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How To Farm Blue Essence League of Legends Fast

Find out the best ways and methods to farm blue essence in League of Legends fast and easily. all the tips you need to know to dominate blue essence farming!

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
How To Farm Blue Essence League of Legends Fast

If you're looking to farm blue essence fast to get your favorite champions for free, then you're in the right place. Here, we will tell you everything about how to earn blue essence quickly using different methods such as champion shards, champion capsules, event pass and much more. Let's discover everything about how to farm blue essence fast!

Why Do You Need Blue Essence in LoL?

Blue essence is the best free and easy to get currency if you're looking to play league of legends for free without spending real money and buy Riot Points.

However, nothing is free if we're talking about games, and if you want a huge amount of blue essence you will need to spend much time to earn it. 

Here are some of the reasons why you need blue essence in League of legends:

  • Get new champions.
  • Unlock champion mastery levels (After reaching level 6 mastery with any champion).
  • Buy chromas at the league of legends store (only in special events).
  • Get special skins (only available in special events and essence emporium, for example, Urfwick).
  • Get special ward skins (only available with special events)
  • Change your summoner name.

As you see, purchasing champions and permanently unlock champions is the main reason why blue essence is so important in League of legends, however, earning blue essence and purchase champions can take some time, and much more if you're looking to purchase a newest champion, which almost all the time are the most expensive.

How to farm blue essence league of legends

But not all are bad news for League of Legends players, RIOT Games has created some ways you can use to farm blue essence easily at the summoner's rift. So, pay attention to our top method and the best ways to get blue essence fast in League of Legends.

The Best 5 Ways to Farm Blue Essence Fast in League of Legends

If you want to farm blue essence fast in League of Legends, then there are some tricks you may know to get as much blue essence as you can. The more blue essence you get, the more champions you can purchase and find out which champion is the best for you or start playing the newest champion in the game. 

So, let's talk about the best ways to farm blue essence nowadays:

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Get Champion Capsules

If you love playing league of legends games, then you will love this way to farm blue essence. Champion capsules are a gift given by RIOT Games every time you level up your account in league of legends. The good news, you can increase your summoner level by playing all the game modes available in LoL.

How to farm blue essence league of legends

Every time you level up in LoL, you will receive a new champion capsule that, once you open it, you will get champion shards you can exchange for blue essence. However, every champion shards have a different cost and every champion shards unlock a different permanent champion.

Also, every time you level up ten levels in League of Legends, you will receive a special capsule with more blue essence and more valuable champion shards you can exchange for more than 1000 blue essence. So, start playing league of legends a lot if you want to achieve this goal and receive this reward.

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Win a Game Everyday

If you want to get blue essence fast, then the first win of the day is a good option. However, you won't earn blue essence in huge quantities, but at least you will start saving enough blue essence to get your desired champion.

How to farm blue essence in league of legends

The first win mission in League of legends resets every 20 hours and you can earn up to 350 blue essence easily. The first win of the day is a really good way to farming xp and blue essence farming. So, take advantage of this useful method!

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Hextech Chests

If you're an amazing player and you're looking to earn blue essence fast, then you can take advantage of Hextech chest drops. Every time you get an S or more at the summoner's rift or ARAM, you will receive a wonderful hextech chest with 20% of possibility of receiving a high Tier champion shard, which you can exchange for at least 960 blue essence.

How to farm blue essence league of legends

This is a more complicated way to obtain blue essence because the drop rate is a little low and hextech chests are usually known by giving skin shards. But if you're looking to farm blue essence fast, maybe champion capsules are the best option.

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Complete Missions in League of Legends

Playing games is not the only way to get blue essence, you can also complete missions at the summoner's rift. Every week, when a new season starts or when an important LoL event is running, you will see a list of missions league of legends you can complete in order to get some rewards. Usually, those rewards are claimed after playing a few games and even you can receive some hextech chests for free.

How to farm blue essence league of legends

All the best rewards in the League community are usually given by completing missions and this is a good way to get blue essence fast. RIOT Games enjoy giving blue essence to all players by playing games, so take advantage of this powerful option!

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Get Honor Capsules

If you tried the champion capsule, missions and still don't have enough blue essence farming, there is a wonderful way you can get blue essence and complete your champion pool easily, and that's the honor capsules.

How to farm blue essence league of legends

Honor capsule is only given to those players with really good behavior during their matches, and the good news, every new honor level you get, the more blue essence you will receive. Honor is just a method to get RIOT games blue essence, but it's not that easy to get a honor capsule nowadays.

You may play well and have good behavior with your teammates and enemies.

Sometimes, honor capsule can give you a champion capsule, blue essence, champion shards and more. But you will only receive a new honor capsule every time you level up your honor level. This is another reliable way to get a lot of blue essence for free in League of Legends.

How Much Blue Essence Do You Receive Per Level?

When playing with a new account, from level 1-40 you may receive around 40.000 blue essence because of special missions given by RIOT Games for new players. So, take advantage of this feature to purchase champions and sell all useless champion chards you don't need.

This will be an amazing time, and if you need to, you can get some RP to buy your champions skins, unlike blue essence. Also, you can take a look at our guide about how to get free RP in LoL.
After reaching level 40, League of legends blue essence farming can get harder and longer, but try to get levels such as 50, 60, 70, 75, 90 and so on to receive special champions capsules and special champion shard.

So you can disenchant champion shards to get your desired blue essence amount, usually around 15.000 up to 20.000 extra blue essence.

All the champions shards have different blue essence costs, so try to take this into account at the time of selling them for blue essence.

Also, you may take advantage of event tokens or any project event to farm blue essence. Many events give some event tokens that you can exchange for blue essence, and even some events missions are just watching league of legends esports to earn champion capsules, influence points, a random skin, or even more.

That's all for this guide about how to farm blue essence easily in LoL, if you're interested in learning more about League of Legends, you may take a look at our guide about the fastest way to get level 30 in LoL, or you may also take a look at our incredible guide about how to know the bandwidth usage LoL. See you at the summoner's rift!

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