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Best Leona Skins | LoL

An ADC’s worst nightmare, Leona has been dominating the bot lane since her release, with her oppressive design.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
Best Leona Skins | LoL

Leona is one of the Aspects of Targon. In particular, The Aspect of the Solari. A guiding light in troubling times, her gleaming armor and weapons shine upon all those who wish to harm her people.

She is not always decked out in sun-themed gear, as her skins take her in different directions, and the best of those can be found right here.

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Iron Solari Leona

In League of Legends Leona falls under the role of a crowd control tank. Unfortunately, her base skin makes the tank part of her role look lackluster, with her armor looking more ceremonial than anything else. The Iron Solari Leona skin fixes this issue, giving Leona realistic-looking full-battle armor, that makes you feel like an impregnable vanguard.

Leona’s Iron Solari skin was released on February 10, 2012, with a price of 975 RP. While the skin is only updated with new sounds, the true worth of the skin is in the in-game model and splash art, that, as stated, outfit Leona with armor befitting a frontline League of Legends champion.

Another skin that shares similar traits is the Defender Leona skin. Unfortunately, that skin is only available when the Legacy vault opens, making Iron Solari Leona her definitive realistic skin, and the more available of the two, besides, Iron Solari Leona, with her lamellar armor, is modeled after Roman legionnaires, which is another pint for the skin. It is only unfortunate that it took Riot to make Leona a part of a conquering kingdom and almost a villain by League of Legends standards, to allow her to wear something more than skimpy outfits.


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Lunar Eclipse Leona

Leona is one of the League of Legends champions bearing an Aspect, without succumbing to its power. Lunar Eclipse Leona, on the other hand, is no longer a human, and may just be a vessel for the power of the Moon, the same way Pantheon once was, as the Aspect of war. If you wish to do some magic damage, this is the skin to be used while doing so.

Lunar Eclipse Leona was released as part of a pair of skins, with it and the Solar Eclipse Leona being variants of each other. In League of Legends these skins may be purchased at a price of 1820 RP, while in Wild RIft they are priced at 990 and 1325 Wild Cores respectively.

The Lunar Eclipse Leona skin, though not as much as the Iron Solari one, outfits Leona with armor that actually looks like it would be used in battle, and not in ceremonies with spandex in-between plates.

For its price, this skin updates Leona with new animations, new visuals, new voice-over and sounds, aside from the gorgeous in-game model and splash art, making it definitely worth the price. Considering the contrast it brings to the usually Sun-themed Leona, we see Lunar Eclipse Leona as the better variant of the two. Especially when the connection to DIana comes into the mix.


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Mecha Kingdoms Leona

The splash art of this skin says it all. Mecha Kingdoms Leona is a Mecha from any mecha anime battling a Kaiju, and what more do you really need at that point?

The Mecha Kingdoms Leona skin was released on January 15, 2020. It is priced at 1350 RP, and aside from the new in-game model and splash art, showers Leona with updates to animations, particle effects, and a voice filter, to complete the experience of her being part of the Mecha Kingdoms skin line.

If there is a Leona skin whose lore will make you fling that Zenith Blade, Leeroy Jenkins-style and hope for the best, that would be the Mecha Kingdoms Leona skin. An enormous vanguard leading vast navies is not something we knew we even needed until it was released.


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Battle Academia Leona

Unlike the previous skins on our list, Battle Academia Leona goes in the complete opposite way by stripping Leona of any armor and giving her a school uniform to wear. As far as marketable skins go, it was either this or a Star Guardian skin, and we’ll take Battle Academia any day.

Leona's Battle Academia skin was released on March 18, 2021, and is the only Leona skin with a Prestige Edition. The base skin is priced at 1350 RP in League of Legends, while the Prestige Edition must be purchased with Prestige Points, like with all other Prestige Edition skins.

The Battle Academia Leona skin is one that is inspired by the Boku No Hero Academia anime, as is the whole skin line, with Battle Academia Leona taking the role of Momo Yaoyorozu, with some Fairy Tail’s Erza mixed in for good measure. Get a duo partner to play Battle Academia Caitlyn, and make your enemies experience a living hell in the lane.

If you see Leona as a support on the enemy team, while playing as an ADC, you immediately know that there will be moving for you this game. What may move you, though, are the incredible skins she has accumulated over her long history in League of Legends. 

Whether they are focused on the warrior part of her design or her looks, the fact of the matter is, none of them miss. Even the newest Debonair Leona skin, though it needs some time to go through the crucible of testing to make it onto our list, seems promising.


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