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Best Carry Champions in League of Legends

Best carry champions in League of Legends
Best Carry Champions in League of Legends

There are a lot of champions that can win you games if played correctly, even without getting too many kills or winning fights one versus five. Lee Sin or Thresh can gank and roam early and get your lanes ahead and win you games that way. 

However, here we are not going to talk about those kinds of champions, we are going to focus on the champions that can solo carry the game if they get some resources. So here you will see what are the best champions solo carrying games, while also being incredibly fun to play!



Yone, the Unforgotten is a Top and Mid lane champion that can win team fights on his own and destroy enemy teams with his incredible ability kit and massive amounts of attack damage from his auto-attacks.

Just like his brother Yasuo, he is one of the most annoying champions ever released by Riot Games, and for a good reason, his level one is one of the best in the game when we talk about Top lane, and if you are not careful when playing against this monster, you are going to die early. 

And giving early kills to characters like Yone will lead you to having to deal with one of the best late-game champions in the game. 

With his kit enabling him to go in and out of fights while dealing massive amounts of damage and his game-changing ultimate, Yone becomes scary to deal with. And if you enjoy playing this champion, check our list of the best Yone skins in the game.


Master Yi

Master Yi is not really popular in the competitive scene because of how easy it can be to exploit him when you have a coordinated team playing against him. Still, when it comes to Solo Queue, the Wuju Bladesman becomes a force to be reckoned with

This late-game Jungler is not the best champion when it comes to ganking and getting the team ahead.

Still, his strength is in his ability to farm the jungle incredibly fast and get his items through gold he gets from jungle camps

And when he successfully completes a few damage items, there is almost nothing that can stop him from obliterating the enemy team if there is not any crowd control to stop him. And if you are looking for a good skin for this champion, check our list of the best Master Yi skins in the game.



Fizz is not really a champion that can kill five enemies in one team fight, but he instead has the ability to kill almost anyone when it comes to one versus one. However, this is not the only reason that he is on this list. 

The Tidal Trickster is a Mid laner that is capable of roaming around the map and getting kills at almost any stage of the game.

Good Fizz will usually win his lane, while also getting his bot or top lane ahead with his ganks. 

This assassin has huge bursts of magic damage and an ability kit that allows him to be very mobile which increases his survivability a lot. So like every other assassin, he has a duty to kill enemy carry and get out of the fight while waiting for his cooldowns, which he can almost always do successfully when played correctly. If you like playing Fizz, check out our list where we cover some of the best Fizz skins in the game.



This may come as a surprise for a lot of players because Jhin is not really considered a hyper-carry by any means, but hear me out. Jhin is a champion that can carry games in two different ways. First of all, he has fairly decent survivability with his movement speed and Galeforce.

Then, he can carry a fight in later stages of the game by simply one shooting an enemy from a crazy long-range with his Rapidfire and damage from his fourth shot. However, that is not Jhin’s biggest strength either. 

The Virtuoso really shines when he has an opportunity to set his team up with his utility and ultimate ability, while staying completely safe, so he can clean up the fight if he needs to. 

This Bot laner is also sitting on top of the Wild Rift tier list and is considered a strong carry in both games. However, if you want to know more about good Bot lane picks, check our list of the best Bot lane champions in the game.



We have already mentioned him when we were talking about his brother Yone, but Yasuo is a champion that has to be mentioned separately when it comes to best champions for carrying in Solo Queue. Yasuo, the Unforgiven, is one of the most popular and hated champions in League of Legends.

Like most of the champions on this list, he has the ability to turn fights that seemed impossible into victories. Of course, he is one of the hardest champions to play in this game, so carrying games with him might seem impossible for us mortals, but for real mechanical Gods, this is a champion to play, when climbing ranks in Solo Queue. 

He might be an extremely coin flip champion, where people either feed or carry games with him, but there is no arguing that he has the potential to carry games on his own. If you would like to know what other champions are considered difficult to play, check our list of the hardest champions to play.



Vayne is a champion that can do everything you want from one carry. Her main weakness is her early game, where she is just trying to survive, but if you manage that stage of the game properly, she becomes unstoppable. 

She has the ability to shred tanks, duel and kill enemy carries one versus one, and clean up team fights. She can do all of those things while also being fairly safe because of her range, mobility, and invisibility.

The Night Hunter is probably the best champion you can have in your team when it comes to late game, where she can literally wipe the enemy team out on her own in certain situations.

So if you are looking for a Bot laner that you can carry games with and do tons of damage, Vayne is a champion for you. And if you are already a Vayne player, check our list where we cover some of the best Vayne skins in the game.



When it comes to champions that go one versus five and still win sometimes, Kayle is the first champion that comes to mind to most of the players. Kayle, the Righteous, is a very unique champion with a different playstyle from many other carries in this game.

Nowadays, you might not see her in World Championship or some other tournaments too much, but in Solo Queue, she can be unstoppable. When you are playing Kayle, your main goal is to farm up and survive early and mid-game somehow.

And when you successfully do that, her abilities and her upgraded range with a lot of magic damage and splashes from her auto attacks make Kayle nearly unstoppable in team fights.

if you combine all of that with her ultimate, where she cannot die for a few seconds, you get one of the best if not the best solo carry champions in the game. And if you want to know more about amazing champions like Kayle, check our list of the most overpowered League of Legends champions in the game.

There are a lot more champions that you can carry games with, including some of the newer ones like Renata Glasc or Vex but here we conclude our list of the best carry champions in League of Legends. However, if you are more into Supports than carries, check our list of the best support champions in the game.

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