exploring their abilities at the summoner's rift. However, it may take some time to test a specific champion in ARAM.

Finally, the week's rotation will be changed every Tuesday. So do not hesitate in testing as much as possible and use the free champion rotation and all the free champions in your favor. To take a look at the current free champion rotation, you may:

  1. Open your LoL Client.
  2. Click the collection buttonin the League of Legends client.
  3. Choose the “possession” option in the drop menu.
  4. All the free champion rotation will be shown with a little unlock blue icon.

If you'd like to test new champions, then wait until the next free champion rotation.

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Get and open champion capsules

Another amazing way to get free champions in league of legends is opening the champions capsules. However, getting these capsules may take some time because Riot Games only give them to players that reach a new level.

At the beginning of your journey in League of Legends, reaching new levels in the game can be really easy. However, the higher level a player has in LoL, the more difficult it comes to receive new capsules. So, be patient if you're high level , because you'll receive less capsules.


On the other hand, every time you level up 10 levels in League of legends, you will receive a rare champion shard and champion capsule in your collection. These "rare" champion capsules with champion shards are usually of the newest champions or high blue essence cost champions at the store.

So, if you are lucky, you will receive an amazing champion shard of Gwen, Belveth, Zeri or any of the newest champions.

Finally, once you have opened your capsule and got the champion shard, you will need blue essence to unlock the champion. Don't worry we will talk a little more about it later. Or, you may also read our complete guide about how to farm blue essence in League of legends.

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Get free champions by using Blue essence

Blue essence is the most important currency if you're looking to get free champions in league of legends. Blue essence can be earned by:

  • Playing games.
  • Leveling up your league of legends account.
  • Completing missions and weekly missions.
  • Selling champion shards.
  • Leveling up your honor.

If you're looking to get new champions without using real world money, then blue essence is a must. Blue essence is a straightforward currency to get and use.

However, be careful, all champions in league of legends have a different cost in terms of blue essence. For example, the newest champions are more expensive in terms of blue essence (And RP) , and older champions are cheaper. Also, some champions such as Master Yi, Singed and Warwick cost little blue essence.


If you don't want to spend your hard earned cash and you still are increasing your summoner level to have more blue essence, we recommend to play daily and completing missions in League of legends.

After selling some of your unused champion shards you will get a huge amount of blue essence to get any of the champions you want in league of legends.

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Earn Hextech chests

When a player is too good at defeating enemies, deal damage, support teammates and has good skill abilities, he usually earns Hextech chest by getting a high grade (S,-S or +S) when using a champ in the summoner's rift or ARAM.


Hextech chests don't give champion capsules or champion shards all the time. Still, there is a probability you earn one of those when opening a Hextech chest.
On the other hand, you will need to have certain skill to get at least a -S grade every time you play ARAM or at the summoner's rift, so this is a good way to prove yourself and get skins, champion shards, emojis, and much more.


From all the methods explained until now, the most important one is the champion rotation, which is a great option to unlock champions in league of legends and test them at the summoner's rift. However, remember that the champions will change every week and the free champion rotation is a permanent help created by Riot Games for new players and players who want to test as many champions as possible.

That's all for our guide about how to get free champions in League of Legends. We hope this information is useful for you. If you'd like to know more about this wonderful game, you can take a look at our guide about how to get unbanned in League of Legends or, you may also take a look at our guide about why LoL client wont launch . See you at the summoner's rift!

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