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Best Miss Fortune Skins | LoL

An iconic League of Legends champion, both Miss Fortune’s lore, and team fight-changing abilities are recognized the world over.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Miss Fortune Skins | LoL

Female League of Legends champions, as a rule, have more skins than their male counterparts. Miss Fortune, as an 11-year old champion has more than most. From her vast skin collection, we bring you our pick for her best skins.

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Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Starting off with Miss Fortune’s most expensive skin, the first skin on our list is the Gun Goddess Miss Fortune skin. This skin was released on March 22, 2018, with a staggering price of 2775 RP. The price is well-deserved though.

Aside from the usual updates to a champion’s animations and sound effects, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is actually four skins in one. Players may choose and change, infinitely once they are in their fountain, one of the four exo-suits and their accompanying guns that are part and parcel of this skin’s design.

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune embodies every badass female anime protagonist, set in a sci-fi future. A gunslinging warrior clad in an ever-changing exo-suit, this is Miss Fortune’s most popular skin among those who main her. The fan service which is, admittedly, present in all of her skins also helps matters immensely.


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Ruined Miss Fortune

While the Ruined Miss Fortune skin is centered around Riot’s latest League of Legends event, Viego’s Ruination, it is also so much more. For those of us who are fans of Jack Sparrow and the universe in which his adventures take place, Ruined Miss Fortune evokes a feeling of nostalgia for the best Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The skin was released on July 22, 2021, and is her newest skin to date. As the skin has an Epic rating, the price is, accordingly, 1350RP.

Ruined Miss Fortune, like all epic skins, updates her animations, sounds, and particle effects for her abilities. However, this skin is, perhaps, the only one in the whole event whose taking side with either sentinels or ruination makes sense. After all, Sarah Fortune will do anything to bring Bilgewater to heel and destroy Gangplank’s legacy, even join the Ruined King.


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Arcade Miss Fortune

The two skins vying for the one with the best splash art are the Arcade Miss Fortune skin and her Pool Party skin. As the older of the two, and one that is not shared with as many champions Arcade Miss Fortune takes the cake, in our opinion.

This skin was released on August 12, 2014. Aside from the splash art, whose significance is self-explanatory, the Arcade Miss Fortune skin also was her only skin with chromas as an option, before Ruined Miss Fortune skin was released.

With new updates to animations, sounds, and particle effects, there is no greater satisfaction than hitting that love tap followed by the famous arcade sound effects. As well as that, her ultimate ability, Bullet Time, embodies every shoot-em-up ever, which just can’t be replaced. If Star Guardian Miss Fortune retired and became a gamer, this skin is what that would look like.


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Captain Fortune

She is no Miss anymore. She is to be called Captain, and anyone who does not comply will walk the plank. Captain Fortune is an older skin released during the Bilgewater: Burning Tides story event, on July 30, 2015. 

After exacting revenge on Gangplank for murdering her mother in cold blood, former Miss Fortune, now Captain Fortune starts off a shadow war for control over Bilgewater. As the killer of Bilgewater’s previous ruler, her prospects for taking over the city of crime and villainy seem the brightest.

The Captain Fortune skin is one of Miss Fortune’s few skins that move away from presenting her as mere eye-candy on her splash art and explore the more serious side of her design

The in-game model, though, keeps to the eye candy tradition. As the skin is present in Wild Rift, as well, both the splash art and in-game model there are a bit more age-appropriate. Though it isn’t the only skin to present a more serious, and dangerous, side of Miss Fortune, with other skins such as Waterloo Miss Fortune and Crime City Miss Fortune doing the same thing, Captain Fortune is still the skin that is most in line with her lore.

Though the skin is priced at 975 RP, and the updates are focused on animations more than anything else, Captain Fortune is more relevant now than ever. With the recent release of riot’s RPG game, Ruined King; A League of Legends Story, Sarah Fortune has fully evolved from her first identity as a bounty hunter, to Runeterra’s major player.


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Star Guardian Miss Fortune

On the opposite side of seriousness, we have the Star Guardian skins. An embodiment of Japanese magical girls, which is received with a satirical perspective among the community, the Star Guardian Miss Fortune skin works surprisingly well on such a serious champion.

Miss Fortune joined the Star Guardian troupe as Ahri’s second-in-command, on September 06, 2017. Her updates include the usual updates reserved for skins priced at 1350 RP, with special care being shown to her updated ultimate, Bullet Time.

Star Guardian Miss Fortune should, by all intents and purposes, be an oxymoron. With Sarah Fortune being raised in Bilgewater, and her lore starting off as a vengeance story that transitions into one of gaining power and wealth, the laid-back nature of the Star Guardian design is not something that fits, at first glance. 

However, magical girls are not just cute but are also deadly and guardians of justice, and those are the aspects that make this skin work as well as it does. The fact that her splash art is not geared towards fan service as much as it could have been, is also a boon.


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