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Best Ornn Skins | LoL 

About to choose which skin you want to buy for League of Legends’ beloved Forge God? Let’s take a look at the best Ornn skins LoL has to offer you!
Best Ornn Skins | LoL 

Ornn is one of the most beloved top laners in League of Legends but isn’t a champion that has a lot of flashy tools in his kit. Luckily, you can add a little bit of flair to his name by buying him the best Ornn skins LoL has to offer! It’s not that hard to choose the best skin for him. After all, you only have to choose between TWO. Riot Games really needs to give him some more love by giving him at least a few more skins but they seem to be putting all their resources into champs like Miss Fortune. 


Thunder Lord Ornn

Trading his signature forge flames for lightning and thunder isn’t such a bad deal considering the effects give him a refreshing look as a champion. The epic skin was released alongside Ornn’s champion debut on August 22, 2017, going for 1350RP which isn’t too bad for its price.

Ornn surrounding by blue lightning while holding his forge hammer to the skies.

Ornn players didn’t really have much choice since they had to play either the default skin or Thunder Lord Ornn for over 3 years but if you weren’t part of that group that had to wait, this is definitely one of the best Ornn skins LoL has for you.

Thunderlord Ornn's in-game character model standing still

The cool thing about Thunder Lord Ornn is that it twists his lore a bit. Since his story directly involves Volibear, the clash between two thunder gods is a sight that our imaginations can only describe as the clash of great titans! Not only that but the lightning hammer also directly references both Thor and Zeus, two gods in ancient mythology that use both hammers and lightning as their primary weapons.

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Elderwood Ornn

Elderwood Ornn is an epic skin whose release date came out on December 10, 2020, at the price of 1350RP. This skin may seem a little bit weird in terms of its forest-spirit fantasy theme that makes him look like a wise sage of nature but the skin has a beautiful story that might make you rethink not wanting to get this champion skin at all.

Ornn as an elder forest spirit with mystical energy.

The Elderwood Ornn skin was released as a part of Riot Games’ Social Impact Fund which aimed at funding various charity organizations into making a positive change around the world. The skin raised over $7 million after only 4 months! Buying this skin isn’t just for you, it’s for the change that you want to see.

Elderwood Ornn in-game model standing still.

Besides all that, this skin is actually one of the best Ornn skins LoL has in-game. The champion really takes mysticism to the next level and the character model simply looks majestic when played on the rift. This skin does a great job at making Ornn feel like a completely different champion despite the changes being purely cosmetic. The Elderwood skin series, in general, has been an extremely popular choice alongside skins released during the Ruined King event.

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