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All Elderwood Skins | LoL

The Elderwood skins feature the rustic forest-spirit themes where inhabitants of nature coexist with the fauna to create a wonderful set of skins.
All Elderwood Skins | LoL

The Elderwood skins are a set of cosmetics that showcase forest spirits represented by the current League of Legends champions. The central motif revolves around nature and the forest, with some of the plant features in their outfits highlighting their magical nature. To appreciate this skin line more, let’s take a look at all Elderwood skins available in the game.

The Eclipse and Elderwoods

The Eclipse universe is a timeline in an alternate Runeterra where entities called “The Old Gods” threatened the world but were met by monastic knights who pushed them back. 

These are the Elderwoods, who revere the eclipse and seek to take down the powerful deities using the power of nature. 

As countless years have passed since the original individuals pushed the threat of the old gods back, the deities are finally looking to return.

It’s up to the new Elderwood creatures to face the looming darkness by representing the light that shines through the eclipse. Riot Games has released many skin-based universes, but this story has yet to unfold its full lore.

All Elderwood Skins

To perfectly showcase the Elderwood skins in League of Legends, let’s take a look at every champion that owns this cosmetic and take a look at a short description featuring their involvement in the universe.


Elderwood Ornn

Elderwood Ornn clings to the old ways despite the world being turned around since the corruption of fell magic and endless twilight. He is a shaper of Elderwood and designated to keep knowledge. A job perfect for an individual as stubborn as Ornn.

Elderwood Ornn forging a nature hammer.

Armed with might and magic, he is favored by the nature spirits and has absolute power to harness their energy to create tools and weapons to aid against the old gods.

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Elderwood Hecarim

A timeless guardian protected by armor woven from the Elderwoods. Elderwood Hecarim travels across the forests and gallops through the swamps and rivers, protecting the forest from the dark yearnings of humanity.

Hecarim covered in barks and stones.

This Elderwood skin is one of the earliest designs by Riot Games. The pure aesthetic perfectly showcases how the Elderwood universe is depicted by the lore available in the game.

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Elderwood Gnar

Elderwood Gnar is described as a small creature curious about the world around him, but his anger transforms him into a titan that can destroy the Elderwood with one big swing of his arms. Elderwood Gnar likes to collect baubles and trinkets that he finds lying around.

Gnar checking out the small critters of the Elderwood.

Elderwood Gnar is one of the most elegant designs in the Elderwood series, with both his Mini Gnar and Mega Gnar versions looking perfect for the part. His character also works well with the universe that he is part of.

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Elderwood Ahri

Among the feyfolk of the Elderwood, there is one woman who is eternally youthful and beautiful. Elderwood Ahri is a notorious prankster who likes to play tricks on humankind, which has earned her a place in the fables of the humans.

Elderwood Ahri playing pranks.

The skin might show more skin than some League of Legends fans prefer but considering this is the forest-themed universe, it makes sense that she looks like that. 

Riot Games has done well incorporating various characters into this universe. She also has an exclusive chroma called “Ahri-versary,” which features her usual colors in her Elderwood skin.

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Elderwood Rek’sai

The brood mother of the sporefiends which stalk the deepest parts of the forest, Elderwood Rek’sai rarely makes an appearance to both feyfolk and humans. Still, those who manage to catch a glimpse usually end up breathing their last in her presence.

Elderwood Reksai featuring her monstrous elegance.

Riot Games has done an excellent job in creating this skin. 

The splash art features her elegance in a way that none of her other skins can because she always seems too monstrous to showcase her in another light. This doesn’t make her a complete monster but a magical forest guardian.

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Elderwood Veigar

Many Elderwood children have been claimed by the Coven, but many remained unaffected by their spells. However, those that do manage to fight back end up being twisted in one way or another, and there’s no better example of this than Elderwood Veigar and his hallucinogenic toadstools.

Elderwood Veigar playing pranks on humans.

The childlike features of Veigar have found a perfect home in the Elderwood universe. Even though he may not be taken seriously as a “Master of Evil” in Runeterra, people in the Elderwood fear his unruly pranks.

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Elderwood LeBlanc

As groups of Coven members start being bolder and march upon the Elderwood to slaughter the children and harness their powers for themselves, Elderwood LeBlanc stood in their way to steal their lives, magic, and names

However, it is unknown whether she did this to protect her homeland or for another purpose altogether.

LeBlanc using a powerful spell.

Elderwood LeBlanc may be a little bit different from how we see her in-game, but this form isn’t entirely bad as well. It showcases her not as the trickster mistress in the game but as a powerful guardian of the forest.

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Elderwood Rakan & Elderwood Xayah

The Elderwood Prince Rakan & Princess Xayah are two people who control warring factions within the Elderwood. However, the two have found love amidst the war between their tribes. The star-crossed lovers add to the list of couples who share their love in a place where it is not allowed to exist.

Rakan and Xayah laying down beside each other.

Rakan and Xayah have always been designed to be lovers, but the Elderwood adds a bit of an overused twist by adding a massive hurdle to their relationship in this universe.

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Elderwood Azir

Elderwood Azir is an ancient king of the Elderwood who has ruled over his people for countless years. However, since his people do not share the same immortality as him, they have since dwindled in numbers and have all been replaced by ensorcelled armies created in their likeness by their king to remember them.

Elderwood Azir mourning the loss of another follower.

From an Emperor of a lost civilization to a King of a dying tribe, the tragedy of Azir continues even to this universe except his motives and end-goal being more different.

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Elderwood Bard

Elderwood Bard is a being older than the seeds that planted the Elderwood itself and have origins from the unknown. It is said that he is a member of the ancient world, but there are some theories that state he is even older than that as well.

Elderwood Bard observing from a tree branch.

Despite being depicted as a mysterious character in his storyline, we can’t help but fall in love with his adorable silliness, especially when we think of him in his Elderwood skins.

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Dryad Soraka

The Elderwood is inhabited not only by the feyfolk that call themselves the Elderwood but also by the creatures who were the original inhabitants of the land

These are the dryads and sylvans who continue to live in the Elderwood, coexisting with the new Elderwood creatures.

Dryan Soraka praying to the nature spirits.

The Elderwood saga is not complete without other inhabitants, and Elderwood Soraka fits that gap. Even though it may look outdated, this cosmetic has blended perfectly with the universe.

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Emerald Taric

Emerald Taric is a member of the Knights of the Emerald Chapel, a faith created by humans who have sworn to dedicate their lives and power to protect the Elderwood and, in turn, have been blessed to have extended lives. The leader of this order is a man named Taric.

Emerald Taric harnessing power from the Elderwood.

Blessed by the land, he continues to protect the Elderwood against his kin and the old gods that threaten its peace.

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