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Worst Champions In Teamfight Tactics

Throughout the years, Riot Games released hundreds of champions in TFT. Know all about the worst champions in the history of the game by reading this article!

Updated on Dec 30, 2022
Worst Champions In Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends has different lanes such as the bot lane and top lane that have different sets of champions to play, and TFT is not different from that mechanic. There are multiple champions already released in Teamfight Tactics that have different abilities and stats, but of course, each unit can be strong or weak. Here are the worst champions in TFT.

Worst Champions In Teamfight Tactics

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Set 6: Illaoi

When talking about the worst champions in the entire game, then Illaoi will surely be included in the list. Set 6 Illaoi was so bad she is just used for synergy purposes (Mercenary). You might think that she has a good ability, however, it is worthless. Illaoi during set 6 has bad stats and a worse ability, cementing her place as one of the worst champions in TFT

Thankfully, Illaoi is strong in other sets, especially in the current meta. So you do not have to avoid buying Illaoi altogether!

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Set 6: Ziggs

It seems like set 6 has the worst 1 cost champions ever. Maybe Riot Games just hates the champions in set 6. Ziggs, like Illaoi, has the worst ability in the game. He takes too long to use his ultimate but will miss 70% of the time, which is a deciding factor in winning duels in the early game and mid game.

There are better 1 cost carry choices in set 6 but Ziggs still has a great synergy with other units so it does not make him entirely worthless like Illaoi!

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Set 1: Fiora

The earliest players of Teamfight Tactics will know why Fiora is one of the worst champions in the history of the game. Set 1 Fiora has the stats of a ranged unit while being a melee champion. Imagine having 400 health, mediocre attack speed, and low damage output as a frontline in TFT. Other people considered her to be included in the A tier list but she is arguably the worst unit in the history of the game.

Fiora was the main reason why nobles were the worst trait in set 1. Nevertheless, since the first TFT set has a really small champion pool, other players do not have that much choice in the early game, so they just use her in hopes of winning the game.

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Set 6: Galio

The only 5 cost unit in this list, Galio is the worst single champion tank that you can use in the game. Some might disagree with this, but Galio uses 2 champion slots in the board and disappears when he uses his ultimate, which makes him worthless as a tank.

Just imagine making your 5 cost Galio hold items to make him the lone tank but he just disappears and jumps into the sky and drops into the middle of the board. Nevertheless, Galio is still a good unit considering that he is a 5 cost, but there are definitely better champions out there compared to him.

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Set 2: Warwick

The next unit in this list is Riot Games' very own Lycan jungler in League of Legends, Warwick. He is one of the worst units in Teamfight Tactics because of his weak ability. Additionally, one of his strong traits, Predator, has alternative units that are miles stronger than him.

Of course, he is not entirely worthless because he can carry from the early game to the late game when given good items that suit him. Nevertheless, some people ranked him in the B tier, but there are tons of champions that are stronger than him during set 2. Like other champions, Warwick became stronger in the next meta, which is a great move by Riot Games to keep everything balanced.

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Set 3: Twisted Fate

TFT had its fair share of weak champions, and Twisted Fate has been a consistent member of it. During set 3, Twisted Fate had two traits, Chrono and Sorcerer, but both of these traits have stronger units that are better than him. Twisted Fate has a weak ability that misses most of the time. Not only that, but he also requires great positioning to be effective.

Other people love playing him because he is fun to watch, especially the flying cards that he throws, but as previously mentioned, there are better S tier units to hard carry the game other than him.

You do not need to have the map awareness of a top laner to be good at TFT, you just have to create a strategy and use your units correctly to win! Make sure to check the meta and TFT LoL tier list to know the best units for each set you play to increase your rank win rate. And remember - you can earn money by playing TFT.

Thankfully there are a lot of websites that help you up your TFT gameplay that are not officially involved with Riot Games, both managing League and TFT, but follow its registered trademarks, so make sure to check them out!

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