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Which Champion Has The Most Skins in LoL

Want to know who received the most skin releases throughout the years? Well, you are in luck because this list shows everything you need to know!
Which Champion Has The Most Skins in LoL

There are dozens of skins available in League of Legends that it has reached a level where it becomes tough to choose from. However, some champions are unlucky and only receive a single skin release after several years. 

Still, it cannot be denied that Riot Games has their favorites because this list shows which LoL champions have the most skins. 


Akali (14 skins)

Starting this list with 14 available skins in the game, the rogue assassin, Akali, has a ton of cosmetics that players can choose from. 

She is known to be a hard champion to master mechanically, but that would not stop players from doing it with style with colorful skins, like the renowned K/DA Akali and cheap Nurse Akali.

Most of her skins are still available in the shop, so pick them up before they get included in the legacy vault!


Alistar (14 skins)

One of the earliest champions in League of Legends, it is to be expected that Alistar has received multiple skin releases throughout the years from Riot Games.

Some might hate the available League of Legends skin for this champion because they are plain and straightforward. Still, Alistair’s new skins are great enough to be considered for your money.


Annie (14 skins)

Like the two other champions in this list, Annie is one of the earliest champions released by Riot Games. In case you are wondering, the dark child has several solid skin choices, like Super Galaxy and Cafe Cuties Annie.

Not to mention, Annie is really easy to use, so anyone can pick her up and do well with her. If you are looking to use her in your ranked games, buy some of her skins to leave everyone in awe while destroying enemies!


Twisted Fate (14 skins)

The last champion in this list belongs to the earliest League of Legends champions. Twisted Fate is known to have rare and eye-catching skins. Like Jax and Sivir, he is one of the champions that have a PAX skin, called PAX Twisted Fate.

Players will have an easier time choosing a skin to add to their collection since Twisted Fate’s cosmetics range from cheap (Tango) and expensive (Odyssey).


Miss Fortune (15 skins)

Some might say her character design, which is a dual gun-wielding pirate, is a little bit plain and boring, but the plethora of skins that the community can choose from will change their minds.

The first champion in this list that received an ultimate skin (the most innovative cosmetics in League of Legends) called Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. Riot Games did an excellent job designing and giving her different concepts that still suit her whole pirate concept.


Lux (16 skins)

The current queen of having the most champion skins in the game, Lux surely has a cosmetic from your favorite skin line, including Battle Academia, Star Guardian, and an ultimate skin, called Elementalist Lux.

Riot Games started releasing League of Legends skins for her early on, which is why she reached this point of having a total of 16 skins. It is definitely an incredible feeling to have as a Lux main since they can switch off to different concepts every time they play.


Ezreal (16 skins)

If Lux is the queen of having skins, then Ezreal will be the king of the most current skins in League of Legends. Not only does he tie with Lux for having the most cosmetics, but Ezreal also has similar skins with the same concept like Pajama Guardian, Star Guardian, and Battle Academia Ezreal, and an ultimate skin called Pulse Fire Ezreal.

Some of his skins might be hard to get since they are currently in the legacy vault, but the choices that the League community has are still enormous.

That will be the end of the list of the champions that have the most available skins in the game. Still, it will be best to keep an eye out since there are still a ton of cosmetics out there that might appeal to your tastes, like Championship Riven, God Fist Lee Sin, Dark Cosmic Jhin, Psyops skins, and the World Championship themed DWG KIA Kennen. It will ultimately fall on your preference, so buy the things you like!

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