Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Lux

Lux is a poking champion through and through. What she needs is someone who does the same, until she gets the damage to delete all enemies.

Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Lux
Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Lux

Lux’s kit is similar to Morgana, with a bind, and poke. However, where Morgana shields mainly from CC, Lux’s shield works for damage primarily. And their poke and bind spells also work differently enough to warrant a different gameplay. In that case, while they share some ADCs to play with, others are exclusive to Lux support.


The first champion on our list of best ADCs for Morgana is Sivir. This is an old champion in the game, designed by Riot Games Inc as an extremely simple champion. However, it’s simplicity that works when playing Lux as a support.

League of Legends - Sivir

Sivir’s poking ability, when played with lethality, works extremely well with Lux’s Q, and E. With this combo, poking never stops. Especially once Lux gets some mana regen items, from her first back.

League of Legends - Sivir in-game

Once the game has ramped up, and Sivir has landed a couple of stacks of Dark Harvest, a single Lux Q e Ultimate combo, combined with Sivir’s lethality scaling Q, has insane damage in the early game, to kill any enemy ADC.


One of the forgotten League of Legends champions, whose pick rate experiences a jump only when lethality builds are strong, and even then gets picked mid-lane as often as in the bottom lane, is Varus.

This champion of the Darkin lore may be the best ADC for Lux League of Legends has to offer, when it comes to poking champions in the bot lane.

League of Legends - Varus

Once Lux hits her Light Binding, she can use her auto attack to deal additional magic damage to the enemy. Her E ability slows opponents long enough for Varus to follow up his own Q with some auto attacks to stack his passive.

League of Legends - Varus in-game

This is a bot lane that thrives on early kills, made against unsuspecting enemies, as they deal damage far too often than is expected from champions in the early game.

As such, during the mid-game, these two champions have enough items to burst down anyone in a single combo. Though, you need to be able to land skill shots consistently to make it work.


In League of Legends, assassins kill ADCs. In Soviet Russia ADCs kill assassins. All jokes aside, Jhin is the closest ADC champion in League of Legends to an assassin, while also being capable of providing backline support from far away with his ultimate.

League of Legends - High Noon Jhin

Jhin is as much of a skirmisher in the game, as he is a marksman. As such, he is an incredibly difficult champion to play.

What he does, though, is make Lux’s job much easier. His traps slow opponents, which he can then root with his W. Or, in the other way around, if Lux hits her E, Jin can also root the enemy as they’ve been tagged.

League of Legends - High Noon Jhin in-game

Whatever happens, the enemy team now must avoid two bind abilities, to be able to live, as Jhin and Lux will follow their CC with enough damage, from Jhin’s basic Attacks that deal damage as a crit, and Lux’s spells that do magic damage, to burst anyone down.

In a team fight, with their Ultimates, Jhin, and Lux work together to bring down priority targets from a safe distance away, setting up each other for success.


There was once talk of Ezreal and Lux having the hos for one another. While that is no longer as true as it once was, what is definitely true is how well these two champions work together, with Ezreal ADC, and Lux support.

When it comes to pure supporting abilities, Lux is a discount Morgana, with her snare duration being shorter, and Lux’s shield only defending from damage. However, Ezreal is not a champion with low mobility that needs a lot of protection.

League of Legends - Ezreal

Instead, he compliments Lux’s massive damage with his own constant poke in the early game, which only ramps up during the late game. Lux players, especially in low elo, can focus on dealing high damage to enemies in fights, and not worry too much about the whereabouts of their own ADC, when they are playing with Ezreal.

League of Legends - Pulsfire Ezreal in-game

And for Lux players, that play Lux support, dealing high damage from a support role is the main reason for playing this champion.

And, finally, their long range Ultimates are a perfect tool for sniping early kills by killing low enemy champions, or getting other lanes ahead, when the jungler is busy.

All in all, Ezreal and Lux are mirror images of each other, design-wise, with long-range abilities, abilities that can be procced with auto attacks to deal even more damage, and their poke potential.


The most fun laning phase in the game that can be played is the one where you play a lane bully. With a Caitlyn Lux combo, that is exactly what happens in the bot lane, as they are the ultimate bot lane bullies in League of Legends, due to their long-range in-game, in both high and low elo, that will either force enemy champions out of the lane, or burst them down with early game combos.

League of Legends - Caitlyn

Caitlyn is the League of Legends champion with the longest range in the game, with an ability to place traps under enemies, that root them, allowing her to deal even more damage.

Once Lux hits a single Light Binding in the lane, a good Caitlyn player will immediately trap the enemy champions, and use her combo for the maximum amount of damage, while  Lux follows up with her own combo.

League of Legends - Caitlyn in-game

If executed well, which is not a hard thing to do, a single Lux Q is enough to land a kill, even in the early game.

Should the enemy survive and try to run away, there is always Caitlyn’s head shot or Lux’s final spark to finish the job. These, early game cheese kills, make Caitlyn’s late game scaling, which takes a lot of gold, happen far quicker.

Lux’s job as a support in League of Legends is to bring additional damage to the bot lane, along with her ADC, and to set up kills for her carry, compared to other support champions that bring healing or buffs.

After all, it doesn’t matter if Lux can’t heal her ADC if she kills all those trying to harm them. Aside from these champions, there are others, like Miss Fortune, that work well with Lux as well. however, these are the ones whose synergy with Lux works in all situations.