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Best Orianna Skins | LoL

The Lady of Clockwork is an iconic League of Legends champion, with a theme of steampunk, that Piltover is known for.
Best Orianna Skins | LoL

Orianna is one of League of Legends’ early champions, released in 2011, in season one of competitive play. At the time, the mechanics of her gameplay were ground-breaking. As the champion that started the trend of gimmicky design in League of Legends, and one of the Wild Rift champions, we bring you a list of her best skins.


Gothic Orianna

The Gothic Orianna skin is the first skin released for Orianna. This skin was released on May 31, 2011, and, as an old skin, did not offer much in the way of new animations, sounds, or particle effects. However, it did offer new visuals for the champion, as well as splash art. This skin costs 520 RP and is a bit on the cheap side. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not a great Orianna skin, and Riot agree as it is also available in Wild Rift.

Gothic Orianna is a skin that explores a special theme within Orianna’s story. As a Clockwork being, Orianna had abandoned all of her humanity, but her visuals are light and cheery. This skin, however, shows us the other side of the coin. Namely, what would happen if Orianna took on a darker hue.

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Victorious Orianna

The best skins in League of Legends are the ones players earn with their own hard work, and invested time. On November 31, 2018, Riot released a Victorious Orianna skin, which was the reward in season 9, for all those that finished the season gold ranked, or above.

This is Orianna’s only skin that cannot be bought, and could only be acquired as the reward in season 9.

Compared to the Victorious Lucian skin, Orianna goes the route of Victorious Jarvan IV and Victorious Morgana, a fellow magic damage dealer, and does the theme very well. As a precious robot, it makes sense that her body is made of precious metals, such as gold and silver.

This skin is one of her newest released skins, and as such brings Orianna new animations, particle effects, and sounds. If the skin was still up for sale, would highly recommend it for purchase. As things stand, those of us who own the skin can proudly display its rarity on the Rift.

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Pool Party Orianna

Is there any champion with a Pool Party skin that was not done well, and is not a fan favorite? In the case of Orianna, this skin definitely hits the mark. As a robotic champion, with no emotions or feelings left, the Pool Party skin puts Orianna in a surrounding one usually shares with friends and loved ones.

This skin was released on July 02, 2020, and is her latest skin. As a skin released recently, it adds new SFX to the champion, as well as new animations and particle effects for her abilities, which is very important for magic-using champions that rely on abilities, rather than auto attacks in battle.

Pool Party Orianna is her only skin with multiple chromas, each one better than the last, and the base cost of the skin is 1350 RP. Unfortunately, this skin is not included in Wild Rift, where it would find itself at home with its more laid-back thematical approach.

Orianna is one of League of Legends’ oldest champions, with a design that transcends time, giving her the ability to keep up with newer champions and be included in newer Riot games, such as Wild Rift, as well as in competitive play, both professional eSports and amateur Soloq. Her skins are a reflection of that fact and go from older designs of exploring alternate Orianna looks, to newer ones that mark her as a fearsome foe on the Rift, or a symbol of fun, laid-back, gameplay League of Legends can offer.

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Aside from Orianna, Olaf is another League of Legends champion that has a deep history of dominating the Rift in all eras of competitive eSports, as well as the hearts of fans all over the world, with a plethora of skins to showcase that, from which we have picked only the best skins for Olaf. Should you be interested in other champion skins, however, you can always take a peek at the main page of our lists for the best champion skins.

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