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Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Morgana

When Morgana’s Q hits, there is no moving for three full seconds. The best ADC can make use of this fact, from a safe distance away.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Morgana

When it comes to crowd control, two champions in League of Legends and Riot Games stand at the forefront. Of these two, Morgana is a support that does so at range and works best with ADCs that can make use of said crowd control, from a distance, or even extend it. 

Each of these can be said to be the best ADC for Morgana League of Legends and Riot Games have to offer.

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The first champion on our list of best ADCs for Morgana is Sivir. This is an old champion in the game, designed by Riot Games Inc as an extremely simple champion. However, it’s simplicity that works when playing Morgana support.

League of Legends - Sivir

Sivir’s poking ability, when played with lethality, works extremely well with Morgana’s Q. A single Q and W combo from Morgana, along with Sivir’s Q, deals enough damage to make enemies wary of trying to farm.

League of Legends - Sivir in-game

In addition, these two champions work well in clearing waves, always having priority in the bot lane.

Furthermore, with Sivir’s spell shield, Morgana’s job is a lot easier, as she doesn’t have to fear the enemy baiting her into throwing her own E on her ADC, leaving her vulnerable.

In essence, this pair is a wave clearing, poking machine, that cannot be attacked in any meaningful way.

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Miss Fortune

Same as with Sivir, MF is played full lethality nowadays. However, even with her usual build, she works extremely well with Morgana.

League of Legends - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Once again, the whole combo relies on the fact that Morgana hits her Q, which is immediately followed by her W below the target. With that, MF has free, decent, poke with her E and Q abilities.

League of Legends - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune in-game

Once these two champions get their ultimates, all it takes is for Morgana to wade into a team fight, turn on her ultimate, and Zhonya’s Hourglass. Once all the enemy champions have been stunned, MF can use her own ultimate to deal heavy damage to the enemy team.

In addition, Morgana counters the usual way of stopping MF while she is in her ultimate, with her black shield, by stopping all engage champions from doing their thing.

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There is only a couple of bot lane pairs that work as well in League of Legends as Morgana support, and Caitlyn ADC does. It works almost as well as Caitlyn and Vi, who are officially involved in a relationship of some sort in Arcane, but we digress.

League of Legends - Caitlyn

Caitlyn is the League of Legends champion with the longest range in the game, with an ability to place traps under enemies, that root them, allowing her to deal additional damage.

Once Morgana hits a single Q in the lane, a good Caitlyn player will immediately trap them, and use her combo for maximum damage. If executed well, which is not a hard thing to do, a single Morgana Q is enough to land a kill, even in the early game.

League of Legends - Caitlyn in-game

The main drawback to the Caitlyn combo is how vulnerable the champion is when placing traps, but a single Morgana black shield takes care of that problem, as always.

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One of the forgotten League of Legends champions, designed by Riot Games a long time ago, whose pick rate experiences a jump only when lethality builds are strong, is Varus. 

To describe him in the least amount of words possible, Varus is a discount Ashe, just of the Darkin lore. Though, when paired with Morgana support, that all changes, making him a pretty good champion overall.

League of Legends - Varus

Varus work with Morgana the same way Sivir does, only better. Where the only synergy Sivir and Morgana have, is with SIvir’s Q, Varus’ entire kit is almost a mirror image of Morgana, just on an ADC.

League of Legends - Varus in-game

His basic abilities consist of long-range poke, and attack speed buff, while his ultimate roots one enemy hit immediately, and spreads to others to root them as well, over a period of time. And, while his DPS will not be able to kill a dedicated tank in the later stages of the game, it doesn’t have to. There will be no late game, with how many kills this lane will get in the bot lane, and in a team fight, no one is allowed to move once Varus and Morgana hit their ultimates, with Chain of Corruption and Soul Shackles binding all in sight.

5 /5


We have no idea what the opinions of Riot Games Inc are when designing champions such as Samira. 

These are, after all, registered trademarks of Riot Games Inc, and all they do is place a black mark on their name. 

In any case, we will cut them a little slack, as managing League of Legends must be a chore, with all of its constant patch changes. 

However, one thing is for sure, Morgana support covers all the weaknesses of Samira, making her a champion like no other.

League of Legends - Samira

Samira’s passive allows her to, when a champion is under hard cc, to deal additional damage and knock them up in the air. 

This alone, changes the flow of the entire lane, however, there is a single thing that Morgana and Samira do, that can not be replicated by any other champion in League of Legends.

League of Legends - Samira in-game

Once Samira and Morgana wade into battle, And the enemies are stunned by Morgana’s ultimate, and Samira has started firing off her own, the team fight is as good as done.

The only thing the enemy team can do is try to stun Samira, to stop her ultimate channeling. However, a single Black Shield from Morgana, makes that impossible to do.

Morgana is a support champion that works with, basically, any ADC in the game, to some extent. Even Ezreal can be played well with Morgana, despite his weak early game.

The current champion with the highest win rate when playing with Morgana is Seraphine, a mage of all champions, making Morganapair well even with mages.

However, these are the tried and true combos that will never let you down, no matter which League of Legends season or patch you find yourself in.

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